Euclid’s C-Finder in Fallout New Vegas


Euclid’s C-Finder can cause the game to crash in some situations. To remedy this bug, save while firing it then quit/reset console before reloading saved game from previous attempt.

The C-Finder is a unique weapon in Fallout New Vegas that shoots laser beams at enemies. It can be purchased from Max in Freeside for either 1000 bottle caps, or 20 bottle caps if a Barter check passes successfully.

It is a weapon that shoots a beam of energy

Are you searching for an energy weapon with long range, devastating damage and reliable accuracy? Look no further than the Robo-Scorpion! With its range of 65 yards and high damage output per shot, it offers unmatched power in dealing with large groups of enemies grouped together. Additionally, its ability to crit enemies leads to massive explosions which kill several at once; making this weapon ideal for large battles against clustered foes. Located exclusively within Old World Blues DLC it serves as one of the most powerful energy weapons within games history! This power can only be found there as it stands out among its competition.

Warhead Hunter weapons are integral parts of the Warhead Hunter challenge. Created by Poseidon Energy before World War I as an targeting device for Helios One’s Archimedes II orbital death laser, one scavenger found and sold the device before Brotherhood of Steel arrived there and sold it on the Strip.

The C-Finder may seem like an innocent toy pistol, but it’s one of the most potent weapons in the Wasteland. After charging at Helios One each day, it can be used once to launch an orbital laser attack onto its target – though only outside and with Courier within reach of their target location.

The laser fires out a green beam that deals up to 170 damage per shot. With its high chance of hitting multiple enemies at once and often taking out entire raider squadrons at once, the laser can also prove invaluable during sniper missions, enabling players to strike down targets from far away.

The player can acquire this weapon by completing That Lucky Old Sun quest and choosing to provide power to Archimedes II orbital laser at Helios One. They may also buy it from Max in Freeside for 1000 bottle caps, or pick it up after he sleeps at Mick & Ralph’s (though this could cause them to lose karma). Furthermore, theft may also be possible; but doing so requires expert bartering skills and may prove potentially lethal.

It is a weapon that can be found in Freeside

Euclids C-Finder is one of the most formidable weapons available to players in Fallout New Vegas. When charged, this toy pistol unleashes a satellite-generated beam of solar energy which can level entire areas. However, it must only be used once daily and requires that players complete That Lucky Old Sun quest in Freeside outside Mick & Ralph’s. Players with high barter skills (45 or greater) may try convincing Max to sell it for 1000 bottle caps, or simply wait until 9PM when Max sleeps and pickpocket it without incurring loss of karma penalty.

Just south of the Freeside entrance lies Gun Runners: an ideal destination for weapon and armor upgrades. Equipped with an interactive Vendortron and Isaac the mercenary as both an equipment provider and conversation starter, it makes Gun Runners an excellent place to upgrade weapons or sell junk while not necessarily the ideal destination to purchase high-end weaponry.

Charleston Cave is another excellent way to acquire weapons, featuring an exclusive Shishkebab variant with one of the highest DPS stats among bladed weapons in game, as well as high critical chance multiplier and item HP stats that makes it suitable for melee builds. Although expensive, this weapon will certainly pay dividends.

Archimedes II players may find that when activating the C-Finder, no ammunition spawns, even though they possess all available charges for it. To fix this, save and exit to desktop before reloading the game before activating C-Finder several times until charges respawn.

Alien Blasters are another powerful weapon available to players with the Wild Wasteland trait and can reach HELIOS One. Located north of Horowitz farmstead and accessible via hacking or lockpicking a side door near a scorched skeleton on Black Mountain’s summit, players with this trait may access HELIOS One by hacking or lockpicking through it.

It is a weapon that can be purchased from Max

Euclid’s C-Finder is an unconventional weapon found only in Fallout: New Vegas. Appearing as a toy gun, this weapon uses Euclidean geometry to locate its third point – commonly referred to as C.

Max in Freeside outside Mick & Ralph’s will sell it to players for 1000 bottle caps or 20 bottles if their barter skill exceeds 45. It has an appealing appearance and makes use of area damage – just one downside being it cannot work indoors!

Max typically goes to sleep around 9 pm. After talking with him and learning that he has a rangefinder that is easily stolen without incurring karma losses, steal it at no risk and use it until activated again by completing That Lucky Old Sun.

Contrary to most energy weapons, the C-finder relies on solar cells for power. When activated, its sun ray will shoot down at enemies with high health levels in a wide area and knock them out quickly – this makes it particularly effective against multiple opponents or multiple attacks at once! But be wary; its beam can also hit friendly NPCs nearby!

The C-Finder is an effective weapon, but not as efficient as other energy weapons. For instance, its performance against Deathclaws was clearly superior and charging and targeting an enemy took too long. Furthermore, some may consider its 15 pound size overrated given it requires two hands to use it effectively.

This weapon can be hard to come by, yet its value lies in the enjoyment of using it and impressing friends with your skills. It will certainly do that and then some!

It is a weapon that can be re-activated

Euclid’s C-Finder is a handheld rangefinder linked to Archimedes II orbital laser weapon, capable of displaying targets but cannot fire upon them directly. Originally constructed by Poseidon Energy prior to war and intended for pinpointing enemy locations; however, after Helios One fell under Brotherhood of Steel control it became inoperable and couldn’t be used anymore.

The C-Finder was named in honor of Greek mathematician Diophantus of Rhodes, who established many fundamental geometric and mathematical principles. Additionally, its name alludes to Euclidean geometry’s ability to find the third point, or C, of any triangle with given points A and B and distances BC and AC between them; more specifically it triangulates this target from Archimedes II satellite by triangulation.

This weapon can only be obtained after successfully completing That Lucky Old Sun and directing power towards Archimedes II at its conclusion. However, if the player character fails to do this and leaves The Thorn without having directed power towards Archimedes II at that moment, an unexpected beam could appear and fire at any hostile NPCs nearby – this bug must be remedied by restarting after killing Courier and making sure no weapons are in play at that moment.

Utilizing the C-Finder may cause weapons to stop working after some days, which is an issue which can be remedied using console command “set e282d”.bRetargetComplete to 1.”

The C-Finder requires an extended charge time and cannot work indoors. Once every 24 hours in-game it can only be fired once; doing so more than once may cause its mechanism to break and cause it to be destroyed permanently.

Re-activating the C-Finder requires returning to Freeside and paying Max 1000 bottle caps or more at Mick & Ralph’s. Pickpocketing an item may result in lost Karma; any attempt at pickpocketing it from Max will result in such loss of Karma being counterbalanced by other means.