John Cena Email Address and Phone Number


John Cena is best known in the wrestling world for his Five Knuckle Shuffle and Attitude Adjustment moves. Additionally, he holds certifications as both a strength trainer and an actor.

He’s an extraordinary multi-talent who never hesitates to express himself freely. Not to mention, I am an NYT best-selling author and passionate advocate of Make-A-Wish!

How to contact John Cena

John Cena is one of the most beloved and iconic WWE wrestlers ever, renowned for winning several world championships while appearing in films and television shows. A best-selling author and philanthropist who has granted more than 650 wishes through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Cena’s influence can not be overstated; his influence can be felt across wrestling arenas worldwide. His impactful legacy can not be underestimated as an inspiration to millions worldwide who follow wrestling as fans or potential wrestlers aspiring to follow in Cena’s footsteps.

He enjoys an impressive fan base that he engages with through social media accounts, his website, and email correspondence. Fans often contact him directly in order to request autographs and mail fan mail.

John Cena offers his fans access to both an email address and mailing address so they can contact him directly, send letters to him, and request signatures. To ensure your letter reaches its target, it is advised to make it 8.5 x 4. It also helps if it includes return address details as well as stamps. Alternatively, to reach him directly, write WWE Corporate Headquarters- John Cena at 1241 East Main Street Stamford, CT 06902.

Hacking into the mobile phones of celebrities and public figures is illegal and dangerous and may lead to severe legal repercussions. Stars typically do not wish for their details to become general knowledge and may prefer that any published online or through traditional media remain confidential – yet their numbers are often compromised by individuals looking to capitalize off of their fame and exploit its fame by hacking into them.

John Cena boasts over one million Twitter followers and millions of likes on his Instagram page, in addition to having an official YouTube account where he uploads music videos and other content for his fans.

Every day, thousands of fans contact celebrities and public figures they admire, whether to make charitable donations, get autographs, or simply say hi. John Cena is no exception: his fans regularly send letters, emails, and tweets asking him for autographed memorabilia or other forms of memorabilia.

John Cena’s Phone Number

John Cena is one of the best-known wrestlers worldwide, renowned for both his accomplishments in wrestling as well as his charitable work with organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Additionally, Cena is known for acting in multiple films and being an accomplished musician alongside his wrestling career.

John Felix Anthony Cena was born on April 23rd, 1977, in West Newbury, Massachusetts, of Italian and French heritage to Carol and John Cena. A graduate of Springfield College with degrees in exercise physiology and human anatomy, as well as being a certified personal trainer and professional bodybuilder, Cena is well respected within his community.

Cena began his professional wrestling career in 2000 and made his WWE debut in June 2002, quickly becoming known for his high-flying style and dramatic moves in the ring. Over time, he would become a two-time World Heavyweight Champion and was featured as a prominent event wrestler for WWE. Additionally, he was an avid philanthropist working closely with organizations such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, Susan G Komen for the Cure, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, among many others.

Cena has managed to find time between his wrestling duties to release an album of rap music and star in several movies, most recently WWE Films’ 12 Rounds. Additionally, he has appeared on various television programs like Manhunt, Deal or No Deal, MADtv, and Saturday Night Live.

If you wish to contact John Cena, his phone number and house address can be found on his official website, as well as his fan mailing address for autograph requests. Please keep in mind that these addresses may not be made publicly available due to security considerations; beware that there may be individuals trying to gain entry and use stolen phone numbers and information from celebrities’ phones as bait to gain access and spread it online.

John Cena’s Email Address

John Cena is not only known as a famous wrestler; he is also an acclaimed actor and television presenter with an enormous fan following. Many young people look up to John as an inspiration, so naturally, they want to connect with him directly – something which they can do through email addresses and phone numbers provided on this page.

John Cena’s official WWE email address, where he reads fan mail and reads questions/comments/feedback, is jcena@wwe.com. If you need to reach him directly with questions/feedback/comments that need sharing with him, this is the place.

John Cena is well known as an active philanthropist and participates in multiple charitable activities outside his wrestling career. He is one of the top individual wish granters with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and has granted over 600 wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses. Additionally, Cena supports organizations like Susan G Komen for the Cure and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

He has appeared in multiple films, such as The Marine (2006), 12 Rounds (2009), Playing With Fire (2011), Blockers (2018) and Trainwreck (2015). Additionally, he has written multiple children’s books, the latest of which is Elbow Grease vs. Motozilla, released this year.

If you’d like to contact John Cena, email him at jcena@wwe.com – he’ll respond as quickly as possible with answers to any queries or comments that arise from them! Alternatively, for an autograph, please mail it directly to WWE Corporate Headquarters: 1241 East Main Street, Stamford, Connecticut 06902.

Wrestlers are known for staying connected with their fans through fan mail. But it’s essential to keep in mind that wrestlers don’t wish for their contact details to become public, so when writing to John Cena, it would be prudent to keep your letter short and respectful while including a return address and subject line that clearly communicates your message. In addition, be sure to proofread before sending so your letter reaches him more efficiently.

John Cena Fan Mail Address

John Cena’s fan mail address provides an effective means of staying in contact with one of your favorite WWE stars. Use it to send letters, cards, or gifts directly to him – be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope for this to help track all messages sent his way!

Fans can reach the superstar via his official website, where fans will find information on his schedule and availability for signing autographs after his appearances. There’s also an option to buy merchandise online – but beware when contacting celebrities via the internet as there have been reports of groups hacking into phone numbers of prominent figures and releasing them publicly; this may lead to many unwanted calls and spam mail being received.

John Cena is not only an exceptional athlete but also a committed philanthropist. He has visited Make-A-Wish over 600 times, spreading the message “never give up.” Cena’s message continues to inspire many in professional wrestling as his popularity skyrockets.

Due to his remarkable career and charismatic on-screen presence, this actor has garnered numerous awards and recognition over time. Additionally, he has earned himself an esteemed status within Hollywood, where he has appeared in various movies and television series; furthermore, his strong work ethic and magnetic charisma make him a top draw among millions of fans worldwide.

John Cena was born April 23rd, 1977, in West Newbury, Massachusetts, to parents John Sr. and Carol, both of Italian/Canadian heritage. As a Taurus sun sign person, he enjoys bodybuilding and wrestling as hobbies, graduating from both Cushing Academy and Springfield College in Massachusetts.

Though the WWE is a family-run business, their policy includes safeguarding their stars’ personal information to avoid any possible issues with their public persona and public image. As part of company policy, any general discussion regarding any personal details by WWE stars would violate company standards.