Delaney Doherty, 17, Was Killed in a Car Accident on August 3


Delaney Doherty made an immeasurable difference during her 17 years on Earth. Her energy and joy for life was contagious, never leaving anyone unloved without telling them so.

Delaney Doherty was tragically taken from us on Aug 3 when a driver crossed over the center line and collided head-on with her vehicle, killing her instantly. Manhattan residents mourn the loss of this remarkable young lady.

The Crash

Delaney Doherty’s death on August 3 has had a devastating impact on her local community. The 17-year-old Manhattan High School student was driving along West Dry Creek Road when a 20-year-old driver crossed over the center line and collided head-on with her vehicle on West Dry Creek Road, instantly killing her.

The cause of the Crash Investigation remains under review. However, Sheriff Dan Springer has described Doherty as someone loved by all in his community and asked that everyone come together during this difficult time.

Delaney Doherty would have graduated this fall from Manhattan High School as a senior. She was active on both volleyball and softball teams and an enthusiastic student. Her death serves as a stark reminder of life’s fragility as well as emphasizing the significance of following traffic regulations to ensure everyone’s safety – particularly wearing seatbelts while driving, which will reduce future car accident injuries or deaths.

The Driver

On August 3rd, on West Dry Creek Road east of Manhattan, tragedy struck when 17-year-old Delaney Delaney was fatally struck by another vehicle and killed instantly in a head-on collision. While details regarding what caused this tragedy still surfaced, Gallatin County Sheriff Dan Springer provided preliminary information. He reported that an 18-year-old driver crossed the centerline, colliding with Delaney’s vehicle head-on.

A teenager on her way to a softball game was killed instantly; family mourning her death have requested prayers as they cope with this tragic loss.

Delaney Delaney was an iconic member of Manhattan High School, as her presence is felt across its halls. A varsity athlete in both volleyball and softball, she helped lead them to state tournament victories this year. A bright young woman, her death has come as a devastating blow for both her loved ones and for Manhattan as a town.

Delaney will have her memorial near the high school stadium. Manhattan community members have come together to support Delaney and her family, collecting donations for building batting cages in her honor and soliciting support via Venmo (@ManhattanYouthSoftball) or mailing it directly. No gift can bring Delaney back, but everyone helps the Dohertys cope while her legacy perpetuates.

The Accident

On August 3, 2023, an accident on West Dry Creek Road east of Manhattan resulted in the untimely death of 17-year-old Delaney Doherty and was caused by another vehicle crossing over the center line and colliding head-on with Delaney’s vehicle. Gallatin County Sheriff Dan Springer noted that one driver crossed over into Delaney’s lane before hitting her head. Gallatin County Sheriff Springer confirmed this information.

Manhattan residents have rallied behind the Doherty family during this challenging time. Many businesses are displaying pink ribbons to honor Doherty, while organizers of the 2023 Manhattan Potato Festival are asking parade participants and festival attendees to wear pink on the Aug 19 Spud Fest as a show of support in memory of Doherty.

Doherty was an esteemed community member and will be deeply missed by all who knew her well. An exceptional student, she excelled in both volleyball and softball during high school – always searching for joy every day, making sure that both friends and teammates felt appreciated and valued.

She had an infectious smile lit up a room, and her sense of humor was irresistible. On the volleyball court, she was an impressive player, while the softball diamond was never out of reach when hitting home runs was required. Loved by many, she tragically passed away far too early at 17 years of age, leaving so many lives touched in her short 17 years, yet her legacy will live on for generations to come.

The Injuries

The accident that claimed the life of Delaney Doherty on August 3rd has shaken up a community and highlighted the importance of road safety. The 17-year-old girl was killed in a head-on collision with a vehicle on West Dry Creek Road east of Manhattan. Gallatin County Sheriff Dan Springer has provided initial details about the incident, confirming that the other driver crossed the center line and struck Delaney’s car head-on.

The other driver, a 20-year-old woman from Harrison, sustained injuries and was airlifted to a hospital. The investigation into the cause of the crash is ongoing. The family of Delaney Doherty has asked for privacy in this difficult time.

Although this tragedy cannot bring her back, the community is rallying together to support her family and friends. People are donating money and writing kind words to honor her memory. A fundraising campaign has also been set up to build batting cages at her high school in her name.

There is no question that Delaney Doherty was a bright, beautiful young woman who made a significant impact on those around her. She was a talented athlete, both in volleyball and softball. She was a varsity member of the Manhattan High School team and helped her team to the state tournament. She was also a dedicated student. Her presence was felt by everyone she encountered, both in the classroom and on the playing field.

The Manhattan community is still mourning the loss of Delaney Doherty. Her memorial continues to grow on W Dry Creek Road as more and more flowers and messages are added daily. Her high school is painting the town pink in her honor, and the Manhattan Youth Softball program is raising funds to build batting cages in her name at her school.

The Final Words

Delaney Doherty’s death has had an emotional toll on her Manhattan community and raised important road safety questions. Her death serves as a stark reminder of life’s fragility, yet contrasted with all of the joy she brought everyone she encountered during her brief 17-year life span.

Her presence was felt deeply at Manhattan High School, where she played volleyball and softball. Her dedication was seen, going the extra mile to make sure each member felt valued and appreciated on her team.

Manhattan, Delaney’s hometown, has begun an effort to honor her memory by raising funds to erect batting cages bearing her name at her high school field. Although this won’t bring Delaney back, this project honors one extraordinary young lady – just one way in which the community is coming together to support Delaney’s family during this trying time.