Old Fashioned Mixes


An old-fashioned mix offers a harmonious combination of flavors that make an irresistibly delicious drink. Experience warm vanilla, zesty orange, and complex bitters alongside your whiskey.

Filtered water should always be used when creating simple syrup as it has less impurities and lasts longer.

Barsmith Old Fashioned Mix

If you prefer an Old Fashioned without all the hassle, get a bottle of this mix. This mix makes an easy and elegant beverage. It contains natural ingredients such as Madagascar vanilla and orange oleo saccharum for an authentic handmade taste and less sugar than typical recipes.

This product was developed to answer bartenders’ requests for an alternative syrup and mix that could compete with those they crafted themselves. Non-GMO and free of high fructose corn syrup, MSG, artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors make this blend irreplaceable!

This recipe on the label features a combination of rye whiskey, apple brandy, and cherry bark-vanilla bitters from Bittercube to add a subtle sweetness and an inviting aroma that pairs perfectly with any bourbon drink.

Even though most Old Fashioned mixes do not contain alcohol, it is still essential to research their ingredients before purchase. Look for sweeteners and ingredients like citrus fruit, spices, and botanicals, and note how many servings come from each bottle; some might be more concentrated. For an alcohol-free option, try WithCo Ellis (available through Drizly) or Cocktail Crate’s Spiced Mix (also on Drizly); these pre-made mixers do not contain alcohol but still make an exceptional Old Fashioned cocktail!

Dashfire Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned Mix

This premium mix creates the ideal Old Fashioned. Made up of sweeteners, aromatic bitters, and orange zest to produce a perfect blend of flavors, as well as bourbon-aged orange bitters for added depth to this delicate beverage, the result is an ethereal drink to be enjoyed either dimly lit speakeasy-style or at home with friends.

Dashfire, established in Minnesota in 2012, offers 21 types of bitters, extracts, and ready-to-drink cocktails. Their commitment to high-quality ingredients and innovation sets them apart from competing brands; their products can be found across bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and specialty retail outlets across North America and internationally in Canada, Iceland, Italy, and the UK.

This company pays tribute to the golden age of cocktailing with its Old Fashioned recipe. Made with natural sweeteners and real ingredients such as Madagascar vanilla bean extract, their mix contains orange oleo saccharum for authentic Old Fashioned flavor – ideal for use with whiskey! Easily stored and lasting months after opening once opened – add your preferred whiskey for an unforgettable cocktail experience.

Pappy & Company Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned Mix

These pre-made Mixers make it simple no matter where or when you drink your Old Fashioneds. Crafted with premium ingredients, these mixes will enhance any bourbon without the bother of measuring and stirring!

Pappy Van Winkle’s great-grandchildren created this blend to honor their bourbon heritage through a one-of-a-kind collaboration with Charleston-based Bittermilk master mixologists. Utilizing classic bittering agents such as gentian root, cinchona bark, burnt sugar, spices, and orange peel for flavoring purposes before aging it in retired Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels, just a little goes a long way! This super-concentrated mix can quickly satisfy even avid tasters!

This delicious mix won first prize at the 2013 Made in the South Awards and should impress friends and party guests. Enjoy sweet caramel and cinnamon flavors enhanced with Angostura bitters’ complex complexity and citrus notes to create a fantastic cocktail experience. Just add your desired bourbon or rye for the full effect!

Spooky Cinnamon Old Fashioned Mix

This Halloween-inspired Old Fashioned mix is a delicious seasonal drink perfect for fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas festivities. Boasting classic Old Fashioned flavors plus those warming cinnamon and apple notes makes a delightful way to mark this holiday season!

This old-fashioned cocktail mix is handcrafted from natural ingredients for an authentic flavor and smooth texture, such as demerara sugar, spiced and bittering agents, organic orange peel, and mountain spring water. The result is a precise mixture that lets your spirit’s aromas come through while giving an aromatic punch of citrus and mace.

The WithCo Ellis, Old Fashioned Mix, is an excellent option for those wishing to enjoy classic old-fashioned flavors without mixing their drinks themselves. Crafted with natural demerara sugar and other premium ingredients, its flavor profile pairs perfectly with any whiskey type.

Make a Spooky Cinnamon Old Fashioned by adding your preferred bourbon, orange juice, and an optional dark orange twist to a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish as desired before sipping away.

LiveWire Cinnamon Old Fashioned Mix

This Old Fashioned mix provides the ideal blend of cinnamon, bourbon, and bitters to make an exquisite cocktail experience. Simply add your preferred brand of bourbon for an irresistibly decadent cocktail! Enjoy its distinctive aroma and enchanting flavor in one simple step.

Old Fashioned cocktails have long been considered timeless classics, making any night feel unique with this bottle version from New York City bars and ready-made for serving. Make an unforgettable impression when gifting whiskey lovers or anyone seeking to impress!

This mixture features standard rye whiskey and demerara sugar, orange peels, and Angostura bitters for extra flavor and spice. If desired, there is also an option with toasted walnut pieces for additional nutty sweetness and zest!

This bottled Old Fashioned mix features two to five-year-old whiskies from both rye and bourbon distilleries combined with vanilla, cacao, gentian root, and saffron bitters for a delightful cocktail that can be consumed right from its bottle – the ideal solution for quick cocktails at home! This beverage makes an easy cocktail solution.

Hella Cocktail Co. Vanilla Orange Old Fashioned Mix

This mix is ideal for those who enjoy adding citrus garnishes to their old-fashioned, featuring organic cherries and orange peel mixed with spices and bittering agents for a tasty drink that has similar flavors as muddled cherry retro minus the extra work involved in muddling them up – perfect for busy bartenders!

Hella Cocktail Co is known for creating carefully handcrafted bitters, mixers, and candies in flavors like Mexican chocolate, ginger, and aromatic. In addition, its handcrafted sodas include lemon-lime, grapefruit, and ginger-turmeric. Their mixers pair well with whiskey or rum but can also be used in cocktails featuring other spirits.

The brand was started as a weekend hobby in a garage and has grown into a national phenomenon, now available at Whole Foods and other retail locations nationwide. Their vibrant mix is an eye-catching addition to any bar, pairing perfectly with any bourbon or rye spirit – it can even be stirred over a glassful of ice cubes for quick mixing! Once mixed into your glass, it can be finished with an orange twist or some maraschino cherries as garnish.

White’s Elixirs Cinnamon Old Fashioned Mix

This classic Old Fashioned cocktail is essential for whiskey drinkers. Without fruit juice and only using three ingredients (pure cane sugar, orange zest, and aromatic bitters), its simple formula allows your whiskey to stand out.

These Old Fashioneds are ideal for anyone who appreciates cinnamon-spiced Old Fashioneds. The recipe requires three components – water, sugar, and some essential ingredients – to form the perfect base. When finished blending, add your preferred bourbon or rye for an unforgettable drink that is sure to please!

This Old Fashioned mix is an ideal option for those who favor classic cocktails, and it can also serve as an attractive garnish to complete the drink. The company suggests adding orange peel or maraschino cherries as accents that enhance both its taste and appearance.

Most bottled mixes only require the addition of your favorite whiskey and ice to complete, making these easy cocktails great for parties or after-work drinks. If you prefer more flavorful pre-made Old Fashioneds, check out WithCo Ellis (available through Amazon), which tastes like an expert mixologist created it.