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Premier Services specializes in residential flooring, carpet, window, and door contractor services for Brooklyn-area residences. Established four years ago in Brooklyn, this business currently provides these services.

Premier Services offers a range of services that help minimize system downtime and productivity interruptions, such as technical account management, next-business-day repair service, and priority parts access. These tools help keep system downtime at bay.


Welding is a fabrication process used to join materials such as metals or thermoplastics using high heat to melt them together and allow them to cool, creating an arc fusion bond. This technique has many applications across manufacturing, construction, and automotive industries and stands out from lower temperature metal-joining methods such as brazing or soldering that do not melt the base metal; similar techniques include brazing and soldering, which do not result in melting its base. Welding can be completed using different forms of energy, such as gas flames, electric arcs, lasers, or friction.

Welding can be dangerous, and welders must take every precaution possible to avoid burns, electric shock, vision damage, and inhalation of poisonous gases or fumes. Furthermore, they need to be adaptable enough to work in various environments and weather conditions as well as communicate effectively with supervisors, engineers, and team members – it is a highly specialized profession that demands ongoing learning to keep up with industry standards and advancements.

Premier Services has provided residential flooring, carpet, window, and door contractor services in Brooklyn, New York, for four years. As the business operates within an industry that may require professional licensure or registration requirements, BBB encourages you to contact the appropriate agency in order to verify whether this business is fulfilling all requirements.

Customers of Hyland Premier Services benefit from having an expert Technical Account Manager (TAM) who works regular Hyland business hours for their time zone, taking reasonable vacation and training leave as needed. In the case of extended absences, Hyland provides backup personnel and coordinates a handoff between Severity Level 1 support cases and Severity Level 2 cases.


Fabrication services play a vital role in construction, providing efficiency, accuracy, and quality output. Premier offers a full range of fabrication services ranging from minor repairs to large-scale construction projects – their team of expert fabricators will find solutions tailored specifically to your needs and ensure all work is completed to perfection.

Hyland provides every customer with a knowledgeable, proactive Technical Account Manager (TAM), acting as their single point of contact within our global support organization. TAMs possess in-depth knowledge about your environment and business needs, working as advocates on your behalf to address urgent or severe issues swiftly. For additional support with complex or sensitive cases, Premier Services also offers dedicated Professional Support Engineer (PSE) teams working regular Hyland business hours for the time zone in which they reside.


Premier Technology’s engineering services cover mechanical, structural, civil, and chemical aspects, as well as material joining, containment, and construction techniques. Their team also excels at material joining. Depending on your design needs, they can develop an entirely new design package or work with existing ones to make improvements and upgrades if required. Furthermore, Premier provides multidiscipline engineering project management services.

Premier has an expansive in-house machine shop equipped with some of the latest machines available today, staffed by skilled machinists capable of producing complex components in hours rather than weeks or months, dramatically decreasing delivery times and improving efficiency.

Premier also boasts an electrical division. Our team of skilled electricians can perform a range of electrical applications, both standalone and alongside manufacturing projects. Each journeyman and apprentice electrician on this team is fully qualified.

Premier’s experienced project managers can save both time and money by creating an action plan to address all aspects of your job, keeping on schedule while adhering to budget. Their knowledge allows them to develop budget and timeline plans as well as coordinate FF&E procurement and peer review consultations – saving both money and stress in the process.

As part of its premier services, this company also provides onsite support and training for your team. They can even assist with migration to a new operating system or application. Their dedicated advocates are on standby 24/7 to handle any network-related issues so that you can focus on providing business value.

Project Management

Premier is your one-stop provider for complete design, architecture, FF&E procurement and procurement services, construction management, site inspections, redevelopment/renovation services, and renovation. Choose either our complete package or individual service options to optimize your project success.

Premier’s in-house machining team can accommodate all your fabrication needs, whether they be simple parts or complex custom components. Our machinists are available day and night to get your project finished efficiently. With cutting-edge equipment at their fingertips, Premier can offer cost-effective yet timely solutions to fulfill all of your machining needs.

All requests submitted to our Premier Support Team are immediately routed directly to an engineer during business days (24×5), eliminating the time typically required by Select Support to review and escalate it internally. Premier Support engineers possess extensive experience and advanced training that allow them to provide swift resolution of complex or critical issues more quickly than Select Support engineers can.

Premier Support customers receive a dedicated global team of Senior Support Engineers and Enterprise Managers dedicated to meeting higher Service Level Agreements, faster triage times, and resolution times for their business-critical systems. One fixed price covers all Atlassian products (excluding Opsgenie, Statuspage, and Trello). Premier Support customers should identify three named contacts who will open tickets that automatically route back to our team.

Premier can assist in meeting MACRA compliance and success through an integrated pharmacy strategy. Our ProvideGxTM program gives continuous access to medications on drug shortage lists while our pharmacy teams collaborate closely with yours to reduce complexity for your patients and providers.

Industrial Coatings

Premier has an in-house industrial coatings team dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality and superior service. Utilizing various materials and processes, they use these services to produce results that surpass expectations. This team plays an essential part in our complete fabrication process – working in concert with all other departments – resulting in products that exceed customer needs.

Premier provides surface profiling services to help ensure that your project stays on target. Our FARO laser tracker can measure any flat, accessible surface and can read both standard RA, Rz, and RMS surface standards.

Premier provides in-house machining teams dedicated to precision cuts and NQA-1 code compliance, using various high-tech machines to craft components that will meet or surpass customer expectations.