Family Farm and Home Flat Rock


After graduating, Milton began farming at Jackson’s Orchard in Bowling Green but felt drawn back home. So in 2002, he joined Dick Stewart and Georgia Conner to form Family Farm and Home.

Family Farm & Home offers products customers need and want. Their stores are strategically placed within communities where neighbors know each other by name, look out for each other, and still believe in hard work. They strive to build strong connections within local communities through stores such as theirs that bring them together and offer goods they need and want.

About Us

Flat Rock Farm, acquired as a land grant from King Charles II in 1694, has been owned by one family for 300 years. The main house dates back to the early 1700s but has undergone multiple renovations over time; also on site is an impressive collection of historical structures, such as its original dairy barn – making this property perfect for film and TV show settings, including The Waltons series.

Family Farm and Home is a specialty retail chain offering products catering to rural and suburban lifestyles, including animal feed and supplies, alternative heating systems, lawn/garden equipment/supplies, tools/hardware supplies as well as automotive tools/hardware as well as work clothing/shoes for both rural and suburban living environments. Headquartered in Michigan and operating over 50 stores throughout the Midwest.

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Home & Garden

Flat Rock, North Carolina, is an idyllic town with a fascinating past and present. Home of Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site Connemara and Flat Rock Play House; as well as many local shops, restaurants, and galleries; Sky Top Orchard offers 22 varieties of apples on their 264-acre farm!

Flat Rock area is known for its scenic hiking trails and camping opportunities. Furthermore, Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site draws many visitors who wish to gain insight into his life as poet and historian Carl Sandburg.

Family Farm and Home enjoy opening stores in communities where people know each other well and still appreciate hard work. Their stores carry products customers need to do their jobs right at reasonable prices.

This store carries merchandise catering to rural and suburban living, such as tools, hardware, automotive accessories, pet food supplies, work clothing, and footwear, as well as animal feeds, lawn and garden equipment, and alternative heating supplies from top brands like ECHO, STIHL, BLACK DECKER PORTER-CABLE WORX among many others.

Farm & Livestock

Family Farm & Home takes great pleasure in being an integral part of local communities by opening stores in areas where residents know one another by name, support each other’s hard work ethic, and believe in an honest day’s labor. That is why they provide customers with top equipment and supplies and expert guidance to complete their jobs efficiently and successfully.

Family-owned and operated, the chain opened its business doors in April 2002. They carry merchandise to meet rural and suburban living needs, such as tools, hardware, automotive supplies, pet supplies, alternative heating sources, lawn/garden equipment as well as work clothing/footwear geared toward rural or suburban living environments as well as feed for livestock, poultry, game birds, etc.

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Automotive & Tools

Family Farm and Home Flat Rock held their Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting today, October 28, 2016. In Flat Rock Plaza at 27311 Telegraph Road, Family Farm, and Home offers rural and suburban living products, such as tools, hardware, automotive parts, pet supplies, lawn equipment, alternative heating systems, work clothing, and footwear. With 50 stores across the Midwest, they carry merchandise that caters to rural and suburban living, including tools, hardware, automotive pet supplies, lawn and garden equipment, alternative heating alternatives, and clothing footwear!

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