Family Farm and Home Defiance Ohio


Family Farm and Home stores specialize in selling sporting goods, repair tools, and supplies, pet items, livestock feed, and garden products, as well as outdoor equipment and machinery.

Muskegon-based Al Fansler founded Quality Stores Inc and established his own business there before opening Muskegon Coffee Roasters.

Agricultural Supplies

Family Farm and Home Defiance Ohio offers various outdoor items, such as tools, automotive supplies, work clothes, and footwear for work wear. In addition, they sell pet food supplies, livestock supplies, lawn, garden, and heating needs in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana Pennsylvania stores.

Farmers have established a solid customer base through word of mouth and social media outreach despite the problematic environment. Their demand rose steadily from 2000 until about 2015 before leveling off.

The company prides itself on producing products made with top-quality ingredients priced reasonably, attracting new customers. Furthermore, their staff is highly dedicated and strives to deliver excellent customer service – particularly among cashiers whose role is to process sales quickly and accurately – which is essential to their job duties.

The Farmers are eager to open a store this year, yet are uncertain when this will occur. In the meantime, they plan on building relationships with local customers, expanding their online presence, and broadening delivery services into additional parts of Texas.

Sports Equipment

Family Farm and Home offers an assortment of sports equipment. This company has everything you need if you need anything from bikes and golf bags to basketballs and even agricultural machinery. Their online store makes ordering products fast.

Family Farm and Home can trace its beginnings back to Quality Stores Inc. of Muskegon, Michigan, which had 112 stores with $525 million in sales when it filed for bankruptcy protection in 2002. Its retail operations changed considerably after its purchase by an investor group led by former Quality Stores president Al Fansler (now running Family Farm and Home with his son Tim and son-in-law Bob Tarrant).

Family Farm has quietly emerged as a national retail leader despite remaining relatively unknown. Their 19-outlet Michigan operation now features a warehouse along U.S. 131 south of Grand Rapids. They plan to relocate their headquarters to downtown Muskegon this summer to demonstrate their dedication to city and county life.

Former Family Farm and Home is located in Defiance and boasts a minimum divisible area of 23,000 square feet at a listed lease rate of $3.75/SF/YR; retail use is the primary function of this building.

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Pet Supplies

Family Farm and Home offers an affordable selection of pet supplies, such as small animal bedding, saltwater aquarium supplies, bird cages, habitat foggers toys and treats, and food. Their prices make this store ideal for families with multiple animals.

Family Farm and Home, established in Michigan in 2002 and operating 19 outlets, began operations as an offshoot of Tractor Supply Co. with a similar merchandise selection to Meijer Inc. stores and big box home improvement centers, Lowe’s, and Home Depot. Family Farm and Home is a reincarnation of the Quality Stores chain; their new Muskegon location will be their inaugural county location as their 20-person central office moves downtown over time.

Repair Tools & Supplies

Family Farm and Home provides tools and supplies for outdoor tasks. Their range of equipment for lawn and garden care and automotive parts is comprehensive; plus, they carry pets to feed and livestock feed – plus alternative heating equipment! It truly makes Family Farm and Home an all-inclusive one-stop shop!

This store offers various products, such as agricultural machinery, tailored to customers with varied lifestyles and needs. Along with agriculture supplies, they also carry sports equipment, pet supplies, and repair tools and supplies. Their goal is to deliver exceptional customer service along with high-quality products.

They employ highly-trained and knowledgeable employees to provide customers with an unrivaled experience. Their main goal is meeting customers’ needs by offering everything necessary for home and business use – constantly improving operations and expanding services accordingly.

Al Fansler, a former Quality Stores Inc. executive, founded this Michigan-based business. Fansler served as president during Quality’s attempted merger with Iowa-based Central Tractor but left before its bankruptcy liquidation occurred in 2002. He and his son Tim now own Family Farm and Home’s 19-outlet chain headquartered downtown Muskegon. Family Farm and Home competes directly with Tractor Supply Co. retail chain; Family Farm and Home will open a second local outlet later this year in Swartz Creek; it will also move its headquarters from Dalton Township to downtown Muskegon to demonstrate strong support of Muskegon’s business community.

Agricultural Machinery

This company sells impressive products, such as sports equipment and pet supplies. Additionally, agricultural machinery and various outdoor power tools are offered on its website for your viewing. In addition to having an online storefront in Defiance, Ohio, their employees are adept in all payment-related operations, are knowledgeable of customer needs, provide exceptional customer service, and will assist customers whenever possible.

The former Family Farm and Home is situated at 1836 East Second Street in Defiance and features 23,000 SF. Perfectly suitable for retail use, its current most significant space available is divisible into sections of 23,000 sq feet at an annual rental rate of $3.75/SF/YR.

Family Farm and Home, commonly referred to by its initials FHF, is the successor company of Quality Stores Inc. which declared bankruptcy in 2009. Led by former Quality Stores president Al Fansler and his son Tim Fansler – now Family Farm and Home has 19 stores throughout Michigan with plans to move their corporate offices to downtown Muskegon this summer as a show of their commitment. Company officials claim it as one of their key goals.