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Horse stocks offer an easy, safe, and speedy solution to everyday yard work or competition tasks. At One Stop Equine Shop, we stock an extensive range of ready-tied and self-tie styles of riding stocks to help get any job completed quickly and safely.

Stock ties are an integral component of traditional dressage attire and fox hunting attire and may even be required under some competition rules. They’re fastened around the neck using a stock pin.

Equetech Riding Stocks

Equetech provides an impressive selection of self-tie riding stocks designed to complement different equestrian outfits, available in multiple colors to ensure they match. Ideal for hunting, Eventing, dressage, and showing disciplines, as well as durable Marcella cotton fabrics with rich jacquard materials, making these stocks comfortable to wear and easy to care for; additionally, they come with instructions on how to tie the store securely for a polished appearance.

Self-tie riding stocks were initially used to support riders’ necks and keep hats in place while protecting them from injury. Now, these popular accessories are used not only as support but also to complete professional-looking show rings or hunters who wish to complete traditional attire with something timeless like a stock pin.

Equetech’s selection of ready-tied riding stocks allows riders to select their perfect store based on a wide variety of colors and styles, guaranteeing they find something to meet their tastes and needs. From brightly-hued tattersall check stocks to subtly plain jacquard designs – there’s sure to be one perfect for everyone and every budget! For added variety, our Deluxe range offers numerous embellishments, so you’re sure to find one to complement any outfit perfectly.

No matter the style or color of a riding stock, a stock pin is an essential accessory to complete its look. Not only can it secure the tie securely in place, but it can also keep it neat in the ring – crucial features in disciplines like dressage where maintaining a polished appearance is critical.


Equetech Traditional Self-Tied Riding Stocks are ideal for hunting, eventing, showing, and dressage. Easy to tie and create a neat finish under a jacket, these self-tied stocks are made with top-quality fabrics such as Marcella cotton or rich jacquard, jacquard materials – also offering support for the rider’s neck.

Ideal for riders with neck sizes between 13.5-14.5 inches. Fasten it at the back with Velcro, cross the front flaps, and secure them using a stock pin – there is an array of colors and patterns available, including white paisley printed satin, yellow poly cotton polka dot fabric, cream brocade fabric, navy blue velvet material, and mint glazed seersucker!

Equetech has produced a video providing two easy methods for self-tie stock ties, making learning this skill quick and painless. Furthermore, we sell ladies-tied stock ties from Romfh, Shires and Ovation at competitively low prices to complete your wardrobe quickly or for novices who may be unfamiliar with connecting a stock.

Stock Pins

Stock pins have long been an essential accessory for riders participating in dressage, eventing, showing, and hunting disciplines. Their purpose is to secure self-tied or pre-tied stock securely while adding an aesthetic flourish to an ensemble. Stock pins come with various embellishments available so that riders can create the desired look they are after.

These decorative stock pins come in an assortment of designs to complement any browband perfectly. Crafted by hand-etching and cutting for superior quality and detail, each decorative pin can either be integrated into the browband itself or worn alone as a standalone pin.

Dressage stock pins can often be seen adorned with sparkling crystal embellishments or faux semi-precious stones and come in a range of shapes and sizes. Some styles feature fox or horseshoe motifs to match with classic traditional dressage attire.

Stock pins were initially worn by hunters as an emergency precaution in case of an accident; should an accident happen, they could act as a sling for horse legs or support an arm in need. Today, they remain an integral part of formal equestrian wardrobes in honor of their historical use.

Tieing a stock can be accomplished easily with practice. The first step involves crossing one end over the other, then folding it back down over your right shoulder before over your neck again with another pass over your left shoulder for an ‘over-under’ knot that you then fluff and position accordingly until both tails meet up to your liking.

Due to a declining knowledge base in stock-tieing among younger riders, ready-tied stocks have become more and more popular. Attached at the back of the neck using Velcro, these ready-tied stocks help riders skip learning how to tie reserves themselves. Often, embellished, ready-tied stores contribute to dressage’s ‘bling culture.’

Some riders prefer the simplicity of a classic plain, polka dot, or checked stock in subdued colors, while others may embellish their store with an extravagant pin to show their passion for riding.