Meridian High School Football


Meridian High School students are invited to bring canned or non-perishable food items for donation to Blue Mound Food Pantry. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to give back to their community!

Meridian, West Virginia, is home to the Highland Park Dentzel Carousel, which has been recognized as a National Historic Landmark since it opened in 1860. Meridian is also notable for being the birthplace of country singer Jimmie Rodgers, making the city even more significant musically.

About Meridian High School

Meridian High School serves students in the Plateau community by offering advanced degree education programs. Not only does it serve educational needs, but it also serves as a source of community pride – its students excel across academics, sports, and the arts; its rich history includes many achievements.

The school enjoys an outstanding reputation, being graded “outstanding” by Ofsted. Recently, they invested in an ambitious building program, including new roofs and window walling, as well as renovated classrooms in response to rapid growth at their institution.

Though renowned, this school faces some difficulties. Financial crises have had a severe impact on their budget, and pressure has mounted to increase funding for them. Furthermore, competition with other local schools has had an adverse effect on enrollment numbers at this school.

To address these challenges, the school is exploring various avenues to diversify its income sources. One such initiative includes launching a football education program with local club Royston Town F.C., with hopes of equipping students with BTEC level 3 Sport and NVQ level 2 Activity Leadership qualifications.

Due to these changes, the school was recently granted academy status and will receive additional funding without being subject to Hertfordshire County Council’s oversight – this allows it to offer more flexible curriculums while making more efficient use of its resources.

Meridian, Idaho, boasts over 1,400 students enrolled at this school. Teachers at Meridian High are dedicated to helping each of them realize their fullest potential, with rigorous academics and personal growth at the forefront. Beyond academics, there is also a wide selection of competitive sports for both varsity and junior varsity students to build character, perseverance, and teamwork skills.


Meridian High School’s academic program provides its students with an intensive course of study designed to prepare them for success in college and beyond. Offering advanced placement courses as well as other electives such as athletics, it caters to its diverse student body while providing extracurricular activities like athletics that help their growth both personally and professionally.

Meridian High School strives to cultivate inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people dedicated to creating a better world through intercultural understanding and respect through its balanced curriculum both inside and outside of the classroom. Meridian has state-of-the-art facilities such as an art wing, a sophisticated auditorium/theater complex, and practice rooms for choir and band practice groups – not to mention energy-efficient features like solar power.

Meridian School prides itself on its commitment to excellence and innovation, which its students are required to uphold with a comprehensive academic and art study plan. Furthermore, its faculty strives to foster an educational atmosphere that provides both stimulation and encouragement for every child at Meridian.

Meridian’s Program of Study helps students find their way in an increasingly complex world by offering challenging courses and career guidance opportunities. Students gain academic knowledge, technical abilities, and problem-solving capabilities and can select among several diplomas: Basic Diploma, Standard Diploma, or Scholars Diploma.

Meridian High School has earned an outstanding reputation for preparing its students for higher education. Meridian is part of the North Atlantic Regional High School (NARHS) consortium, enabling its students to earn regionally accredited transcripts that most colleges and universities will accept. Furthermore, NARHS serves as an accredited academy of CompTIA to offer robust technology training programs designed to prepare them for future careers in IT industry careers.


Meridian High School prides itself on cultivating well-rounded individuals through its athletics program, with teams that are known for their exceptional talent and unwavering dedication. Meridian also takes part in the state athletics association so students can compete at a high level across several different sports – learning valuable life skills along the way!

Each sport will have its web page where you can access the schedule, roster, and game summary information, as well as articles reporting recent contests from nearby newspapers. Furthermore, you can subscribe to their calendar and view events in any ICAL-compliant calendar client, such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.

Meridian High School athletes have a well-deserved reputation for their relentless commitment to excellence on both basketball courts and football fields, earning numerous district, state, and national titles – setting themselves up for future success both on and off the field.

The Warriors are immensely proud to have won more than 60 district and 39 state championships, teaching our students values such as teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship – helping develop character traits beyond sports alone. Combine this with our rigorous academic curriculum to prepare your children for a fulfilling future, and you have what makes The Warriors stand apart as one of the premier holistic learning environments available today.


Meridian High School Community strives to develop well-rounded individuals. Athletic programs at Meridian are tailored specifically for this goal and foster both students’ physical well-being and development and academic success. By engaging in sports participation, students gain life skills such as leadership and perseverance that set them up for success both on and off the field.

All student athletes at Meridian must abide by their school’s athletic code of conduct and are subject to discipline if any rules are broken. Actions taken both on and off the field reflect not only your values but also those of family, school, and community values. Any athlete found engaging in conduct deemed unsuitable for Meridian High School may be immediately removed from team membership and could face further action, such as suspension from games and practices until an investigation by the building administrator has taken place.

Meridian provides an exceptional academic program with many advanced placement and honors classes available to its students, the opportunity to earn college credit through the Dual Enrollment program, and the opportunity to work on real-life projects through its internship program.

Current students enrolled in Journalism class under Ms. Hurelbrink are responsible for producing the Warrior newspaper. First published in 1904, its current layout design program is Adobe InDesign CS3.

MHS boasts an outstanding music department that offers various classes to its students. MHS choirs and orchestras are highly sought-after programs for musical education at MHS. The Warrior Marching Band, Warrior Pep Band, Varsity Jazz Band, and Symphonic Band programs are some of the more well-known offerings available to MHS students.

An exceptionally qualified and experienced staff directs the MHS Athletic Program. Our coaching staff consists of certified teachers and coaches chosen for their commitment to education and the development of young people, while the administration strives to make our athletic program an enriching environment for both our student-athletes and coaches alike.