How to Send and Receive Emails on the iPhone


Using Outlook on the iPhone can be a real hassle, but there are ways to solve the problem. Airmail, Edison Mail, HyperOffice, and Microsoft Exchange are some applications you can download for free. Read on to learn how to use these options to send and receive emails on your iPhone. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. We’ll try to answer your queries in as many ways as possible.


Airmail for iPhone follows the conventions of iOS email clients and allows you to manage more than one account. You can also set preferences and sync accounts from one device to another. Airmail supports several features, including push notifications and swipe left/right for reading and replying to emails. The app is compatible with all major email providers, including Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. If you’re looking for a simple mail client for your iPhone, consider Airmail.

There are numerous settings in Airmail, including an optional signature, the ability to make multiple signatures, and the ability to show your signature above quoted messages. You can also toggle whether to send by default, archive emails and search for emails in spam and trash. The app also offers a selection of themes and plugins for customizing your inbox look. Once you’ve installed Airmail, it syncs automatically with other Macs.

Airmail also integrates with other applications and online services. For example, Dropbox and Box support PDF saving and printing. Pocket integration makes it easy to save and share links. You can also create numbered or bulleted lists. These features are often lacking in email clients for iOS. Thankfully, Airmail has them. Many more features are available for users to explore, including the ability to copy and paste and create automation. It also supports Quick Actions and iOS Shortcuts, making it an ideal choice for those who want to make their work life easier.

Edison Mail

The email app Edison Mail for iPhone offers a unified inbox and unlimited email accounts. It supports Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and iCloud accounts. The app is available for iOS and Android. If you want to try Edison Mail on your iPhone, download the free app here. Then, follow the steps to install and use it. Below are the steps to download and install the app on your iPhone.

In addition to its feature set, Edison Mail is available on many platforms. This makes automatic syncing easy. To access the email on any device, you must log in with your syncing account. In addition, the app keeps your preferences even if you remove them from one device. For example, users may have to remove it from a phone during a system update. Otherwise, the app will continue to function as you previously left it.

It is free to download the app and includes premium data safety features. Users are guaranteed to be safe from spam and other threats with its premium data security features. Users are also protected from malware and phishing attacks. The app also allows users to set up different folders in their Inbox to categorize their emails by type. The app can be used on either an iPhone or an iPad. The app is compatible with most iPhones and Android devices.


If you are an Outlook user, you might be interested in downloading HyperOffice for your iPhone. This free web-based application allows users to collaborate with others using Microsoft Office applications without the hassle of downloading software or configuring the software. Although it is currently available only in beta, it is a great option for many iPhone users, as it allows you to work with multiple Outlook users from one device. Besides, it is compatible with multiple operating systems and requires no installation or configuration.

The free version of HyperOffice supports up to five users. You can also use a paid version of the application for unlimited users. It has several features and is designed for business users, including the ability to sync your iPhone’s calendar and email with Outlook on a desktop computer. Users will also enjoy access to shared documents and a built-in email client. Once you’re done, the program will sync your email with your iPhone’s built-in email client. HyperOffice can also sync your iPhone with your Exchange server or Microsoft Exchange if you’re not a business person.

The new mobile version of HyperOffice is designed for collaboration with various business applications. It syncs your Outlook and mobile data to make it easy to access and edit documents, collaborate on documents and collaborate with colleagues. In addition, users can also manage calendars and share documents with colleagues and co-workers. The app also enables users to create and schedule tasks and back up their data easily. The mobile version of the application also allows users to manage their emails from anywhere.

Microsoft Exchange

You’re lucky if you’re interested in using Microsoft Exchange on your iPhone. However, the new Exchange application for the iPhone is a great option for users who want to access their work emails on the go. The application is very easy to use and comes with various options. For example, if you’re using Outlook, it will help you set up your account so that you can receive and respond to emails from other users.

You can easily set up a free account on Microsoft Exchange Online if you’re running an enterprise email server. You can even set up a password-protected account for all your email messages. This app even offers the ability to store and retrieve email messages and contact lists. The app will also allow you to store important information in the cloud. And if you’re not a business owner, you can choose from various email services.

The Microsoft Exchange service is integrated with all major mobile platforms. As a result, you can receive and respond to emails anywhere. You can even schedule meetings and make appointments. Even traveling, you can access your business emails with a button. You can also read, reply to, and delete emails without the hassle of logging into a corporate email server. And with an iPhone, you can access your email from anywhere.

Outlook’s Focused Inbox

Whether on an iPhone or an iPad, you can customize your Outlook mobile app by configuring swipe options and focusing on emails. The Focused Inbox feature, for instance, separates your Inbox into two tabs: important and less important. By default, it’s enabled. You can also select to organize mail by a thread, which groups conversations by subject. Whether on an iPhone or an iPad, you can easily customize the Focused Inbox feature to suit your lifestyle.

Focused Inbox on iPhone lets you focus on important emails and skip the rest. The Focused tab displays the most important emails, while the Other tab contains messages that are not as important. To change the order of messages, tap the gear icon or image icon. If you don’t want to see the Focused tab, manually select the other tab. When you’re ready to move them to another tab, tap the Move to the button.

Another way to change the default inbox is to enable or disable Focused Inbox. To do this, go to the Settings gear on your iPhone and choose Focused Inbox from there. Alternatively, you can turn off Focused Inbox and use a single inbox. Next, open a message in the Focused Inbox, select the menu option “Move to Focused Inbox” or “Other,” and choose “Move Once.” Then, you’ll see your new Inbox containing only the messages you want to move.

Syncing with iCloud

Syncing outlook iPhone with iCloud is easy, but you must ensure that you’ve done this correctly. This article will help you to sync Outlook to your iPhone properly. You should choose a safe location to store the data. Using iCloud to store data will also save space on your iPhone. Firstly, you must enable iCloud on your Mac. To do this, visit the iCloud website and set up your account. Once the account is enabled, follow the instructions on the website.

Once you’ve finished configuring your device, it’s time to sync Outlook to your iPhone. This is very easy to do, and you’ll have access to your data on the go. You can also set up Outlook to sync with your iPhone if you’re working in an office environment. First, you’ll need to connect the iPhone to an Exchange server, preferably through the corporate network. Then, add the account to your iPhone using your email address and user name.

If you’re running Outlook on your PC, you’ll need to install iTunes. You can download the Windows version from Apple’s website or iTunes from the Microsoft store. Either way, iTunes has all the same features as the Mac version. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to connect your iPhone to your PC using the USB port. First, make sure the USB connection is unpowered. If it’s not, close all running applications and temporarily disable antivirus and firewall software.

Quick Filter

The Quick Filter for Outlook on the iPhone offers a convenient way to view emails that have not yet been read. Instead of opening up the unread messages list, the user can toggle between displaying the message as read or unread. The functionality is fast, simple, and easy to miss. Read emails will appear in the Inbox, while unread messages will be hidden. To toggle between unread and read messages, click on the email you want to view.

When you use Quick Filter to search through your mailbox, you can narrow down the results by selecting a certain sender, message size, and attachment size. You can also use the filters to search for specific messages. To use the filters, enter the words you are looking for in the Filtered by field. Then, click the checkbox icon to see only those messages that match the criteria. Otherwise, you can use the search feature to find them.

The Quick Filter on Outlook for iPhone lets you easily manage your Inbox by filtering email messages based on several factors. For example, it can automatically move emails from a specific sender to a specific folder or delete all messages in the Inbox. These filters can be created using the filter wizard in Outlook or using a third-party email organizer. The latter will typically cost you a subscription but will be much easier to use.