Shoretel Phones For Your Business Needs


ShoreTel (now Mitel Connect) was co-founded in 1996 as an innovative unified communications solution for business. Mitel offers both cloud and traditional on-premise hosted PBX systems to its clients.

Suppose you want to use a headset with a ShoreTel phone; an amplifier or direct-connect cable must be connected directly to the headphone port. In that case, commercial-grade headsets often feature quick-disconnect connections for ease of use.

230 IP Phone

The ShoreTel 230 IP Phone is an economical three-line display telephone designed for knowledge workers and salespeople who depend heavily on telephone communications. Featuring a sizeable menu-driven display and four soft keys, it connects directly with the ShoreTel Unified Communications platform while using MGCP to place calls through its phone system. Furthermore, this phone also comes equipped with 10/100 Ethernet switch connectivity to facilitate LAN connections.

This phone is compatible with an extensive selection of headsets and comes equipped with a 3.5mm headset port. The audio quality is outstanding, and features include echo cancellation and background noise suppression to improve the indoor and outdoor calling experience. Built to withstand prolonged use, its durable nature ensures long service. For additional peace of mind when talking on the phone outdoors or during office workdays, a mute button allows users to silence any calls coming in from others.

A great feature of the 230 IP phone is its call-waiting feature. Any incoming calls will be put on hold, allowing you to pick them up later when convenient. Furthermore, conference calls can also be set up using this IP phone, allowing multiple people to connect at once – perfect for businesses with numerous team members, as it saves a great deal of time and hassle!

The ShoreTel 230 IP phone features an advanced voicemail system that will record critical messages and send them directly to your inbox via email for easy listening at your leisure. Furthermore, this phone offers a Do Not Disturb button that stops anyone from calling until an emergency arises.

When an urgent message needs to be relayed quickly, the 230 IP phone’s paging feature allows you to notify coworkers quickly of its arrival. A message and date/time stamp will also be shown on your screen so no important calls go unanswered. Plus, keeping track of them can ensure you won’t miss anything important!

If your ShoreTel 230 IP phone has been compromised by water, dirt, or dust damage, our ShoreTel repair service can bring it back into mint condition. Our certified technicians will make your refurbished phone look and work like new, all this with an extended one-year warranty and complete repackaging.

530 IP Phone

The 530 IP Phone is a business videophone designed to deliver an exceptional user experience for busy executives, managers, contact center agents, social workers, home office users, and roamers in building environments. It boasts a large display with easy navigation for use with unified communications applications – featuring top-of-the-line voice call quality support plus extended battery life plus pre-configured accessories that allow for fast deployment.

This device offers an HD display with a backlight for viewing richer content and user applications and features customizable, programmable keys and an intuitive user interface. In addition, there is a headset jack, two gigabit network ports, and support for up to three lines built directly into it – providing a comprehensive desktop VoIP solution complete with a full-duplex speakerphone and eight fixed feature keys to provide standard functions.

Additionally, a range of telephony feature keys is provided for everyday business and telephony uses. A press of the “Security” button on the 520e allows you to instantly enable audio or visual locks for your desk phone and secure private calls against unauthorized access. In addition, this device offers USB support, which allows connectivity for printers or webcams.

Powered by an efficient TI DaVinci dual-core processor, the 530 is designed for quick response and reliability. Furthermore, it supports various voice control protocols and advanced compression codecs to maximize bandwidth utilization when providing broadband IP voice services.

The 530 features an expansive storage capacity for directories and call logs for maximum efficiency and is fully interoperable with leading IP PBX systems.

By using the free Gigaset ContactsPush online application, you can seamlessly transfer your mobile address book onto your cordless phone, making it easier for you to keep in touch with family and friends while on the move. This feature can save time for travelers or those with multiple address book entries who frequently travel for work.

565G IP Phone

The Shoretel 565G IP Phone is one of Shoretel’s highest-end offerings. Designed as an IP business telephone for intensive professionals and executive assistants, this IP business phone features six line appearances with color-lit line buttons for instant call recognition and identification as well as a rich backlit color display. Furthermore, Bluetooth headsets can also be connected for hands-free calling capability.

The device is compatible with various wireless headsets from Plantronics and Jabra/GN Netcom, including Plantronics RD-1 headsets and Jabra/GN Netcom Link-20 headsets. To connect, a specific hook switch cable (RD-1 for Plantronics or Link-20 for Jabra) must be used.

Users of this device can take advantage of advanced VoIP features like Visual Voicemail, Audio Conferencing, and Call Recording. It is compatible with the latest software version of the ShoreTel Sky Phone System.

This device can be powered via either Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or through a standard LAN adapter. For more information on providing power for an IP phone, please see the Phone Setup article.

ShoreTel also provides several other models of IP Telephones, which may be purchased or rented; for a complete list, please visit their Product Page.

Comms Warehouse offers the entire lineup of ShoreTel products – both new and refurbished – for sale at highly competitive prices. Our refurbished models are completely rebuilt and tested to be as good as new before being covered by warranty for redeployment.

No matter their line type – from knowledge workers and single line phones like IP 230 for knowledge workers to dual line executive phones such as IP 560G for executives or remote VPN IP phones for Office Anywhere users – ShoreTel Sky Phone offers something to support employees wherever they work. Each phone comes preconfigured, so installation is quick and painless.

400 Series IP Phone

The 400 Series IP phones are explicitly tailored for how you work. Easy to use and featuring an impressive array of capabilities that enhance your communications both internally among your team members as well as externally with customers and business partners, these IP phones will improve the quality of both.

These phones feature an ergonomic and sleeker design that enhances user experience, with displays closer to vertical for easier reading and keypads featuring horizontal layouts to facilitate dialing or accessing function keys more quickly and easily. Furthermore, their lighter designs require less desktop space utilization while having built-in diagnostic tools that enable your help desk staff to identify issues and resolve them promptly and rapidly.

This phone is an ideal mid-range solution for users who require high-quality voice communications without video functionality, like those found in VVX 500 and 600 series models. Boasting six lines, 12 programmable speed dial buttons, gigabit Ethernet support, and Microsoft Lync integration, the 430HD is an excellent mid-range phone option suitable for telecom professionals, SMBs, and multi-location enterprises alike.

As part of the 400 series, it features enterprise directories, BLF/SCA registration, and complete call monitoring. Furthermore, the 440HD is compatible with ShoreTel Mobile Client and MiVoice 2380 softphone to offer “one number” integration between your desk phone and your mobile device.

Lastly, the 565G executive-level phone offers six lines and a high-definition display, along with color-lit buttons to instantly recognize status – acting like an intelligent assistant that prioritizes calls based on both who is calling and your current availability.

ShoreTel Sky (formerly Mitel Connect) phones are supported by equal2new’s ShoreTel Sky platform and are listed here in charts showing which models can be purchased new or refurbished through equal2new partners or rented with equal2new rentals. Clicking any model below will reveal its features and pricing information.