Liberty High School Volleyball


Liberty High School offers numerous teams tailored to student interests. These meet after school and can earn them physical education credit; students interested can sign up with the head coach.

After four consecutive appearances at the state tournament but falling short, Liberty Lightning can finally call themselves class 5A champions after defeating Pleasant Valley.


Liberty High School provides its students with a range of athletics programs. These activities help build physical fitness and teamwork skills while encouraging sportsmanship and competition. Furthermore, these activities help students build character and achieve their goals more quickly. In addition, Liberty is affiliated with the Maryland State Athletics Association for easy networking among peers as well as pride of achievement for athletes participating in these activities.

Liberty High School girls’ volleyball team knew this year’s roster had exceptional players. Hitters were impressive, the defense was solid, and the setter was in control – however, they still needed to improve in order to be victorious; that happened Thursday when they beat Middletown in the state championship match.

An incredible season came to a dramatic close when the Lions went undefeated during regular season play and unbeaten in postseason tournament play, only losing against one of the nation’s premier programs in quarterfinal play.

While emotions of joy and pride run high among players on this team, some are already looking ahead to next year. Eight seniors, including four starters, will graduate next spring; their absence will be sorely felt by the Lions, who face an uphill task of replacing them.

Liberty Parks and Recreation’s youth volleyball program aims to give each participant, through participation in practices and games, an opportunity to both develop the fundamentals of volleyball and socialize more fully. All participants must conduct themselves professionally while accepting decisions made by referees fairly and sportsmanlike. Inappropriate behavior could result in forfeiture of games or dismissal from league play; any such behavior would also entail a penalty from that league altogether. In any event, Liberty Parks and Recreation reserves the right to adjust schedules at any given moment, should it be necessary.


Liberty High School boasts an expansive athletics program that gives its students the chance to push themselves physically, develop sportsmanship skills, and find enjoyment from healthy competition. Through affiliation with the Maryland State Athletics Association, athletes receive top-quality coaching as well as unrivaled opportunities to hone their abilities.

On Monday, November 20th, at 6 pm in the Commons, there will be Winter Sports Night for parents/guardians and students participating in winter sports. This meeting will cover topics including school rules, eligibility requirements, and coaches’ expectations, as well as answer any other queries that arise during this meeting.


Liberty High School offers boys’ and girls’ teams throughout the fall, winter, and spring semesters that cater to student interests and are subject to PSAL rules. Participation on one of these teams is mandatory for all grades 9 through 12 students as part of PSAL compliance; those participating also earn physical education credit!

At all levels of competition – varsity, JV, and freshmen alike – players must wear the uniform specified by their school to enhance performance and ensure player safety. These uniforms include singlets, kneepads, and jerseys designed to maximize player performance and safety; additionally, each player should possess a water bottle.

Additionally, when serving, each player must stand six feet back from their age-group-specific line (denoted with floor tape). A legal service requires contact between both hands.

Suppose a player believes a referee has made an error in judgment. In that case, they can lodge an official protest with the commissioner within two school days of the incident and specify which rule was breached after reviewing your protest and issuing their official decision.


Liberty High School Athletic Department is pleased to offer students the opportunity to participate in various sports. Their goal is to teach life-long lessons through competition, such as dedication and hard work to achieving excellence, ethical behavior both on and off the playing field, leadership strength, and character formation – lessons that will serve them well throughout their adult lives and help shape better citizens for society.

The school offers scholarships that make participation in sports programs more accessible to children of all ages and ability levels so everyone can reap the benefits of physical activity while learning volleyball. Scholarships cover part of registration fees for children aged 7-18; their existence is made possible through individual and corporate donors’ donations.

Volleyball players must abide by various regulations when engaging in volleyball play. They should wear protective gear like mouthguards and kneepads and be mindful of potential head injury risks during gameplay; any time an injury occurs, they should stop immediately without trying to continue the match; players should never attempt to play when unconscious.

Prior to beginning their league season, each team must submit a signed league roster that contains all participants who meet eligibility requirements for that league. Failure to do so on time could result in forfeiture of matches by that team.

Note that any player, coach, or spectator engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct or failing to comply with Liberty Parks and Recreation and Liberty School District Facility rules could be removed from the premises – in extreme cases, this could even include being removed from a game and subjected to suspension or expulsion from their program.

The 2022 Lady Knights may not have been Carroll County’s most talented squad, but they were an unstoppable force, never allowing any opponent to score more than nine goals during any of their matches. After winning all four regular-season games and all three playoff matches without dropping a set, they defeated Middletown for Class 2A state supremacy before concluding their season by easily defeating Hereford in a dominating victory.