How to Unsettle the Inner Tyrant and Restore Empathy


Have you encountered the Tyrant, that voice in your head that demands impossible standards of perfection, never offers appreciation, overestimates failures, and blames others when events may have only partially involved them while showing indifference or outright scorning? One way of disarming this oppressive inner tyrant is through skillful attention to rebuilding empathy between the parties involved.

It’s a part of you.

Though our Inner Tyrant may feel like part of us, outdated psychology doesn’t serve us. It’s a loop of thoughts that makes you believe you can never do enough or deserve much based on a false sense of superiority that prevents you from accomplishing anything worthwhile or finding happiness. It should be recognized for what it truly is – an old-fashioned piece of stagnant thinking!

People who support dictators do not always do it willingly or defend them with arms; once they catch wind of wealth, they swarm like bees to honeycomb, becoming loyal followers under his rule. In these instances, it often comes down to men with burning ambition or unchecked greed who cannot resist temptation from the dictator and will sacrifice themselves in exchange for a share of his spoils.

These people lack any sense of shame, making it hard for them to resist the tempting enticements of tyrants known for their cruelty and wickedness. Even those closest to him cannot endure such treatment from this cruel ruler; his hatred of wealth cannot be quenched, so the only way out is for its owners to abandon wealth altogether.

If you maintain a positive view of yourself, you will not succumb to the Inner typhoon. This voice in your head that demands perfection yet provides no praise or validation in return will exaggerate shortcomings and blame events that were not solely your responsibility—all while undermining joy and success in life! Break free of this grip now by developing self-trust!

Eucenielle has been reborn into a noble family with powerful elven blood but still must deal with people from her former life. She meets Crown Prince Tes, whom she falls deeply in love with – until something unusual begins happening between him and Eucenielle, which requires Eucenielle to take drastic measures to save themselves and those close to them.

It’s a part of me.

Unbeknownst to them, an invisible force is working against them: this mental state prevents them from connecting to their good heart and demanding impossible standards of perfection, never offering compliments or appreciation, exaggerating shortcomings, and taking full responsibility for events they had nothing to do with. Such self-image leads to inaction and hinders people from taking action.

It is indeed perplexing that men should flock to tyrants—not only those indifferent to good or evil in a republic but even those with ambition and extravagance, such as those prone to greed who use him as an instrument against those around them, while accepting servile behavior from him for their share in his spoils while forgetting they also forfeit any potential for good deeds by doing so.

Such men are manipulators-minded: they aim to become rich by pillaging fellow citizens without caring if it costs them their good nature. Furthermore, these individuals vie against one another for the favor of their tyrant; any loyal adherent that cannot turn on him should turn on them too and unleash a wave of hatred towards them instead.

There are, however, men who can withstand the charms of tyrants by refusing to aid them. When they realize a traitor’s heart lies behind an attractive facade, they become disillusioned as they witness its true face: the hateful reality that seems too hideous to hide within such a pretty body. To escape their indignities, they must put aside ambition and avarice and give up purpose altogether – that way, freedom awaits them!

It’s a part of my family.

A tyrant bullies those around them without regret for doing so, rarely showing any signs of remorse for what they’ve done. These individuals can be highly unpleasant to live with, often appearing grumpy, mean, selfish, and scary simultaneously, with little empathy toward other people. Living under one can be highly stressful, especially if this individual holds authority over you. They may snap at children or coworkers, call them names, and criticize their performance at work.

Tyrants seek perfection and will go to any lengths to achieve it, often demanding impossible standards of perfection and exaggerating your shortcomings while simultaneously placing full blame for events you only partially contributed to. Sometimes, the Tyrant may urge you to do more, forgive others, or accept responsibility – advice that has its place when given from an honest heart.

Inner tyrants often serve as judges; their imagination creates nightmare scenarios with harsh verdicts; however, this side of ourselves doesn’t know any other way of existing. They have become entrenched in psychology related to our heart through ideas instead of direct experience.

One fundamental way to counter the Tyrant is through empathy: coming from the heart. A great way to do this is in meditation, through close-up approaches such as just being with energy or mood or pattern without following, being scared by, or believing it. Such practice teaches our hearts how to meet whatever arises skilfully – including the Tyrant – without succumbing to it; it also helps us look beyond it to find deeper layers of awareness beyond narratives presented by Tyrants, learning to balance kindness with compassion and appreciative joy while understanding; becoming less of a judge but more of a healer in its response than judger.

It’s a part of my community.

Eucenielle, an innocent princess with vital Elven blood in her veins, only wants a peaceful life with her loving family and crybaby crown prince Tes. But when an evil man appears and demands impossible standards of perfection while exaggerating shortcomings and accusing her of events for which she may only have been responsible; all while using an unhealthy view of her heart that removes touch with reality. As well as increasing the burden on an already fractured one.