Food Squishies


Adorable junk food-themed squishies crafted from slow-rising memory foam material. Super soft and easy to squish, these cute toys make great party favors or midday work stress relievers! Perfect as party favors or prizes in school!

They’re also great for kids to decorate with candy toppings! Use a toothpick to poke small holes in baggies filled with frosting, add your candy toppings, and voila – your masterpieces are ready!

What are squishies?

Food squishies are soft, squishy toys designed to look like various foods. Featuring vibrant colors and intricate details to enhance their appeal, many food squishies smell just like their models, making them popular with collectors who appreciate pleasant odors. Food squishies can serve as stress relief or fidget toys; plus, they’re fun for playing with kids.

Most squishies are constructed out of slow-rising polyurethane foam (PU foam). This soft yet durable foam is non-toxic, making it safe for kids to play with.

Squishies are a uniquely entertaining toy that has become immensely popular over the past several years. Made to be soft and colorful, squishies come in various shapes and sizes to suit different people’s preferences – stress relief toys, collectibles, decorative pieces – with endless uses across age ranges.

Do-it-yourself food squishies can easily be made at home by following these easy steps. First, mix the ingredients from a Foam-It! Kit. After pouring it into a silicone mold, wait for expansion. Once complete, remove from mold and paint with puffy fabric paint!

What are the alternatives to squishies?

Squishies are relatively recent additions to a class of toys known as stress balls and fidget spinners that aim to reduce tension by providing an outlet for nervous energy. Made from soft, slow-rising polyurethane foam (PU), squishies can be easily molded and compressed repeatedly into different shapes; their non-toxic composition makes these toys suitable for children over three.

These squishies come in all kinds of shapes and colors and are either scented or unscented – the latter option provides those sensitive to scents with something enjoyable to play with. Food-themed squishies often boast realistic aromas for maximum pleasure!

Egg-shaped squishies are another popular type of squishy toy, often used as Easter basket fillers and ideal presents for children of all ages. Constructed using environmentally friendly elastic PU foam material and designed in the shape of an Easter egg, these toys can be decorated in various patterns and colors for a one-of-a-kind design that relieves stress and anxiety when squeezed and squeezed to ease pressure or anxiety. They are also popular as Easter basket fillers!

How do I decorate my squishies?

Squishies can be fun to paint and make an exciting craft project for kids. Use puffy fabric paint or acrylic paints to decorate their squishies; for an exciting twist, consider painting food-inspired squishies such as donuts – thin lines of color can outline its icing while thicker lines add dimension and texture.

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