Best Commercial Lawyers in Oakland


The top commercial lawyers in Oakland can assist you with any business or corporate law issue that arises. They understand how complex legal matters can be, and are equipped to represent both you and your company with diligence and efficiency.

These issues include contract disputes, property litigation and commercial litigation. Attorneys can assist you in resolving these conflicts through negotiation and settlement talks.

Contract Disputes

When negotiating the terms of a partnership, purchasing goods, or creating an employee agreement, you want to guarantee that your contract terms are enforceable and can safeguard both short and long-term interests. Furthermore, ensure the document is written clearly and concisely so both parties understand its objectives and obligations.

A well-drafted, comprehensive contract can help to avoid disputes over the meaning of contract terms before they arise. Clarity is especially essential during negotiation and drafting the document so that all terms are fully comprehended by both sides before execution takes place.

Breach of contract is the most frequent type of dispute that may arise, and it occurs when one party fails to abide by the terms of their agreement. A breach can be classified as either a material or minor breach.

Real Estate Litigation

Commercial real estate disputes tend to be more intricate than residential ones, due to the length and specificity of contracts. Furthermore, landlord-tenant relationships in commercial properties must adhere to more formal guidelines than their residential counterparts and there are typically more regulations that must be adhered to.

When disputes regarding property arise, owners, investors, lenders, REITs and tenants require the expertise of commercial lawyers who specialize in these cases. These litigators can help resolve conflicts through negotiation, mediation or arbitration so you can focus on running your business and optimizing real estate investments for success.

No matter if you are a buyer, seller, landlord, or tenant in Oakland, the top commercial lawyers can help. With extensive litigation experience under our belts, we will guide you through every step of the process from beginning to end. Reach out now to discover how we can assist you.

Property Litigation

Real estate disputes can arise for various reasons. For instance, homeowners may disagree about the price of their home, its interior or exterior quality, or if landlords or property managers are owed money for services rendered.

In some cases, disputes can escalate to the point that legal action is necessary. Typically, however, most disputes that enter litigation are settled through negotiations rather than going to court.

This is a beneficial option for both parties as it won’t involve high costs or unnecessary stress, and the results could be satisfactory to both. Solicitors typically recommend that clients try to resolve their disputes through dispute resolution first, then resort to litigation only if this doesn’t solve the problem.

Many local clients with real estate or land disputes enlist the services of property law solicitors and litigators. These legal professionals are adept at handling all sorts of disputes related to residential and commercial properties, including agricultural land.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is a type of civil lawsuit that involves businesses as parties. This type of dispute tends to be more complex than other civil suits, since it usually involves specialized issues and may be filed in federal court.

Business disputes can be tricky to navigate, but the right lawyer can help you reach a swift and cost-effective resolution. At Farrell Fritz, our team includes former prosecutors and judicial law clerks who understand how to navigate the legal system.

Our top commercial lawyers in Oakland can handle a range of cases, such as breach of contract disputes, partnership or joint venture conflicts, class actions, business torts, civil RICO claims, whistleblower / False Claims Act allegations and shareholder matters.

Commercial litigation can be a lengthy and expensive process due to the need for discovery, the use of forensic experts, and other aspects involved. Fortunately, much of commercial and civil litigation settles out of court before trial begins.