Best Chinese Restaurant Near Me in NYC


Chinese restaurants offer delicious food at reasonable prices and feature casual interiors with steel tables and wooden chairs – the ideal place for delicious dining experiences!

Uluh offers an inviting ambiance with dark walls, unique Chinese art, and warm recessed lighting. Their menu boasts traditional dishes such as dan dan noodles and cumin lamb.

Wo Hop Next Door

Wo Hop Next Door has long been a Chinatown landmark since 1938, serving a range of noodle dishes, BBQ pork buns, fried rice, chow fun, and orange chicken dishes – one of the top Chinese lunch spots in NYC.

This restaurant exudes authenticity with its red booth seating and wooden tables adorned with photographs of Chinese landscapes and cities. A popular stop among local police forces, you may also spot arm patches hanging on its walls. For an affordable yet delicious meal, this is your destination.

Shorty Tang is the Taiwanese chef responsible for introducing Sichuan cuisine to Chinatown during the ’60s. This Chelsea storefront honors Shorty and offers his classic dishes, such as cold sesame noodles with mellow sauce. Also popular are homemade wontons in chile sauce and spicy beef noodle soup – make this restaurant an indispensable stop on any foodie’s itinerary! It’s open 24 hours daily – make this must-visit destination part of any food lover’s itinerary!

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao

Americans love Chinese food. It consistently ranks among their two favorite cuisines (alongside Mexican). But not all Chinese restaurants are equal: only those that provide classic dishes, authentic regional cuisine, and innovative fusion fare should be considered top-tier restaurants. New York City boasts an incredible variety of Chinese eateries; here are some of the finest:

Flushing’s Shanghai Cafe offers an authentic taste of Shanghai cuisine. Their extensive menu boasts traditional favorites like General Tso’s chicken and chops suey and innovative offerings like koji fried chicken and broccoli beef brisket. Their decor is classic yet simple, with vinyl chairs and wood-paneled walls, and prices are affordable.

Fans of Szechuan-style cuisine should visit this restaurant. Its contemporary interior boasts white marble tables and warm neutral tones for a stylish dining experience, ideal for dates or group meals. Their menu boasts everything from spicy Sichuan-style chow fun to tender pork belly with garlic sauce and mouthwatering desserts like signature soup dumplings. In addition, their open kitchen allows visitors to watch chefs prepare their food.


Uluh is a contemporary restaurant offering a diverse, pan-regional menu from China and Asia. Their delicious offerings include noodle soups, dumplings, and shredded lamb noodles that you should try – not forgetting their impressive tea selection in luxurious pots – making Uluh an excellent option for high-quality Chinese cuisine in NYC.

This warm and sparsely decorated eatery & teahouse serves a range of cuisine from Peking duck to Shanghai pork soup dumplings, with specialties including pork and shrimp dumplings, spicy wonton soup, and lobster dry pot being among their most beloved signature items. They are also famous for hand-pulled noodles and delicious scallion pancakes they specialize in serving.

On East 2nd Avenue lies one of Manhattan’s best Chinese food restaurants – Green Tea Noodles! Their specialty dishes include delicious green tea noodles, mouth-numbing map tofu, Koji Fried Chicken, and country Fried Lamb! Additionally, their large selection of rare Chinese teas makes this an excellent place for special occasions or everyday dining – try one of their scallion pancakes made of thin pastry layers!

Han Dynasty

Han Dynasty in New York City provides exquisite Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine, featuring cumin-dusted fries, Sichuan pickled vegetables, and pork belly in garlic sauce. Roast duck, dan dan noodles, and cumin lamb are popular customer choices, while sweet potato dumplings or the crispy rice style with tomatoes, black mushrooms, and pea leaves served on fried rice pillows make delightful dessert options.

This upscale Chinese restaurant in New York City serves authentic Yunnan region dishes. The dining area is elegant, with spacious oak tables and decorative white and blue plates adorning them, and service is second to none. Also, delicious cuisine awaits, such as the steamed kawap filled with lamb or spicy cumin lamb served here; seafood noodle soup and chicken kawap are also available! Ideal for group dining and romantic date night experiences alike, its quiet yet comfortable ambiance promises the perfect dining experience!

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

At this restaurant named after a legendary Chinese poet, diners will experience something exceptional and uncompromising. With authentic dishes featuring contemporary flourishes and an engaging yet soothing ambiance – perfect for date nights or gatherings with friends – experience awaits at Yuyuan.

At first glance, this place may look bland, but it is all about flavor and comfort. The classic interior features red booth seating with wooden tables. Their menu offers many staples like lo mein and wontons; their specialty dish, however, is their OG egg roll stuffed with chicken and vegetables, then covered in an egg crepe before being deep-fried until crispy.

Finding a delicious Chinese restaurant near me in NYC should be on every food lover’s bucket list. New York has everything from authentic Szechuan dishes to more modern styles like Korean barbecue.

New York City is home to many Chinese restaurants that showcase the culinary traditions of every province and region in China. Whether you prefer authentic Szechuan dishes at small Chinatown restaurants, classic weekend dim sum brunch at area landmarks, or top-of-the-line takeout and delivery for home dining rooms, NYC has something delicious for all palates!

Chef Huang Jian Bing & Peking Duck

Chef Huang Jian Bing & Peking Duck is a highly acclaimed Chinese restaurant offering modern Chinese cuisine with an elegant modern spin. Their extensive menu covers many regions, from Schezuan to Northern Chinese cuisines. Their environment is moody yet cozy with dark walls, unique Chinese art pieces, and warm recessed lighting; it is an ideal location for date nights, small group gatherings, or business meetings alike! Be sure to try the delicious Dan Dan Noodles, which come with meatless Beyond Beef, green onions, and map Tofu for heartier options.

Yunnan Restaurant can be found tucked away in midtown Manhattan. Although unassuming in appearance, this Yunnan eatery provides solid Chinese fare at a decent price. The dining area feels modern yet inviting, with simple wood tables, track lighting, and Chinese watercolor artwork. Enjoy their signature dish of spicy cumin lamb for an irresistibly delicious experience.

This spacious eatery is a favorite destination for Chinese seafood in NYC. Their extensive menu has helpful staff guiding diners toward dishes to meet individual preferences. Some stand-out options are their spicy big tray chicken (shareable chicken served with mouth-numbing Sichuan peppercorns) and their hui mei noodles – which may become your new favorite!

Blue Willow

This restaurant features antique carved woods and hanging lamps decorated with patterns resembling pagodas, lakes, and birds soaring overhead – creating an ambiance of tranquility evocative of an earlier time when China emerged as a power. The menu also harkens back to this period, with dishes such as spicy cumin lamb and the finest Chinese dumplings available in NYC.

Seng Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown is known for serving seafood and Cantonese favorites, making for an enchanting dining experience that feels like a banquet hall with its faux trees, traditional Chinese decor, light paintings, and red tray ceilings. Their extensive menu boasts tempting choices like shrimp dumplings, fried shrimp, or ginger scallion lobster.

Yunnan restaurant is an outstanding option for those seeking the finest Chinese in NYC with an elegant flair. Customers praise its high-quality ingredients and perfectly spiced dishes like its brown sugar-glazed Peking duck. Service is impeccable, and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming – an ideal spot for date nights, group dinners, or large groups. Guests have their choice of table seating or stylish booths.