Dave’s Plumbing – Honest, Professional, and Affordable


Dave’s Plumbing is a family-owned and operated plumbing business offering honest, professional, and cost-effective plumbing services in Columbia, Greene, and Dutchess Counties. Dave applies his years of generational experience to provide timely assessments as well as precise repairs that stand the test of time – known for their accuracy, timeliness, and effectiveness! Additionally, they’re known for their cleanliness, generosity, and core principles.

Plumbing Repairs

Dave and his crew offer prompt, comprehensive assessments and accurate repairs at fair pricing, earning excellent reviews from customers in terms of reliability and fair pricing. No service call charge applies, pro-rated hourly fees apply prorated hourly fee discounts frequently, and they strive to leave work areas cleaner than when they arrived (if that’s even possible!). Furthermore, their company stands for honesty, integrity, and charity – which makes for an unbeatable combination.

When you experience leaky faucets, low water pressure, weird tasting or smelling water, odd noises from pipes, or any other problems related to plumbing in your Long Beach home, repiping is often the solution to restore its original condition and fix any existing issues. Finding a plumber capable of performing such work may prove challenging, but having confidence that one will help can often prove invaluable in this endeavor.

That’s where Angry Dave’s Plumbing can help! They are a locally owned and operated plumber that offers comprehensive plumbing, kitchen, and bathroom design and installation services. In business since 2001 and committed to excellence using state-of-the-art tools and technology, they also provide free estimates and emergency service!

Pipe Repairs

Dave is highly professional and always completes an exceptional job, leaving no trace of a mess behind him. We highly recommend him, he stands by his principles of cleanliness, generosity and charity in this world he lives in – rare traits indeed in plumbing services today – making him one of our go-to plumbers for repairs or installations of water softeners or repipes – we highly recommend his work – Lisa S.

Water Heater Repairs

Dave offers water heater repair, replacement, and installation for homeowners. He can accommodate all brands and sizes of water heaters with speedy repairs that meet competitive prices; additionally, he provides free estimates before beginning work and helps customers select an ideal water heater according to budget constraints as an honest, reliable plumber known for their kindness and cleanliness.

Dave recommends replacing an anode rod (also called a sacrificial rod) every three years in order to avoid corrosion. Furthermore, customers should clean their tank and drain pan regularly, as well as check and tighten all hose connections regularly. In addition, Dave offers warranties on parts and labor services.

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning services provide essential protection from significant clogs in your plumbing system and help ensure its smooth functioning. A blocked drain or sewer can cause water to back up into your home and lead to costly repair bills and severe plumbing issues.

Avoid professional drain cleaning services by taking several steps to minimize drain buildup and avoid professional services altogether. One solution would be using non-toxic chemical cleaners on an as-needed basis; these should only be used sparingly as their use can be harmful to pipes and plumbing systems.

Store-bought chemical drain cleaners typically contain caustic ingredients that react with clogs to break them up and dissolve them, but these are not safe for the environment, pets, or children. There are also acid drain cleaners, but only in extreme circumstances; their strong acids contain sulphuric acids, which may pose threats to human health and the home plumbing system.

Professional drain cleaning services use special tools to unclog drains. Additionally, they can clean the interior of your pipes to help prevent future clogs and improve the performance and longevity of the plumbing system. In addition, professionals are equipped to diagnose other plumbing issues, such as broken pipes or corroded joints, that require professional attention.