Is IM Mastery Academy a Pyramid Scheme Or a Legitimate MLM?


This article will cover whether IM Academy is a pyramid scheme or a legitimate MLM. First, let’s examine the company’s history. IM Academy was founded in 2006 and has attracted a lot of attention. It’s also been the subject of several lawsuits. The company has also been accused of using deceptive marketing practices, such as misleading customers to purchase more expensive membership plans.

IM Mastery Academy is a pyramid scheme.

You’ve probably heard about IM Mastery Academy, a network marketing company that offers products and services. You may have even heard of its founder, Christopher Terry. While it is true that the company uses affiliate links to recruit new members, it is not a pyramid scheme. Instead, it offers products and services that consumers will be interested in.

The company’s members are primarily victims of coercive persuasion. Some members have even been involved in criminal investigations, which is one of the hallmarks of a pyramid scheme. Several YouTubers and lawyers have condemned the company, including Carlos Bardavio, who published a book on cults and sectarianism. IM Mastery Academy has been investigated since last year, and a full investigation is pending.

IM Mastery Academy is a network marketing scheme that teaches Forex trading. Forex trading involves buying and selling different currencies based on their market value. In a typical MLM business, you would be responsible for recruiting new members who become sales representatives. MLM is a much more lucrative model than forex trading.

IM Mastery Academy is not a pyramid scheme, but it has elements of one. Unlike a pyramid scheme, which involves a network marketing business with no product, IM Mastery Academy does require retail sales of products and services. In addition, it is registered with the appropriate regulatory bodies in each country in which it operates.

IM Mastery Academy is an MLM

If you’re skeptical about IM Mastery Academy, you’re not alone. You’re probably wondering whether it’s a pyramid scheme. This business model requires a fee to sell products and rewards recruits for building downlines. The company also pays a commission on sales made by people in your downline. IM Mastery Academy is not a pyramid scheme but has some elements of an MLM scheme. The company’s training videos and marketing materials entice potential recruits to join their downline. However, unlike most pyramid schemes, IM Mastery Academy does require retail sales.

While IM Mastery Academy offers a generous compensation plan, there’s a slim chance of earning money with the company. To start with IM Mastery Academy, you’ll need to purchase a Starter Pack, a Platinum Starter Pack, or Elite Starter Academy. These packages come with the IM Mastery Academy software and the Mastery Academy membership itself. You’ll also receive a harmonics scanner and a pep talk. You can also opt to join the Elite Starter Academy, which has more add-ons.

IM Mastery Academy is an MLM that operates in the affiliate business model. This means you’ll be required to share the company with others to earn money. You’ll be paid for each person you enroll to make a sale.

IM Mastery Academy is a legitimate platform.

IM Mastery Academy is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a legit platform to start an online business. The program offers training and products to make you a successful internet marketer. In addition, you’ll be able to recruit new members to join your downline. This way, you’ll earn income as you promote others’ products.

IM Mastery Academy is a multi-level marketing program, meaning you’ll be recruited to sell the training materials. In this business model, you will receive training on Forex trading and different analysis tools and strategies. You can even make money promoting the program to others through the affiliate and MLM programs. It’s worth noting, however, that this platform has been the subject of negative customer reviews.

IM Mastery Academy offers 11 different IBO ranks, each with different requirements. Each rank is based on hitting specific goals in retail sales, recruitment, and bonuses. For example, rank two requires a GV of at least 435 and three qualified subscribers. Although this sounds impressive, the truth is that most people don’t make it past the first rank.

IM Mastery Academy can be an excellent option if you’re looking to start an online business. The program has a wealth of resources to help you succeed. While its training courses aren’t revolutionary, they can help you build a successful business. The Academy also offers a multi-level marketing (MLM) system to help you recruit new people.