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Cider is a fast fashion retailer specializing in trendy styles that excite customers. Utilizing AI forecasting for clothing production in small batches to reduce excess inventory waste. Furthermore, they also offer pre-order models.

CIDER stands out as an alternative to Shein, which has an unfavorable track record regarding transparency in its supply chains. Unfortunately, however, they have not tried to reduce water usage or rid themselves of dangerous chemicals in their manufacturing process.

The website is easy to use

Cider is a fashion brand offering women’s apparel and accessories. You can purchase their wide selection online. Although based in Hong Kong, the company operates globally and its user-friendly website provides secure shopping. Nonetheless, before buying any product, it is wise to perform a careful examination to avoid any potential hassles later.

The Cider website is easy to navigate and features many popular products for you to select from. Browse by category or search for specific ones; check their sales and specials pages to discover great offers; if you need assistance deciding what’s right, customer service can always help out!

Many shoppers enjoy shopping at Cider due to its competitive prices and trendy designs, but some users have complained about its quality or shipping experience. One student from North America ordered a t-shirt from Cider and experienced threads coming loose after only one wear, while another claimed her order arrived late.

Cider has earned itself an excellent reputation for offering trendy yet budget-conscious clothing at competitive prices. Still, some customers have reported dissatisfaction with its customer service and shipping process. Others have complained about its sizing policies – while there is a section dedicated to plus-size clothing within their selection, it only holds a fraction of it all.

Some individuals may have reservations about Cider’s business practices, mainly since the company provides no details regarding its factories or its sourcing process, nor does it explain how their prices remain so affordable.

Cider offers an assortment of clothing items, but they specialize in selling high-quality and fashionable dresses at an affordable prices. Their offerings span everything from celebrity trends to casual tops and bottoms, plus swimwear pieces to add a bit of zest to any wardrobe!

It offers a wide range of products.

Cider offers an expansive selection of items that appeal to various styles and price points. Additionally, this brand takes great pride in promoting sustainability and fair and healthy work conditions; evidence can be seen when their AI works solely to create items they know will sell, thus cutting waste due to excess inventory.

Cider’s website and app offer an effortless shopping experience for its customers. Customers can select items they wish to purchase, and an order summary shows their total costs, including shipping fees. After placing their order, users can follow its progress via a tracking page; additionally, Cider offers live shopping shows, daily deals, and faster checkout on its app platform.

The cider clothing line features many stylish options, from celebrity trends to quirky fits. Their high-quality garments feature sturdy stitching for long-term use and vibrant colors even after several washes; prices are reasonable, with most products under $15; they also provide an extensive return and refund policy to make returning purchases hassle-free.

Since its debut in 2020, CIDER has taken social media by storm, with some products going viral and its global-minded social-first approach to fashion attracting an entirely new generation of shoppers. Some concerns have been raised regarding its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices: according to Good on You’s rankings of labor practices and environmental impact ratings of the company, they were given a below-average score on these criteria.

Although CIDER is a fast fashion company, they strive to reduce its environmental footprint by using data to produce only what will sell. Furthermore, the brand uses sustainable materials and works with factories that share similar philosophies; moreover, they have items in small batches weekly to avoid overstocking.

Cider clothing is handcrafted using natural and recycled fibers produced by factory-direct workers. Additionally, CIDER supports women’s empowerment by offering equal pay and training opportunities for its employees; additionally, it donates funds to various charitable causes like Girls Inc and the American Cancer Society and provides a rewards program that gives its shoppers a chance at free merchandise!

It offers free shipping.

Shop Cider is an award-winning online retailer of trendy and high-fashion women’s clothing. Offering something for every taste imaginable – dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear, and accessories inspired by street style in New York, Paris, and Shanghai with unbelievably competitive pricing, including size-inclusive clothing up to 4XL size options available as well.

Shop Cider offers an outstanding return policy, which allows customers to try on items before deciding and ensure they buy something you will enjoy wearing. In addition, customer reviews provide insight into what other people think of the thing you’re considering purchasing; reading these can give a great way of finding out whether their clothing is of high quality and fit.

The website offers free shipping for orders of $49. It currently ships to the US, CA, and AUS; delivery usually takes two weeks. Various payment options, such as credit cards, are accepted, with customer support available through email and live chat support. Easily navigated site providing customers with plenty of choices.

Cider is an innovative fashion label with an innovative approach to fast fashion. By using data analytics to predict which styles will sell and producing only those items guaranteed to sell, the brand reduces waste while operating more sustainably – an effective strategy to combat environmental degradation caused by excessive inventory levels.

Shop Cider clothing is widespread, yet there have been some reported problems with their quality and customer service. Some customers reported receiving products not according to expectations, while others were disappointed by size limitations or unexpected items arriving that didn’t match photos online.

Although Cider offers a vast product catalog, its sustainability practices remain questionable. No information is given regarding which factories they partner with or any worker protection policies implemented; their product categories contain an abundance of apparel made with toxic fabrics like polyester and spandex that cannot be recycled properly.

It offers a refund policy.

Cider was launched as a social-first fashion brand in 2020 and quickly made waves online, with some clothing going viral on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Popular among young women due to its affordable prices and unique styles, customers also took advantage of its generous return policy, which allows them to return unwanted products if necessary.

Cider Clothing employs an innovative business model based on pre-orders and AI forecasting to reduce waste caused by excess inventory. Furthermore, their makers only produce what they know will sell – this helps the brand offer customers top-quality apparel while keeping costs at a minimum.

Users of this site have access to an expansive selection of trendy clothing organized by category or color for easy browsing. In addition, their size chart helps them to determine their exact fit when ordering online. Once they find what they’re searching for, they can add it directly to their cart and view an order summary that details total costs, including shipping, before paying by credit/debit card or PayPal.

While the company is well-known for its superior fabrics and competitive prices, some customers have raised concerns about its production methods. Since no information about their factories is made public – nor certified for sustainability or worker protection measures implemented – several people have reported slow delivery times and refund hassles with them.

If you are unhappy with an item you purchased online, submitting a form on their website allows for a refund. They will provide an initial return shipping label, but after this point, any shipping costs must be covered by you alone – some products, such as lingerie and swimwear, cannot be returned due to regulations.

Cider offers an easy return policy: return it within 14 days for free if it does not meet your expectations, or exchange it for something else from their site if available.