Social Media at Ohio State University


1. OSU People Finder

The school offers a fantastic community. Everyone is very supportive, encouraging, and pushing one another toward success – you have to put in the work. Additionally, it’s lots of fun! With lots of activities on and off campus. Just ensure that you stay safe; while measures have been put in place at school to protect students, please also take your measurements to stay protected!

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2. OSU Social Network

Ohio State University has launched a social media network for Beavers to interact. Users can post updates about their school, find fellow alumni and faculty members, and connect with faculty members through this website. An interactive career center is also designed to assist with job and internship searches! All for free – accessible on both PCs and Macs alike.

Content from the site is syndicated to Facebook and Twitter pages for the university, along with LinkedIn groups and blogs, all under Baker’s campaign umbrella. He credits its success to students’ liking it: “It has taken off on campus,” as Baker notes; PBO stickers were even given out at commencement ceremonies as part of this initiative!

During the COVID-19 crisis at OSU, many new students found it hard to navigate campus life and understand its culture. Social media accounts tailored towards OSU students, such as Barstool OSU and Infringed OSU, provided lighthearted reports for freshmen that provided insight into campus life while helping newcomers navigate it more easily. Barstool OSU alone boasts over 117,000 Instagram followers, 94,000 on Twitter, and 43,000 TikTok accounts alone, with content ranging from football-themed memes and fundraisers for students affected by crime – helping newcomers better navigate college life at OSU and understand its culture.

Infringed OSU, a student-run account that posts memes and social commentary on campus issues, currently boasts over 2,200 followers. Founder Kallyn Buckenmyer, who holds a fourth-year city and regional planning degree, started Infringed OSU to create a safe space for all students; Infringed OSU also hosts weekly open mic events for its audience.

The Powered by Orange – 10,000 Beavers campaign has established an active presence on YouTube, where OSU staff and students have created videos showing OSU’s fun side. These videos have attracted over one million views, are used as part of various marketing initiatives, and effectively expand reach on social media campaigns.

3. OSU Facebook Group

Carter Grimes, a fifth-year electrical and computer engineering student, turned to social media when searching for subleases during the summer of 2017. Grimes found an influential group on Facebook dedicated to student subleasing opportunities; these groups allow users to post listings and find suitable roommates quickly – offering furniture ads or meeting other students and making new connections.

4. OSU Twitter

Students use Twitter to build relationships with current and prospective OSU students. With its tools, Twitter allows students to discuss news in the university, research projects, and events and share personal experiences and opinions with followers. They may even use it to promote academic projects – like Public History graduate students Arlowe Clementine, Jace Earwood, B Hinesley, and Macy Jennings, who recently presented “Fluid Resistance: A Queer Analysis of Art and Politics in Oklahoma” at the Oklahoma Historical Conference.

OSU football team received an unexpected blow this week as it learned of three top receivers leaving to transfer programs. Losing Stephon Johnson Jr., Bryson Green, and Samantha Jones would have been devastating as OSU entered Big 12 play with one of FBS football’s most vital receiving groups. Social media quickly responded with speculation flying about these departures, quickly becoming national trending topics by midday Wednesday; OSU became trending nationally!

Oden responded to Ohio State offensive line coach Brian Hartline’s attempt at negative recruiting of two Ohio natives by tweeting a picture showing him and four-star athlete Boo Carter flashing the “M” symbol – this tweet provided much-needed comic relief to Buckeye fans this week.

Twitter users at Ohio State were quick to call out Hartline for his statements, with former players joining OSU Twitter users in criticizing Hartline’s remarks and offering support for OSU. One particularly memorable response came from former safety Tyvis Powell, who pointed out how former OSU coach Urban Meyer used a photo of Zion Williamson wearing a hoodie as evidence against Hartline during a meeting.

Twitter can be an essential way to stay in touch with Oregon State University (OSU), whether as a current or prospective student or as an enthusiastic fan. Follow OSU’s official accounts on Twitter and stay abreast of news, announcements, and community surveys from OSU.