Best Commercial Lawyers


The top commercial lawyers in Minneapolis are highly-experienced and capable of handling a wide range of business disputes. They provide assistance with everything from business formation to contracts and litigation.

Tom Schutz, a law firm merger analyst at IDS Center, notes that local firms that emerged in the mid- to late-2000s sought ways to compete with larger New York law firms.

Business Formation

Launching a business can be an exhilarating endeavor, but it also presents many challenges. Doing it correctly from the beginning makes all the difference when it comes to taxes, liability, profitability and growth.

Our attorneys can assist you in selecting the most advantageous legal structure for your business. We take into account the size, purpose and level of protection needed.

For instance, an LLC offers owners more options than a sole proprietor or general partnership. They have the freedom to decide how their profits are distributed and may not require shareholders to assume personal liabilities as with a corporation.

We provide advice on taxation-related matters, such as registering your business for sales tax or handling any potential tax fraud allegations. Furthermore, we represent businesses in mergers and acquisitions (M&As), including negotiating the deal itself and handling any litigation that may arise out of it.

Business Contracts

Business contracts are essential elements of the formation process, outlining expectations for both parties and safeguarding your business in case of legal disputes. A well-drafted and enforced business contract can save money, improve vendor relations, and prevent miscommunication down the line.

Business contracts are essential for the success of your company, whether you’re purchasing goods and services, leasing real estate or entering into an employment agreement. A business contract lawyer can assist in creating and negotiating these terms so that it serves its legal purpose.

A business contract attorney can advise on compliance measures and shield your business in case of legal disputes. They are well-versed in the laws applicable to your area of operation, so they guarantee you’re abiding by all rules and regulations.

Business Litigation

As a business owner, having an experienced attorney on board to assist with legal matters that can arise throughout your company’s existence is paramount. This includes starting up, forming either a corporation or LLC, negotiating contracts, minimizing taxes and mitigating risks as well as representing parties in lawsuits and deals.

Commercial lawyers in Minneapolis provide a range of services to guide your business through the legal system. Their capabilities extend from business formation and transactions, through employment law and securities litigation, as well as intellectual property protection & litigation.

Successful commercial litigators possess the expertise to assess the merits of a dispute, tailor prosecution or defense strategies according to client needs, and manage each step of the litigation until its conclusion. This requires strong client relationships, thought leadership, practical management abilities and extensive experience.

Business Operations

The top commercial lawyers in Minneapolis provide a comprehensive suite of services to keep your business on the right path. Their knowledge is unsurpassed throughout Minneapolis-St Paul, and their offices are strategically situated right downtown to deliver highly personalized service experiences that cannot be beat. From an effective employee relations program to an IT strategy geared toward future office needs, your small to medium sized enterprise deserves nothing less than top legal counsel – especially with all the high-profile data breaches recently experienced in the cloud. With the right legal counsel on board, you can rest assured knowing your data is safe from malicious attacks – especially given recent high-profile breaches on cloud storage devices.