Pure Flix Series – I Said a Prayer For You Today


Watch this Pure Flix exclusive series for meaningful lessons about God’s protection, safekeeping, renewal, healing, and faith. May He bless all those who care for the world today with strength, knowledge, and hope; may they grant special grace for helping those less able and providing comforting consolation to lonely souls in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Available both on DVD and streaming services.

You are loved.

Give someone you care for and believe in a reminder of this fact with this laminated holy card featuring the poem, I Said a Prayer for You Today, on both its front and back sides. On its interior is the gray geometric design on navy and clear laminate for durability. Give this to them to show that they’re in your thoughts and prayers as they continue with life – “Prayer is not a fickle, short-lived exercise; rather, it reaches God directly and remains as long as His heart remains open towards holy pleas.” – Merriam Webster.

You are blessed.

As followers of Jesus, we have the honor and responsibility of praying for one another. When someone needs us, we should lift them in prayer – including those we don’t know well or those in situations that would make it unsafe to reach out directly. No matter their location or circumstances, we can still pray for them with faith that our Father in Heaven must have heard. This pocket card provides a lovely way to keep track of your prayers for others with To and From spaces on the back laminated for durability – measuring 2 1/2″x3 7/8″, Made in the USA.