Car Scooter Carrier


Car scooter carriers provide an easy, hassle-free solution for transporting mobility devices behind vehicles. When choosing one, look for steel or aluminum carriers with durable finishes that withstand weathering and highway hazards. Obtain the Best information about خودروبر.

Exterior scooter lifts typically use ramps to help load scooters and wheelchairs into a vehicle, folding flat against its body when not in use for storage purposes.


Manual scooter carriers are an ideal solution for people with limited strength or dexterity who are having difficulty transporting their scooters. Hitch-mounted models feature ramps to make loading your scooter easy, taking up minimal space in your car and typically featuring locking mechanisms to secure ramps when not being used; some even fold flat for easy tailgate or hatch access – one of the most popular and cost-effective solutions for transporting one!

Most scooter lifts are constructed from sturdy materials that ensure they can bear heavy loads without breaking, with some having extremely high weight capacities suitable for larger scooters. Furthermore, these hand-operated solutions offer easy use for those without pthe physical strength or skill necessary to use a power scooter lift.

These ramps can be fitted onto virtually any vehicle. All it takes to use one is sliding it into your trailer hitch, then using your scooter or wheelchair on it to guide it onto the ramp and lock it securely with a pin – then srive away – these are much simpler and safer options than putting your scooter directly onto the back of your vehicle where damage or harm could be caused.

Choose from various sizes of ramps and platforms depending on the size of your mobility scooter, plus optional accessories like battery packs, Swing-Away suspension systems, and scooter covers.

Another option for scooter transportation is purchasing a lift that can be controlled from within your car. These have a hoist or crane installed in the back, with its control being managed through an interior switch in your vehicle. Once raised to a height above that of your rear window, this carrier can then be moved off-site so you can drive away – although these tend to require more strength due to operating manually on its crane mechanism.


Power car scooter carriers are mechanical devices designed to attach directly to your vehicle with a hitch, enabling you to securely transport a mobility scooter into the back of your car. They may either be hand-powered or motorized; both options offer stability and maneuverability while eliminating larger trailers from being needed. Some power scooter carriers include “feet” under their platform, which are specifically designed to keep it secure while transporting your mobility scooter.

Many different kinds of scooter car lifts are available to meet your individual needs. From ramp-style charges that let you drive your scooter onto a platform to hoist or crane-style ones that lift them directly into the trunk, to hybrid models which double up as regular cargo carriers when not carrying scooters or wheelchairs;, to truck bed lifts (for pickup trucks) or hinge-style ones that fold vertically when not in use – there is sure to be one suitable for any need or application!

Some scooter carriers feature an emergency manual override system in case the power fails, which works by employing a hex shaft located under the platform and unscrewing its cap with a wrench, then rotating it either counterclockwise to lower or clockwise to raise.

Height can be adjusted easily with the levers beneath a scooter carrier platform using its levers for optimal results. You can also tilt the venue for various driving positions (both forward-facing and reverse) using the tilt mechanism on its platform. Some advanced models even feature ramp lock systems to prevent movement when not in place, ensuring safety and security for all.

Power scooter carriers can be an easy, safe, and reliable way to transport wheelchairs or scooters between activities in life. Easy installation and operation ensure a hassle-free method for transporting mobility devices safely – but make sure it fits well with both your vehicle and mobility device and meets all your individual needs! When shopping for carriers, the suitable carrier must do well with both of them; choosing one that works well with both is crucial!


Hybrid lifts offer both the drive-on/drive-off convenience of an exterior scooter car carrier as well as keeping your mobility device inside your vehicle. They work similarly to hitch lifts and hoist lifts, yet they are installed inside your cargo area rather than on the exterior. A ramp can then be used to load scooters or powerchairs onto their platform before raising it to be placed back into the rear cargo area of your vehicle via hoists; manual control operation or remote control options can then be utilized – protecting it from harsh weather conditions as well as saving space if parking in tight garage spaces! Hybrid lifts also make use of backup cameras while saving space when parking inside!

Some models of this lift come equipped with an electric flip feature that can be activated with a push of a button on the remote control, enabling the platform to rise vertically when not in use and provide access to your trunk or cargo area. This feature can prove particularly helpful if parking your car in an enclosed lot or on busy roads where its lift could potentially interfere with other vehicles or pedestrians.

This type of lift is most often found on minivans and full-size vans, though they may also be installed in cars, estate wagons, and SUVs – typically with professional installation being necessary. As they are installed in your cargo area, these lifts may not be compatible with third-row seating in your vehicle. They also may not work with all power chairs and scooters, depending on their size, weight, and height requirements. Before purchasing a hybrid lift, consult a qualified mobility specialist to assess if your vehicle meets all the necessary criteria for compatibility. They will conduct a vehicle compatibility test and review max tongue weight to make an informed decision, in addition to offering recommendations of compatible models and brands of lifts that would fit seamlessly. This will ensure safe transportation of both wheelchair and scooter users and make for the optimal vehicle/lift combination!


The Hitch Scooter Carrier mounts securely to any 2-inch trailer hitch receiver and is designed to transport most power scooters. Capable of supporting up to 500 pounds, its platform measures 62″ long x 32″. Additionally, its loading ramp can either stand vertically or be laid out horizontally on its rack surface for loading/unloading and can tilt up flat against your vehicle for parking or storage with its durable finish protecting it from rain, dirt, and road salt.

This model is simple to assemble and suitable for most power scooters or wheelchairs. Crafted from aluminum with powder coating to protect against corrosion, this lift features heavy-duty safety chains and a able winch for added security. Furthermore, this hardwire kit connects directly to your car battery; additionally, it comes equipped with manual crank backup in case its battery dies out – all compatible with most 2-inch class III receivers.

Another option for transporting scooters is a hoist-style carrier, best suited to vans or SUVs. This device will lift and swing your scooter into the back of the vehicle before securely strapping it down for transport inside. However, please keep in mind that this type of carrier is much heavier than simple ramp-mounted carriers and may require two people to operate.

When selecting the appropriate scooter carrier for your needs, many factors need to be taken into account. First and foremost is making sure your vehicle’s trailer hitch is strong enough to support both lift and scooter weight; to do this, check manufacturer specifications or contact a dealer in order to ascertain which trailer hitch class best describes your vehicle – knowing this information indicates how much weight can be reliably pulled by it.

Scooter carriers can be purchased from various online and in-person retailers. Some may cost more, with the difference dependent on product features and quality; it’s wise to compare prices in order to get the best value for your money.

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