McCollum High School Graduation 2023


This Harlandale ISD academic calendar provides all the essential dates and deadlines you’ll need for school. Additionally, it includes information regarding grading periods, early dismissal times, and staff development days.

McCollum High School is an outstanding institution with an exceptional teacher-to-student ratio and excellent scores on state tests. Students also have access to Advanced Placement coursework and exams.


Mccollum High School Graduation 2023 offers an array of academic programs tailored to each student’s interests and needs, whether those are science, technology, or arts-related. Their rigorous academics and dedicated teachers have enabled many students to achieve incredible results; students even have access to Advanced Placement courses and can earn college credit while still in high school! In addition, this school also offers an International Baccalaureate Program.

Harlandale Independent School District is home to 1,4996 students ranging from grades 9 through 12, boasting an 11:1 student/teacher ratio. Of these students, roughly 31% achieved proficiency on state exams for math and reading proficiency.

Students enrolled at this school are encouraged to pursue their passions with perseverance, as well as pursue success through rigorous academics. Furthermore, in addition to these stringent academics, there are also plenty of extracurricular activities available for involvement; whether that means playing sports, singing, and dancing, or participating in debates – there is something here for every interest!

CJ McCollum, point guard of the New Orleans Pelicans in the NBA and an entrepreneur and philanthropist, delivered the keynote address at Lehigh’s undergraduate Commencement ceremony for Class 2023 on May 21. A 2013 Lehigh alum, McCollum graduated with degrees in journalism, mass communication, and sociology, as well as covering sports content as a student writer at The Brown and White. Interning in Lehigh’s athletic department helped give him greater insight into how athletes cope off the court.

In his speech, he shared two personal examples of triumphing over adversity through hard work and dedication. He encouraged graduates to seize opportunities as soon as they arise and surround themselves with people who will offer honest feedback that allows them to see the bigger picture and make informed decisions.


This school provides its students with a diverse selection of sports to foster holistic development. Ranging from football and soccer, track and field, basketball, and more – its athletic program encourages students to pursue their passions while teaching teamwork and discipline, at the same time, providing character-building programs as well as skills needed for success both inside and outside of classroom environments.

McCollum High School graduation 2023 students also participate in extracurricular activities beyond academic and sports programs, such as musical concerts and contests hosted by its music department; choir and instrumental ensemble performances provide invaluable opportunities for developing interpersonal relationships and communicating effectively across groups of peers.

McCollum High School enrolls 1,4996 students from grades 9-12. With a student-teacher ratio of 13:1, McCollum boasts an average SAT score of 889 and a high ACT score of 23.6; as such, it has earned recognition by U.S. News & World Report as both a college preparatory school as well as being acknowledged by NCEES as a Distinguished School.

Harlandale Independent School District. The academic accountability rating for this school is C, while its graduation rate stands at 92%. Situated in North Central Austin, this acclaimed institution is well known for its superb academic programs that include challenging educational pathways, acceptable arts courses, and competitive sports teams.

As mentioned previously, this school offers a diverse selection of Advanced Placement courses and exams; its participation rate for these exams stands at 46%, while students average an SAT score of 889. Furthermore, they boast an International Baccalaureate program, which gives students a headstart on college applications; colleges often consider IB and AP scores when considering applicants, so high scores and strong grades are critical components in order to make your application stand out among competitors. Work with CollegeAdvisor experts today and learn how you can maximize your admissions potential by working together!

Fine Arts

At McCollum High School Graduation 2023, students can pursue their passions in fine arts. From Pre-K to 12th grade, its extensive art program provides students with a diverse learning experience – providing creative outlets while building critical thinking skills and connecting them with cultures from around the globe.

Our school boasts an award-winning choral program featuring vocal ensembles and soloists who are recognized nationally for their talent, in addition to several musical theatre courses as well as dance and cinematic arts departments. Students also have the opportunity to join the International Baccalaureate program, which can prepare them for future success.

An exceptional faculty-led McCollum’s Performing Arts program. Students may major or enroll in certificates in design, production, music, stagecraft, and dance, as well as musical theatre performance certificates if desired. There is also an optional musical theatre performance certificate available to enrollees in this program. Students gain all aspects of theatrical production from set design and construction through costume and lighting design – creating original works on its mainstage for performances at regional theatre festivals or concerts at McCollum itself!

At this school, extracurricular activities abound. Its football team has won multiple championships, while its baseball and volleyball teams made playoff appearances. Furthermore, its dance and choral departments are highly competitive, with students receiving many awards from local competitions; even its percussion section was named the 2015 Percussive Arts Society International Drumline champion!

CJ McCollum used his commencement address to encourage graduates to consider more than titles and salaries when judging success. He encouraged setting goals and taking risks; in addition, he advised students to make an impactful difference in others’ lives.

McCollum High School is an impressive public school with a student-teacher ratio of 13:1, an Advanced Placement (AP) participation rate of 46%, and average AP test scores above 390; its SAT scores also surpass those seen across the nation. When choosing the school that will educate their child, parents must consider the quality rather than the quantity of offerings available in schools like McCollum.

Extracurricular Activities

Students are empowered to discover and follow their passions through an extensive variety of academic pathways, fine arts classes, and competitive sports teams at McCollum School. Clubs and organizations provide an outlet for any interest imaginable; some notable organizations include Grammy-awarded choir and band as well as viral sensation McCollum Band, which performed “El Baile de la Gorila” during a Fiesta parade!

Mccollum High School Graduation 2023’s athletics program cultivates young athletes into accomplished competitors. Offering football, soccer, and track & field as part of its diverse selection of sports options enables every student to discover his or her sport of choice; also, being affiliated with the state athletics association opens doors for them to compete at higher levels and receive recognition for their efforts.

President Joseph J. Helble was honored to address graduates at Goodman Stadium for their graduation on May 21, 2023, and encourage them to use adversity as fuel in reaching their goals. Helble cited two examples from his own life that illustrated how perseverance and dedication can overcome challenges.

Helble was full of praise for the students, noting their contributions as members of a cohesive community where everyone knows they matter, such as field hockey players who invited him to run with them after winning the Patriot League championship and fraternity brothers who hosted an evening discussion about what makes a quality teacher.

McCollum Elementary School serves a diverse student body comprised of 97% Hispanic and 3% White students and boasts a student-teacher ratio of 13:1. Students can enroll in Advanced Placement(r) and International Baccalaureate(r) courses offered through Harlandale Independent School District’s McCollum Independent School Program – College Board recognized it as a Distinguished School! With high motivation to succeed and equipped with tools that help prepare them for college coursework rigor, McCollum prepares its students for lifelong learning success both inside its walls and beyond its borders!