Fleo Shorts Review


When looking for the perfect pair of women’s shorts, there are many options on the market. However, it can be hard to choose the right pair for you. The FLEO brand was created by Babs King, who was frustrated with the lack of options. She wanted to create a pair of shorts that showed off a woman’s legs while boosting her confidence.


The fabric of FLEO shorts is a unique blend of softness and sturdiness. These two factors make FLEO shorts the perfect choice for all-day comfort. The breathable, stretchable fabric also helps to keep the body cool. In addition, the shorts’ interior is lined for extra comfort. They also come in different colours and prints for unique style and appeal.

Designed for women, FLEO’s high-quality gym shorts will keep their shape even after several washes. They also come in different sizes and styles so that women of all shapes and sizes can find the fitting shorts.


When buying FLEO shorts, there are a few essential things to consider. The company’s shorts are made of nylon and polyester with a small amount of spandex. They typically sell out quickly, and you may want to order them in advance. The downside is that you may find yourself without the right pair of shorts.

Flo’s goal is to offer a range of styles, colours, and sizes for all types of women. Their shorts are made to withstand several washes without losing their fit. Moreover, they come in many sizes and shapes, and the company’s staff strives to provide the best customer service possible.


FLEO shorts come in various colours, styles, and fits. Made of a stretchy and pliable fabric that is soft and breathable, FLEO shorts are an excellent choice for workouts or lounging. In addition, you’ll love the fun prints and colours that make FLEO shorts unique from other shorts on the market.

FLEO shorts are made in the US and designed by in-house designers. Their high quality means they can handle multiple washes without sacrificing fit. Additionally, FLEO offers a wide range of sizes and shapes to accommodate the growing demand for women’s athletic apparel. This means that no matter what shape or size you are, you’ll find a pair of FLEO shorts that fits you perfectly.


Founded by Babs King, FLEO’s mission is to make the best pair of women’s shorts. She was fed up with the limited options and wanted to create something that showed off women’s legs and made them feel confident. Today, FLEO sells workout apparel online for an average price of $45 per pair.

Designed with durability and comfort, FLEO shorts come in various sizes and patterns. Their fabric is flexible, thick and soft and strikes the right balance between tightness and comfort. Also, FLEO shorts come in various colours and patterns, making them ideal for many workouts. In addition, the bright, inspirational prints add a unique flair to your workout.