How to Clean Phone Screens


If you’re tired of the dusty, stained screen of your phone, you might be wondering how to clean it. There are several different ways you can get rid of those unsightly scratches. Luckily, we’re here to provide you with a few tips that can help you find the best way to keep your screen looking great.

Avoid pre-moistened wipes

If you want to keep your phone in perfect condition, you should avoid pre-moistened wipes. This can help protect your device from damage.

Although you can use a soft, dry cloth to wipe your screen, you should never press too hard. Too much force can cause permanent damage to your LCD matrix. Instead, try using a soft, lint-free cloth and a disinfectant spray.

When choosing a cleaning solution, experts recommend a 70% isopropyl alcohol option. However, many household disinfectants are super abrasive, which can strip your phone’s protective coating. You should also be careful when mixing alcohol and water.

Some screen-safe cleaners have been tested and found to be safe for phones. Before putting them to use, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In fact, Apple has urged users to stay away from corrosive chemicals.

While rubbing alcohol can remove streaks, it can also strip your phone’s protective coating. You can use a microfiber cloth instead to buff dirt and dust from your phone’s surface. Use a light, circular motion to scrub the screen.

Avoid spray cleaners

If you want to clean your phone, there are a few different ways to do it. These include using household cleaning products and disinfecting wipes. However, if you’re looking for a safer, more effective way to clean your screen, you may want to consider using a homemade solution.

When choosing a cleaning product, avoid using 100% alcohol. This can damage the oleophobic coating of your phone. Additionally, use a soft cloth when you clean your phone. Paper towels and window cleaners can also scratch the glass on your phone.

A microfiber cloth is recommended when cleaning your phone. It helps remove dust, general dirt, and greasy fingerprints. You can use this cloth on the back, front, and sides of your phone.

In addition, avoid using chemical-based cleaning agents. These can corrode the metal parts of your phone and strip the protective coating on the screen.

Instead, try to use a cleaning solution that is diluted with water. This will ensure that the liquid does not get into the ports of your device.

Remove dust from the screen protector

A screen protector is a good way to protect your smartphone from scratches. However, dust can still get in the way of its functionality. Luckily, there are many ways to clean your phone’s screen.

The best way to clean a phone’s screen is to use a soft, lint-free cloth. You should avoid using thick, scratchy clothes because they can damage your device.

Another way to clean your phone’s screen is to use a special cleaning solution. You can also clean it with a simple alcohol wipe. While this might sound like a good idea, you should be careful not to scrub too hard.

The best way to remove dust from a screen protector is to use a microfiber cloth. This will restore your screen’s shine.

To do this, you’ll want to first place your screen in a lint-free room. Make sure to disconnect your phone from power before you begin.

Once you’ve placed your screen in a lint-free environment, you can proceed to remove the screen protector. If you’ve got a tempered glass screen protector, you’ll need to use a sharpened match or wooden toothpick to lift it.

Sanitize your phone

If you’re worried about the bacteria that can build up on your phone, there are a few things you can do to get rid of germs. While washing hands is the best way to prevent infections, disinfecting your phone can also help.

In order to disinfect your phone, you’ll need to use cleaning solutions that don’t damage the phone or its protective coatings. You can either do it with an alcohol solution or a UV light. But you should also avoid using harsh cleaners. Using window cleaner, abrasive pads or paper towels may scratch the screen or remove its coating.

Some companies recommend using a microfiber cloth. The cloth can be soaked in soapy water and wiped on the outside and the inside of your phone case. After rinsing, you can dry your phone with another microfiber cloth.

Other options include using an alcohol wipe, which is commonly used by people to sanitize their phone screens. However, rubbing alcohol can damage the protective coating on your phone.