Men’s Business Casual Summer Outfits


Men’s business casual summer outfits can look very professional when styled correctly. A pair of chinos with a light shirt, sneakers, or leather loafers makes an elegant ensemble.

An overcoat with one breast can keep you toasty-warm as you head to work or meet friends for 5 o’clock drinks, especially if it comes in lighter hues of grey.

Chino Shorts

Chino shorts offer the ideal compromise between casual and business casual wear; their simple aesthetic suits most work-related settings, and their comfortable feel makes them a smart option for summer dinners with clients or coworkers. When purchasing them, ensure they’re made from a breathable fabric such as linen that allows air circulation around your legs without being tight on your legs; for denim styles, opt for darker washes without distress looks, while bike shorts would be too casual in professional settings.

Chino shorts that are ideal for most uses include cotton or fabric that feels and looks similar to traditional chinos, in both fabric type and length, hitting mid-thigh to just above the knee and with appropriate waist measurement (mid-thigh – just above the knee). They should be in mid-thigh to just above knee length. There is a variety of colors available, from traditional navy and British khaki to tan and olive green; you may even find neutral tones such as gray that easily coordinate with other colors; pastel options such as beige, cream, and pink may also work in work-related settings.

Choose shorts made of other fabrics, such as linen or wool, for more breathable shorts that tend to be more expensive and wrinkle easily, respectively. Polyester provides less breathability but is easy to care for and inexpensive; polyester chinos may also work. When selecting shorts from this category, consider their fabric, style, and color, as well as any special events you will be attending when making your selection.

For an effortless summer business casual outfit, pair chino shorts with a solid-color button-down shirt such as white or navy blue, fitted polo style, or slim button-up. For added tailoring, you could layer up with a lightweight neutral-color blazer that blends in.


A polo shirt can be your secret weapon for business casual attire. It provides that perfect balance of formality between t-shirts and button-up shirts, dressier than one but less so. Look for lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton, which breathe easily while remaining durable; then select colors and designs that complement your aesthetic (for instance, a classic navy polo with slim cut and contrast collar may work great) as well as options made from organic or TENCEL cotton for luxuriously soft comfort that lasts.

Dressy casual summer looks call for long-sleeved button-down shirts made of lightweight cotton or linen, such as an Oxford or pinpoint Oxford shirt with sleeves rolled up for a simple yet polished feel. Complement this outfit with dark wash jeans and casual shoes for an ideal combination.

If your office requires more formal attire or you’re meeting with clients, try pairing chinos or corduroy pants with a long-sleeved blazer and accessorizing with shoes in neutral hues like brown or black to complete its dress code.

Add a patterned button-down shirt to your business casual summer wardrobe for added flair; just be sure its pattern is muted to not compete with your blazer or pants.

Combining a striped button-down shirt and navy blazer is an eye-catching combination that will elevate any business casual summer wardrobe. Perfect for days at work or meetings with clients.

Designed from high-quality fabrics and machine-washable, this Amazon Essentials chino pant offers comfort and sophistication – it features contrast side pockets, shoulder pleats, a dual-tipped collar, and other chic details that elevate it from basic to chic! Its slim fit provides superior comfort, making this an essential item in your business casual summer wardrobe.

Drawstring Trousers

Drawstring trousers have quickly become one of the most versatile pants you can own in modern business casual, making them one of the must-own pieces. Unlike their sweatpants counterparts, drawstring styles look more like regular trouser styles from the outside and can be worn with any intelligent blouse or suit jacket to complete the look. This versatility makes drawstring pants ideal for office meetings held outdoors during warm weather meetings, alfresco dinners at summer weddings, and everything in between!

The best drawstring trousers come in various fabrics, fits, and finishes, so you can find ones to match your style. Many brands now offer cotton twill trouser styles perfect for summer months – they’re often lighter and airier than standard chinos, so they are more suitable for staying calm during warmer weather conditions. Some even feature linen blends for enhanced breathability!

Oliver Spencer offers some of the most comfortable trousers available for work, perfect for bright casual situations. Their cotton twill and linen options work perfectly when paired with tailored shirts. Find a pair with a flat front and straight fit, then combine it with a navy blazer for an iconic yet relaxed ensemble.

Universal Works specializes in practical designs that provide an authentic workwear look without compromising comfort. Their drawstring trousers feature slim-straight cuts that don’t look too “slouchy” and are made with high-quality linen-cotton blend fabric that allows for superior breathability.

Opting for cotton chino trousers with elasticized waists from the Swedish high-street chain COS may also be attractive. Their drawstring trouser collection boasts relaxed and slim-fit styles in various colors and fabrics; pair a pair of navy blue chinos with a button-down blouse and brown suede loafers for casual business casual, or choose pastel slim-fit trousers in stonewash for summery warm-weather dressing.

Button-Down Shirts

Dress shirts and pants set the scene for an intelligent yet casual appearance at an office or home. In hotter months, business casual can help combat the heat while still appearing elegant and elegant fabrics like linen. We have curated some stylish options featuring distinct colorways or materials, plus modern performance dress shirts explicitly designed for office work! We hope you find what you’re looking for among these recommendations!

At its core, comfortable business casual shirts should be constructed of breathable fabrics like cotton and linen – specifically seersucker – rather than wool shirts commonly seen during wintertime. Light blue, pastel hues, and other seasonal hues work particularly well in summer business casual outfits, while patterns like stripes add interest to your looks.

Make an impression statement with lightweight knit shirts by layering them up with lightweight knits in subtle yet eye-catching patterns, but be careful to select slim styles that finish just below the beltline for best results. Chunky patterns should be saved for casual wear; we advise opting for thin styles at your beltline instead.

Long-sleeved button-down dress shirts are an essential staple in any closet, but in warmer months, they should be replaced by short-sleeved versions for better ventilation. A polo shirt makes an appropriate alternative for workplaces where business casual dress codes may not require formal attire, such as an office. A men’s chambray shirt is a more informal option than jeans but still more respectable.

For formal occasions such as client meetings and other special events, we advise investing in a dress shirt made of lightweight material that’s easy to iron – cotton poplin or linen are excellent choices. At the same time, garment-washed versions will become even softer after every wash!

A linen blazer or sport coat is perfect for the business casual look, offering versatility as you dress up jeans. Plus, you can find options in tweed and corduroy too! Alternatively, choose a lighter-tone denim jacket to maximize everyday use and give yourself more versatility in daily outfitting options.