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Many MMORPGs feature clans or social groups to enable players to form bonds among themselves; Final Fantasy XIV does the same with Free Companies.

A Free Company is a player-created and run organization in Eorzea that serves to empower its members – much like guilds in other games. This article will outline joining an existing Free Company and how to form your own.

Free Company

A Free Company is a player-operated organization similar to guilds found in other MMOs, providing its members with multiple benefits, including participation in activities and quests and pooling resources like Gil and crafting materials in a Company Chest. Furthermore, Free Companies may perform particular actions that affect all its members – this might mean buffing EXP gains for characters within its ranks, reducing travel costs for all, or increasing crafting material production rates.

To establish a Free Company, players must first ensure at least one other player on the same server and level is present and equal in terms of experience. Once onboarded with another Free Company on this server (without characters belonging to other Free Companies on it), an OIC administrator NPC in Ul’dah, Limsa Lominsa, or Gridania must provide them with a Company Petition which they then return with three signatures from other characters from said server before returning for payment of a 15,000 gil fee to register their newly founded one.

Once a company is created, its owner may select a name and tag for the group. They may begin inviting players by targeting them with the “Invite to New Company” subcommand. Once an initial membership has been achieved, Free Companies can set up workshops in their estate to produce projects such as Aetherial Wheels, Housing Components, or Airships that may be used during Exploratory Voyages into the Sea of Clouds.

Members of a Free Company have access to FC housing, allowing them to purchase rooms or plots of land in-game and customize it as they see fit – these homes then open to other members for use, hosting social events in its houses as well as setting permission levels that can be edited at any time by its master.

Cross-World Linkshell

If you want to meet people from other worlds within FFXIV, Cross-World Linkshells (CWLSs) provide an option. Social buttons for these shells can be found where regular links exist, and key binds are created accordingly; only one such CWLS at any time is supported, and members from its Data Center must join.

During a Letter from the Producer LIVE broadcast earlier this year, director and Producer Naoki Yoshida detailed how this new feature would work. When creating a new character, when selecting “Visit Another Data Center” from their character login menu, you’ll have access to select your destination location – once this process has concluded, you will be taken back to the title screen as your game processes the change.

Yoshida then explained that the CWLS feature is designed to allow players from different servers to communicate with each other easily. A Linkshell’s administrator can mute individual members and block them entirely or set permissions that only permit certain types of messages from specific members. Leaders in positions can further manage the group by selecting “Members Only” as the default chat mode.

A CWLS can include up to 64 members from various worlds in one data center. Access to its chat can be gained through the social button in your screen’s lower right corner; ownership will automatically transfer if a master leaves for another data center.

Square Enix recently implemented the ability for players to form cross-world linkshells (CWLSs), which can hold up to 64 players from different worlds in one data center. Within such a CWLS, players can view each other’s online statuses and invite each other via subcommand to parties.

Lodestone offers access to the CWLS chat via their website, where users can add communities they’d like to watchlist and search by Data Center and World and use hashtags to narrow their options further. However, during their Free Trial, you are unable to create Linkshell or Cross-World Linkshell even with permissions like Leader or Master (owner).

Recruit a Friend Campaign

Community Finder can be an invaluable tool in your quest for new friends to play FFXIV with, providing free access to an easy way to find a linkshell, world, or Free Company that best meets your needs. The system makes the search simple while offering contact lists of players you can get in contact with, as well as event calendars and chat rooms for extra convenience.

Square Enix has developed the Recruit a Friend Campaign to incentivize existing players to bring newcomers into Mog Station, rewarding both parties. Existing players must send their friends an invitation code through Mog Station; once they register their code with Square Enix, they’ll earn exclusive in-game rewards!

To generate your Recruit a Friend code, log in to Mog Station and navigate to “Your Account”. There, you will see a banner labeled “Recruit a Friend,” click it and generate your unique code that can then be shared with friends – each code may only be used once!

FFXIV is a viral online role-playing video game set in Eorzea. With thousands of players all around the globe playing this massive community game, its immense popularity has given rise to various real-life events and community activities involving this world – such as Pride events, scavenger hunts, and parties featuring Toshio “Foxclon” Murouchi as their global community producer!

One of the great features of FFXIV is its social features. The game boasts an active and engaged community with regular social events. Furthermore, its development team is responsive to its players – for instance, last month, they quickly responded to an issue where players received twice-received letters that contained rewards; within hours, this problem had been rectified, and Square Enix apologized for this error.


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