Services Offered by Heritage Plumbing


Heritage Plumbing provides repair and installation services to residential homes and businesses in both their area as well as construction firms for new builds. Their crews are capable of laying concrete slabs as well as digging holes for septic tanks.

Replacing outdated pipes improves water flow, improves drainage systems, and decreases building damage while optimizing energy costs by optimizing water consumption.

Pipe relining

Pipe relining, also known as cured-in-place pipelining (CIPP), is an advanced plumbing technique used to repair damaged pipes from within. By creating an entirely new tube within an old one and sealing cracks, this procedure provides cost-effective repairs while simultaneously speeding up water flow and protecting against cracks in older pipework. Furthermore, relining is less disruptive and involves minimal excavation costs compared to traditional methods of pipe repair.

At the beginning of the process, a high-end camera is introduced into the pipeline to identify any obstructions or damage, then real-time footage is sent back to a computer for analysis by the plumber, who must decide whether or not this approach should be employed.

Once inspected, pipes must be thoroughly cleaned to remove any residues that might prevent bonding between the lining material and pipe walls. Once this process is complete, an inversion drum is used to invert the liner so it conforms seamlessly to its existing pipeline environment.

Relining isn’t suitable for every pipe, but in many instances, it may be ideal. If your backflow or water quality issues indicate it might be worth investing in this modern innovation, investing now could save you money on future repair bills! For assistance and expert guidance in choosing this solution for your home, contact Thompson West Plumbing.

Customized plumbing solutions

Personalized plumbing solutions offer numerous advantages to buildings, such as increased efficiency, cost savings, tailored functionality, and environmental protection. Furthermore, these systems can help ensure excellent building safety – they’re tailored specifically for individual properties, taking into account design specifications, location considerations, and water usage requirements.

Maintainability can also be reduced through durable materials, easy access points, and monitoring systems with alert capabilities. Finally, they help lower maintenance requirements by limiting leaks or other potential catastrophes, saving both repair and replacement costs significantly.

Heritage is a family-owned and operated business with a team of certified technicians who are both licensed and insured, capable of installing or cleaning septic tanks, cleaning drains and sewers, installing water heaters and gas lines, and testing backflow prevention measures for residential or commercial customers as well as offering emergency assistance if needed. Their residential services are comprehensive, while emergency assistance may also be provided quickly should an issue arise.

Call them today at 706-685-3005, use their free estimate form online to request an estimate or work order, then when the job is complete, send customized plumbing invoices through their portal or app to customers – Method: Field Services makes this effortless thanks to its two-way synchronization between invoicing and accounting; making for a more effortless billing experience for everyone involved!

Retrofitting relics

Heritage Plumbing provides services to assist its customers with renovations and repairs, from unclogging drains and sewer pipes to installing heating systems or central air conditioning units. In emergencies, they also offer emergency plumbing services as well. Their technicians are qualified to work on septic tanks, medical gas lines, and backflow prevention units and even install flexible Gastite gas lines if needed.

Tommy Phillips of Heritage Plumbing spent much of his childhood around pipes, taking great pleasure in working with his hands. When he started his business in Ball Ground, Georgia, in 2008-09, new residential plumbing jobs decreased sharply; Phillips adjusted and broadened his services accordingly, becoming certified to work on septic tanks, trained in drain cleaning services and sewer clearing as well as skilled at installing water heaters – among others in his service department.

He owns a Kubota KX040 compact excavator that is capable of clearing away earth, opening trenches for pipe laying, or digging holes for septic tanks, as well as using its waterline ripper to cut out an existing line and replace it with PVC, copper, or poly pipes.

Upgrading plumbing systems

Upgraded plumbing systems can boost comfort levels, water efficiency, and the value of a home. Incorporating upgrades can prevent issues like clogged drains and low water pressure, as well as reduce bills and waste – but always seek advice from a professional before upgrading any part of your plumbing system to ensure compliance.

Upgrading your plumbing system can save money on energy costs. Older pipes might contain harmful substances like lead, cast iron, or steel; newer options are safer and more durable – not to mention more energy-efficient and won’t leak!

Modern plumbing upgrades not only provide improved water quality but can also bring additional perks. One such advantage is tax incentives, which may help offset upfront installation costs; it is essential, however, that before applying for rebates, it is carefully considered whether all eligibility criteria and eligible products meet them.

Whenever upgrading your plumbing system, be sure to hire only professional, certified plumbers who will guarantee you receive top-quality service. A professional will not only be able to address any problems with your current setup but will also offer valuable advice on how to best maintain and preserve it for years.