Food Truck Sale Near Me in NYC


Food trucks have quickly become ubiquitous in New York, providing some of the finest quick-service cuisines. Their offerings range from seafood to fresh-fried falafel to delicious burgers – offering something tasty for every tastebud in town!

Food trucks can be exciting, but it is crucial to understand all the expenses associated with starting and operating one before taking the plunge. These costs include licensing fees, point-of-sale systems, and marketing expenses.


Food trucks have quickly become one of the city’s signature features, providing diverse local flavors while setting nationwide trends. Mobile restaurants like these provide fast, easy, and delicious ways to experience some of New York City’s finest cuisine. When considering opening your own food truck business, all aspects, including licensing/permits, team recruitment/pay structures/input suppliers, must be taken into consideration, as well as selecting ingredient vendors and an efficient point of sale system with features like online ordering or order ahead are taken into account.

Queens Gyros is revered as the best in Jackson Heights since 2012. A visit here will mean waiting in line, but it will undoubtedly be worth your while, as $7 will get you an impressive lamb gyro platter and enough pita bread to feed an army!

Momos are an essential winter treat: hot dumplings adorned with pleated swirls that transform into layers of protection when you bite into them. At Amdo Kitchen – named for the region in Tibet where their founder hails – eight delicious momos can be purchased for $5 on a plate at Amdo Kitchen Truck. Pair these delectable delights with butter tea from its tall pink canister and enjoy warm warmth against freezing hands!


New York City offers plenty of culinary choices regarding food, from Michelin-star restaurants to food trucks serving international cuisines and comfort foods, providing something for every palette. However, street vendors are not treated as regular employees and do not receive benefits (like health insurance and paid sick leave) that other hospitality workers do. One truck that aims to change this status quo is Tong – serving up an array of burgers, wings, sandwiches, chili, and sweet treats made exclusively with Bangladeshi ingredients!

Makina music first gained popularity in Spain during the late ’90s. A cousin to Happy Hardcore, Makina features pitched-up kick drums, samples, and happy melodies that resonate through your body. Although famous across Spain at one time, today the genre is widely practiced throughout England: DJ Scott created the MakinaUK distribution company in 1999, while clubs such as New Monkey Blue Monkey Afterdark Hangar 13 Eclipse at Cube nightclub Spennymoor all play Makina music!

Sunnyside’s original truck can be parked near Sunnyside Avenue; they also have locations in Queens and Bronx for your convenience. Their menu consists of chicken tikka masala, beef tibs, vegetarian vegetable combos, and injera made with fermented and sour teff flour injera, which pairs beautifully with any protein of choice; you may even try one of their unique fusion styles like mac and cheese or pumpkin dumplings!

Mom’s Momo

New Yorkers are lucky to enjoy an ever-evolving food scene, offering everything from Michelin-star restaurants to street vendors serving familiar comfort foods. One popular destination is Mom’s Momo Tibetan Truck, which serves pan-fried dumplings, other traditional Tibetan dishes, and catering services.

Jackson Heights residents love this truck for its delectable fried and steamed momos. Loaded with authentic Shanghai pork or beef (combined with cabbage, ginger, and scallions), lightly seasoned dumplings are wrapped with dough that has been knotted into topknots to seal in all their steam while they cook; their flavors are authentic while the dough remains soft and flaky – you can even order dessert dumplings featuring frosting, Nutella or Frosted Flakes as toppings!

Mom’s Momo has become an iconic part of an area known for its large population of Tibetan and Nepalese immigrants and features prominently during the annual Momo Crawl: a one-night tour featuring Himalayan food trucks hidden behind cellphone stores.

As one of the city’s mainstays, food trucks never stop moving. Offering diverse tastes that set nationwide trends and being applauded by experts alike, food trucks provide an affordable way to enjoy varied cuisine without spending too much money. You can use various methods to start a food truck business: your savings, loans, or crowdfunding campaigns, as starting capital and buying or building your truck may all work.

Birria Landia

Birria Landia is one of the city’s most beloved food trucks. Their signature Tijuana-style birria tacos feature succulent beef filling, served with an irresistibly rich broth that leaves diners wanting more! Additionally, there are tostadas, quesadillas, and mulitas on their menu. Their Tijuana-style birria is seasoned with chili peppers, garlic, and bay leaves, making this truck beloved among locals and visitors!

Social media has propelled this food truck’s rise in popularity. Started by two brothers named Jose Moreno and Jesus Moreno, their food truck first made waves when it debuted last year in Jackson Heights before expanding to two additional locations in Queens and Brooklyn – eager customers can be found trying their birria tacos!

If you’re starting your own food truck business, the first step should be selecting an appropriate vehicle to purchase. When deciding between existing trucks or custom-built ones, secondhand ones can often be found online or by local companies. If you are looking for brand new trucks, you should contact a food truck builder so they can assist in designing it specifically for your business needs.

Halal Guys is a popular NYC food truck, serving delicious cheese-centric dishes like triple-cream brie topped with prosciutto di Parma and strawberry preserves, chicken parm with smoked mozzarella, as well as other tasty options like crispy tater tots or mac and cheese as side dishes.