Old Fashioned Glasses


An Old-Fashioned Glass (or “O.F.” for short) is an indispensable staple for any home bar. From elevating simple drinks to complex cocktails, this timeless barware defines personal style and stands out among the competition.

These stylish whiskey glasses are ideal for making signature drinks like White Russians and Jack on the Rocks, and their bronze rims compliment any decor style.

1. Riedel Double Old Fashioned Glass

The Riedel double old-fashioned glass has all of the hallmarks of a classic, including cut-crystal fluted sides, heavyweight base, and quality clarity. Plus, designer Zane Harris added thoughtful updates such as increasing lip size and subtly tilting it inward, making building cocktails easier, and pouring two-ounce pours without spillage! Plus it’s dishwasher safe (though handwashing may extend its life).

Named for Scotland’s River Clyde, this Scottish whiskey-inspired glass features timeless aesthetics and satisfying heft. Crafted from crystal (also called lead-free crystal or crystalline glass), this piece resists chipping better than regular glass. It refracts light more beautifully than other glasses on our list while still feeling substantial when held. Etching and engraving work well, though some consumers have noted that the thin glass around its rim could chip more quickly.

While this glass is ideal for making traditional Old-Fashioned cocktails, its larger design suits high-alcohol beverages served over ice. Its wide brim and thick base are designed to withstand muddling, making combining non-liquid ingredients like sugar and bitters easier before mixing spirits. Part of the RIEDEL Bar Drink Specific Glassware Collection, an innovative series specially crafted to accommodate thousands of cocktail recipes!

2. Godinger Dublin Double Old Fashioned Glass

This stunning set of four eight-ounce glasses comes packaged in an attractive wooden box and makes an excellent present for whiskey fans. Boasting classic old-fashioned form with tapering sides and tapering at the base for an elegant appearance. These heavy base glasses can withstand mixing drinks or pouring whiskey neatly into them and easily accommodate large and small ice cubes, so they are suitable for any drink type or serve large groups comfortably.

Note that although all our selections are dishwasher-safe, crystal glasses should always be hand-washed due to heat and detergent’s ability to damage their material. This is particularly important with glasses with gold or silver trim or vintage barware pieces containing them; additionally, any decorated or etched details need to be handled and washed carefully, as household cleaners contain chemicals that could potentially harm them.

Crystal glasses are made of heavier, more durable material than standard glass, which holds its shape better and resists cracking, chipping, and scratching better than regular glass. Crystal is often found in high-end cocktail glasses due to its beautiful refraction of light that adds depth and richness to presentations. Furthermore, cutting crystal is more complex than glass; additionally, it withstands engraving embellishments better; ultimately, this Godinger set offers excellent value at a fantastic price and works great with many types of cocktails!

3. Spiegelau Double Old Fashioned Glass

This timeless cocktail glass offers the ideal balance of functionality and aesthetics, designed to serve drinks on the rocks like old-fashioned whiskey sours or any drink with a heavier base such as old-fashioned or whiskey sours. Boasting 12.5-ounce capacity with its short but wide profile that highlights the color and aromas of drinks served from it.

This glass features a thick base to add extra stability and keep it from tipping over, so you can confidently place it on trays, tabletops, or any other surfaces without fear of it being knocked over accidentally. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe – up to 1500 washing cycles without showing signs of wear and tear!

Made of brilliant lead-free crystal, this glass elevates any home bar. Created in collaboration with internationally acclaimed bar expert Stephan Hinz and designed in his memory, the Perfect Serve Collection glasses feature unique refraction and brilliance for optimal refraction while being balanced perfectly between size and weight; plus, they’re dishwasher safe with crystal clarity that won’t fade or discolor over time; with smooth wide rims that provide easy gripping capabilities, these make perfect presents for drinkers who appreciate fine craftsmanship and timeless design!

4. Lanfula Double Old Fashioned Glass

Add an elegant touch to your home bar with this high-quality double old-fashioned glass set of premium crystal. These durable glasses have thick walls and heavily weighted bases for stability; hand washing makes cleaning easy after an evening of drinking! Packaged beautifully in a satin liner padded presentation box, it makes a thoughtful gift idea.

These crystal glasses boast the classic whiskey glass shape with inventive design elements to elevate any home barware collection. Carefully crafted by master glassblowers using lead-free crystal, their fluted sides add a stylish accent while sitting gracefully on your tabletop. A fantastic addition to any cocktail set and pair well with liquor decanters and rocks or whiskey stones!

The set includes two 11-ounce glasses perfect for making double old-fashioned with an oversized ice cube. Each glass is heavy-weighted for easy handling, and a sturdy feel in your hand, and its thick walls and heavy weighted base ensure your drink will stay cold longer. These crystal glasses make the ideal additions to anyone who enjoys drinking cocktails and spirits, particularly those who prefer heavy low-ball glasses. They make lovely presents for friends and family who enjoy drinking together and celebrating life!

5. LUXU Double Old Fashioned Glass

LUXU glasses stand out from the pack with design features that enhance your cocktail experience. Their wide rim allows the full aroma to fill your senses, while their thick base gives an elegant aesthetic while remaining less likely to tip over even after multiple whiskey drinks have been consumed.

It is designed to hold three ounces of liquid and an ice cube. With its height-to-width ratio, you can easily give the spirit a swirl. Furthermore, its etched line at two ounces allows precise pours. This glass is dishwasher safe, and its heavy bottom guarantees it can withstand even rich drinks!

Crystal glassware is increasingly becoming one of the more sought-after choices among our picks due to its higher hardness and durability compared to glass and its beautiful refracting of light. Although typically more costly, crystal glasses can last decades with proper care if treated carefully; typically, hand washing is required due to detergents in standard home dishwashing machines potentially damaging its material composition.

6. Dorset Double Old Fashioned Glass

If you love the traditional whiskey tumbler (also known as rocks or old-fashioned glass) but prefer something lighter, Dorset offers this set of hand-cut crystal glasses that make a striking impression. Each broad, flat base can fit an ice cube of 2 by 2 inches plus three ounces of liquid; their two-ounce mark has been indicated on their bottom to prevent overpouring.

This elegant set has been in business for nearly 200 years, which may explain its continued popularity today. These low-ball tumblers make a beautiful addition to any home bar, with geometric etchings nodding towards one of history’s most influential style movements: Art Deco.

Interior designer Katrina Hernandez loves these tumblers in her country house and Brooklyn apartment for their comfortable dimensions – short enough to easily hold while not too thin that they feel as if they could shatter at any moment – plus, they are dishwasher-safe and stackable!

Saint Louis Crystal offers another heirloom-quality set with their four-piece set. While not as tall, these glasses still provide ample room for a two by 2-inch ice cube and approximately three ounces of liquid, making them suitable for neat whiskey or classic whiskey cocktails yet fitting well into contemporary dinnerware environments. In addition, unlike many other forms of crystal, these are lead-free.