Azzlee Clothing Reviews


Azzlee clothing provides high-quality clothing items to customers worldwide. However, numerous customer reviews reveal significant issues with this company, such as inaccurate product descriptions, returns process difficulties, unresponsive customer support, and shipping delays.

All major credit/debit cards and PayPal have accepted forms of payment at Azzlee so this review will focus on these aspects and more to help customers determine whether this brand is worth taking the risk.

Customer Service

Azzlee is an online e-commerce store selling women’s fashion trends and accessories at competitive prices. Offering tops, bottoms, and dresses in various styles and colors for every taste and body type imaginable. Their easy checkout process accepts most credit/debit cards along with PayPal as payments – they even protect all personal information with SSL security for added peace of mind!

Customer service has long been a source of customer dissatisfaction, as multiple reviews reveal that the company failed to respond effectively and timely enough to customer inquiries and needs. Furthermore, various reviewers reported shipping delays that exceeded expected timelines, leading to widespread discontent.

Product quality has also been an area of contention among Azzlee customers. Reviews show that items don’t look or fit as described on the website; many customers, such as Christy O’Brien and Joan Miller, express disappointment with what they received regarding overall quality.

Reported issues related to the company’s return policy also remain frequent complaints. Reviewers often have difficulty understanding it and finding approval for returns, with unclear instructions on returning items being one of several frustrations and dissatisfiers. Some customers also reported being dissatisfied that prepaid return labels weren’t provided to facilitate faster returns of merchandise purchased online.

Reviewers have also expressed doubts regarding the legitimacy of Azzlee. Due to its lack of physical presence and clear operation base, there has been considerable skepticism about the company’s compliance with consumer protection laws and ethical business practices. Customers from the UK have voiced frustration that they could not contact Azzlee representatives who could help resolve their issues or provide refunds due to a lack of a UK office.

Product Selection

Azzlee offers an expansive selection of clothing items at highly affordable prices, making it an excellent option for people who wish to stay fashionable without breaking their budgets. Azzlee’s outstanding customer service and a generous return policy exist; customers can even buy gift cards for loved ones!

Azzlee has received mixed customer reviews, with some noting their displeasure with customer service and other aspects. Conversely, others have lauded its product quality and affordability; additionally, they appreciate how easy ordering and shipping processes make their shopping experience at Azzlee.

Azzlee’s website offers a selection of fashion clothing items for women, such as dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories, at competitive prices – offering free shipping when customers order over $89. Additionally, their website uses HTTPS encryption technology to safeguard customer data while accepting PayPal payment as a payment option.

Customers of Azzlee have raised questions regarding its legitimacy, with some even accusing it of being a scam. Their issues center around not releasing physical address details, not complying with consumer protection laws, and returning merchandise issues that arise from them.

Though Azzlee has received complaints, most customers have found them legitimate and believe Azzlee is an established online retailer with a solid track record. Their clothing selection can be found at reasonable prices, and their website is user-friendly, with a helpful customer service team available if any issues arise. Furthermore, subscribers to their newsletter receive updates regarding new arrivals or special offers, so you know you are getting maximum value for your dollar spent at Azzlee.

Shipping and Returns

Many customers have been dissatisfied with Azzlee’s product quality and shipping policies. Customers have expressed frustration over inaccurate or inconsistent product descriptions; many items received do not match up to photos on its website; others have complained of low-grade materials used and an awkward return process; these issues have resulted in widespread discontentment with Azzlee offerings as well as raised questions about its legitimacy.

Azzlee has come under fire for inconsistent and inadequate product information, poor customer support, and lengthy shipping delays. Reviewers have noted that multiple reviewers reported unsuccessful attempts to reach customer service by email, unresponsiveness to returns/refund requests, and lack of clear communication regarding refunds/returns.

Established in 2021, this online portal specializes in fashion clothing for women, including tops, trousers, dresses, and winter wear. There is a clearance sale of winter wear with free shipping on orders above $89.

One of the primary complaints cited in Azzlee’s reviews is inconsistent product quality. Reviewers such as Christy O’Brien and Joan Miller reported receiving clothing made from low-grade materials that did not fit correctly or match what was advertised online.

Customers have noted significant shipping delays, with some experiencing extended delivery times that exceed expectations. Furthermore, reviewers have voiced displeasure at the company’s return policy which requires them to cover return shipping fees even if dissatisfied with their purchase.

Customers have voiced concerns regarding Azzlee’s legitimacy, with some questioning their compliance with consumer protection laws and ethical business practices. In contrast, others feared the company might be operating as a scam by sending false or misleading emails that deceive potential customers. These issues have caused customers to express extreme discontent towards this company, resulting in its low TrustScore rating.

Overall Satisfaction

Multiple consistent themes within Azzlee clothing reviews indicate customer discontent with both product quality and the return process, along with frustration at not having direct phone support.

Furthermore, many customers have reported functionality and performance issues with the website, many of which have since been resolved; nonetheless, it continues to cause much frustration for shoppers.

Azzlee’s product selection offers diverse women’s apparel ranging from casual tops to elegant evening gowns. In addition, accessories, shoes, and bags are also provided on this site. In general, the quality of Azzlee products is high, but certain items may present unique challenges.

This company was only established in late 2021; despite this, it has an extremely low TrustScore, with many customers expressing dissatisfaction over their experience. This may be partially attributable to not disclosing its physical address on its website and creating doubt about the legitimacy of operations.

Numerous customers have reported receiving clothing that does not correspond with what was shown on Azzlee’s website, often featuring poor-quality fabrics and workmanship that do not fit as expected or being damaged during shipment – leading many shoppers to question if Azzlee is legit.

Customers of Azzlee have reported difficulty reaching its customer support team through email, and some have stated they have not received any response. This has proven incredibly frustrating for UK-based customers. Furthermore, some have noted they could not obtain pre-paid return labels for their purchases.

Azzlee holds an average TrustScore of only 1.4 out of 5, based on 39 customer reviews. Azzlee has earned itself an unfavorable TrustScore because its customers feel misled by Azzlee, particularly regarding customs or duties fees being charged; some even reported scammers associated with this company contacting them instead of supporting them properly.