Lonely Life Shorts Review


Lonely Life Shorts is a compelling film about a man looking for a new life. The film stars Keeran Anwar Blessie as Lewis, a Londoner who arrives at a South London apartment to buy drugs. He meets Daniel, a drug dealer, and what initially seems like a tense situation turns into tender chemistry between them. Lonely Life Shorts aims to subvert our expectations while retaining a relaxed pace without being campy.

Tyler Rabinowitz

Tyler Rabinowitz is an award-winning writer and producer who graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. He is also a 2017 Sundance Ignite Fellow and a U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts. His films have played at numerous festivals, including the Palm Springs ShortsFest and OutFest. In addition, he has been a writer, director, and producer on several films, including LAVENDER and MESS HE MADE.

This compilation includes nine provocative shorts by mostly queer filmmakers. These films tackle topics that are often taboo and challenging to the norm. For example, some films deal with the loneliness of being single or in a relationship. Another one deals with self-love.

Maksym Varenyk

“Lonely Life” is the latest short film from Ukrainian filmmaker Maksym Varenyk. It’s a beautifully shot short film that is nothing more than a visual poem. However, the short has some heart, and it’s enjoyable.