Keller Williams Reviews From Buyers


Keller Williams has a lot to offer home buyers. They have training programs, a buying platform, and a focus on technology. All of these things combine to make their business successful. Their reviews from buyers are impressive. You can read them all here.

buying platform

The buying platform by Keller Williams is one of the latest to hit the real estate scene. Unlike traditional sales methods, the company has teamed up with Offerpad to offer an algorithmic home sales platform.

This is the real estate technology company’s first foray into the all-cash online sales market. Its buying program is available in 49 markets, with more to follow in the next few years.

It can be challenging to tell if this is an experiment in progress or a fad. Most iBuyers operate in certain locales or only make offers in a specific price range. Several companies offer cash back at closing.

But the best part is that iBuyers aren’t the only ones offering such services. For example, RealSure, a brokerage-backed competitor, provides a similar albeit smaller service fee.

Training opportunities

Keller Williams offers training opportunities through events, webinars, and courses. Its flagship programs are BOLD and Ignite. These programs teach agents how to build a business with the company’s tools and systems.

The BOLD program is a seven-week course that teaches agents how to achieve their goals through business-building activities and mindset exercises. This includes a daily lead-generation activity.

It also focuses on productivity and productivity techniques. This program is offered in every market center.

In addition, Keller Williams hosts several signature events across the country. They include the Family Reunion, which features hundreds of top associates and executives. Each year, the event sells out.

The training is also delivered through the company’s live-stream channel, Connect Live. It features messages from CEO Gary Keller and top agents, as well as training coursework.

Focus on technology

While there are many real estate companies to choose from, Keller Williams is the most tech-savvy among them. Besides being one of the only firms in the business to have a mobile app, they are also one of the few to have their labs. The top-notch KW Cloud has an impressive array of products to help agents and customers navigate the tumultuous home buying and selling process.

In August 2017, the company announced its aforementioned $1 billion fund. Amongst the more mundane tasks like managing customer relations, recruiting top talent, and building the next generation of CRM are some nifty tech solutions aimed at empowering their 190 thousand agents and administrators worldwide. Using a CRM and a corresponding cloud-based platform, agents and brokers can keep track of clients, leads, and properties while staying on top of their game.

Franchise fee

Keller Williams franchise fee is an initial investment that a real estate agent pays for the right to use the Keller Williams name and brand. The fees include costs related to starting the company and opening the location. In addition, they may consist of marketing, advertising, and other startup expenses.

The franchise fee may include licensing, equipment, insurance, and other related expenses. These charges can vary depending on your area.

The franchisor usually sets the cost of the Keller Williams franchise fee. However, the initial investment may be less than the actual costs of opening the office.

Keller Williams has over five hundred locations worldwide, with about 800 offices in the United States. If you are interested in opening a franchise, you will have to submit a formal application and provide a financial statement and a letter of intent.