How a GPS Tracker For Cats Can Help You Keep Tabs on Your Pet


GPS trackers may be just what’s necessary to monitor the health and whereabouts of your cat while also giving you peace of mind. These devices typically feature an attachment module attached to her collar, which communicates her location via WiFi or cell coverage directly to their pet parent’s smartphone. Let’s gps tracker for cat gps tracker.


GPS trackers for cats can be invaluable tools for keeping track of your furry family members. Using GPS to pinpoint its location, these devices transmit that data straight to a smartphone app for viewing on mobile devices. Some also feature live tracking that lets you see their movements live, and you can set virtual fences that alert you when your cat leaves an area, potentially saving it from running away or becoming lost.

GPS trackers often feature built-in collars that can be threaded through your cat’s existing collar, while others can clip onto any collar – or be attached directly to a tracker-specific one – and many also include lights to help locate your pet in low-light environments. Some battery life estimates range between 24 hours and 72 hours for specific trackers.

Some GPS trackers can operate without a cellular network connection, making them suitable for pets who typically spend most of their time indoors or in familiar locations. However, these trackers will only provide limited information regarding your cat’s movements; to get a clear picture of her activities, it would be wise to choose one with full features as well as connectivity such as LTE or 3G/4G connectivity.

The Tractive GPS for Cats is an example of an excellent, fully-featured tracker. Its surprisingly affordable price point and comprehensive tracking features make it a perfect choice for cat owners. Real-time updates happen every two to three seconds for real-time tracking; subscription options allow for real-time or historical tracking options; you can even view heatmaps showing past movements!


GPS trackers make it possible for you to keep tabs on your cat no matter where they roam – whether at work or home! Most trackers work in real-time, letting you know exactly where they are at any moment. Some models also come equipped with “find mode,” which uses Bluetooth technology to locate them more quickly if your pet becomes lost or injured. These features can come especially in handy in unexpected circumstances.

Most cat GPS trackers rely on cell and WiFi technology, though there are also less-expensive models that operate using radio waves. Such trackers may be better suited for urban areas where receiving precise GPS signals may be more challenging.

Some trackers require subscription or monthly fees, while others don’t charge at all. One such device, Pawscout Tag, is an affordable solution that easily threads onto any cat collar. It is a water-resistant device and customizable app that lets you set virtual fences around your pet as well as set fitness goals and track their activity levels.

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker, though more costly, provides many advantages that are worth its price: alerts when your pet leaves their safe zone; tracking sleep habits and daily activity levels of your cat; health reports to be sent directly to a veterinarian; durable attachment capabilities so it can easily fit onto his collar; plus health reports sent directly back.


If you find yourself frequently misplacing your feline friend, a GPS tracker for cats could help. Attached to their collar or used together with your phone, these devices provide real-time updates on where they are located and send notifications if they approach or are far away; many also boast long battery lives for extra peace of mind.

A cat GPS tracker utilizes GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth technologies to pinpoint your pet’s location and report it back via cellular networks – giving you real-time updates via a smartphone app or web platform. Some cat trackers even allow users to set virtual fences that alert when their cat enters or leaves certain areas.

Cat GPS trackers can be invaluable tools in keeping an eye on both indoor and outdoor cats, but they’re particularly beneficial if your feline escape artist tends to wander off. Furthermore, these trackers can help track older or sick pets who might otherwise become lost or vulnerable to predators – some models even come equipped with microchips for extra peace of mind!

The best cat GPS trackers are lightweight, small devices that attach easily to a collar. Durable and waterproof construction make these trackers suitable for outdoor use, while some even include an audible and visual ringer to locate your cat when they’re hiding – Tractive GPS Tracker, Apple AirTag, Tile Cube, or Cat Tailer are some top choices that you should keep in mind when selecting your tracker device(s). However, consider your cat’s needs and preferences before making your choice.

Battery life

GPS trackers can be an excellent tool for keeping tabs on your cat. Combining GPS and cellular data, these trackers deliver live location reports more accurately than radio or Bluetooth trackers that rely solely on static satellite signals. Plus, with its unlimited range, this type of device enables you to keep up with them even while they’re moving about the house! However, these typically require monthly subscription fees, although more affordable models exist.

A good tracker should be lightweight and will not pull on your cat’s collar or cause discomfort while also being waterproof to withstand extreme conditions and easily recharged for extended battery life – this feature is essential if your outdoor cat roams freely.

Invest in a GPS tracker equipped with a virtual fence feature if your pet tends to wander off. This will alert you when they leave an area they have been trusted with, such as a backyard or garden, and provide early warning when something could go amis by knowing when they leave a trusted site and need your assistance to return home safely.

Though many pet parents assume a GPS tracker is unnecessary since their animal is microchipped, it’s important to remember that microchips can only be read after they have been located and recovered by their owner. Tracking capabilities provided by a GPS device significantly increase the odds that your runaway can be brought home safely.

Tractive GPS trackers offer comprehensive pet monitoring at an economical price, including real-time tracking updates every two to three seconds, an activity map, virtual fence functionality, and virtual fencing to protect indoor-outdoor pets from leaving safe areas and entering unfavorable regions.


Costs associated with cat GPS trackers depend on your chosen brand and features, with high-tech models costing upwards of $70 for one device, while cheaper options can cost as little as $15. Some trackers utilize cellular data while others rely on GPS technology; no matter which is chosen, GPS chips provide invaluable tools for keeping tabs on your pet, providing instantaneous location updates without distance limitations if they go missing, and quickly tracking down lost cats so they return home safe and sound.

The ideal GPS trackers for cats are small and lightweight enough to attach without dragging down your cat’s neck. Lithium batteries must be charged regularly; most will alert you if their charge runs low. Be mindful that GPS devices only function outdoors – indoors or in dense forests where obstructions prevent satellite signal reception may render them inoperable.

When purchasing a GPS tracker for your cat, it’s essential to prioritize features that will benefit both of you. A great cat tracker should provide real-time GPS updates as well as other in-app features; allow safe zones (virtual fences) that your cat cannot cross; notify you if they leave this zone; monitor their activity levels and sleep habits as well as track daily distance and route allowing you to view their entire journey from within your own home!

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