Best Spy App For Android Without Access to Target Phone


If you want to spy on someone without their knowledge sneakily, spy apps could be the answer. These applications allow users to monitor incoming and outgoing calls, view text messages, and track GPS locations on target phones.

mSpy is one of the best spy apps for Android without access to target phones, offering various features and customer support.


mSpy is an outstanding Android spy app that enables users to monitor calls, messages, and multimedia files on target devices and real-time GPS tracking of them. Compatible with various Android devices and offering customer support to address any potential issues quickly and effectively, mSpy offers unmatched monitoring features.

Mspy is an ideal solution for parents looking to monitor the safety of their children, employers who want to maintain an unsafe working environment, or partners who suspect cheating. With no access necessary, this best Android spy app offers numerous features and packages with pricing depending on what device(s) are being monitored.

Though mSpy is an effective monitoring tool, it may not be legal in every state. Without the explicit consent of the person whose phone you’re monitoring, installing it without their knowledge violates US law and should never be installed on business devices.

Some features of mSpy require rooting or jailbreaking an Android phone; however, many others can be used without necessary action – keylogger, social media monitoring, and geofencing being the most popular ones. Furthermore, mSpy offers a free trial period so you can see if its app will work with your device before investing time or money into purchasing the full version.

The mSpy website is user-friendly and provides valuable information about their application, while their customer service department is very accommodating and responsive. Installation instructions should be read thoroughly to avoid confusion during the setup process.

mSpy can be used to monitor devices, including Android and iPhones. It allows users to track text messages, call logs, and multimedia files like photos and videos. Furthermore, it monitors social media trends by recording TikTok messages and chats – making it the ideal solution for those with limited resources. Although not available on all devices, mSpy remains one of the best solutions out there for monitoring purposes.


Eyezy is a spy app that allows anyone without access to their phone or device to monitor someone else’s activity without being directly involved. Parents may use it to ensure their children’s safety, employers to maintain a secure work environment, or anyone wanting to keep tabs on someone. You can access call logs, record and delete text messages, track GPS location, and use its keystroke capture feature to monitor what other users are typing into their devices.

When selecting a spy app, carefully considering its user-friendliness and reliability is crucial. One effective method for doing this is reading reviews or researching its reputation online; additionally, an ideal spy app will have excellent customer support available should any issues arise.

EyeZy is an excellent example of such an app, offering various monitoring features to meet the needs of multiple individuals. You can use eyeZy to monitor your kids’ online activities and social media use, detect suspicious keywords when discussing something harmful, and provide a list of their most visited websites, which helps identify interests while monitoring safety.

EyeZy’s real-time screen monitoring capabilities extend far beyond its listed features, such as keystroke capture or magic alert notifications; its plans breaker feature can even reveal notes saved to their calendar!

This spy app stands out by working in stealth mode and can be installed on almost all iPhone models, including the latest versions, without jailbreaking. Android phones may also use it without needing root access. Unfortunately, its advanced features don’t match those offered by competitors; additionally, only limited features are free. For more advanced capabilities, you must purchase a premium subscription plan.


Whether you are a parent monitoring your children’s phone activity or an employer monitoring employee activity, spy apps are here to help. With them, you can view call logs, texts, and GPS locations without their knowledge, and advanced features such as remote screen-lock and password reset – many apps even provide free trials or customer support to ensure you’re receiving maximum value for your money!

Many have wondered whether it is possible to monitor cell phones without installing software directly onto the target phone, without needing physical access to most Android phones. On iPhones, however, monitoring can be done remotely through iCloud Backup, which offers two-way synchronization with cloud storage and device memory. But as this requires having access to Apple ID and password information for each target device you wish to monitor remotely, iCloud backup offers another method, but you must first gain physical access to install this app successfully.

One of the best spy apps for Android devices is SpyMonster, whose array of monitoring functions works in stealth mode. Compatible with most Android OS devices and offering tracking of messages, social media activities, and more, it is highly customizable for user experience with various subscription plans and payment options to meet individual requirements.

Another fantastic feature of this app is its real-time tracking capability for mobile devices, providing instantaneous information regarding where the device is at any given moment and can even notify parents if their child leaves a designated area. This feature can prove especially helpful for families with young children looking to monitor their activities.

While exploring some of the many online apps can be tempting, always remain mindful when making this choice. Many sites ask users to establish connections with target phones to transfer an APK file, which would likely be detected by security settings on devices and is therefore not advised. Furthermore, certain scam apps require you to send images over as part of their services, which should serve as a telltale sign that they may not be genuine apps.


If you want an app that allows you to monitor someone without access to their phone, look no further than iKeyMonitor. It provides various features that let you monitor calls, texts, and GPS locations of devices without physical access – plus photos, notes, voice memos, and WiFi history on one convenient platform! Plus, it’s available free and is simple to set up!

Its stealth mode makes this app ideal for parents who want to ensure the safety of their children, employers who want to monitor employees or anyone who wishes to protect their privacy. Plus, this program works on any Android device and can be easily accessed via phone or computer!

Use iKeyMonitor to track incoming and outgoing call messages sent through various apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, etc. Additionally, you can record call logs for future reference – its user-friendly interface also makes this app simple to navigate and use!

Select a spy app compatible with the target device’s operating system and version to ensure a seamless experience on their device. Furthermore, look for one with excellent customer support who can assist in any potential issues.

Spy apps are an invaluable way to monitor the activities of loved ones, but you must understand if any spy app you use is legal. People often fear that spying on other devices constitutes an invasion of privacy; however, this depends on how you use the software – following its guidelines shouldn’t present any problems, but always remain mindful of possible risks when spying.