The 7 Ps of Marketing


Whether you’re looking for new clients or to make the most of your existing ones, you must understand how to market your brand. The Seven Ps of Marketing are the basic principles of branding and can help you to create the right image for your company.


Several concepts have made an appearance in the world of marketing. The production and the societal concepts are a few that come to mind. It is also the product, the sales, and the promotion that are deemed worthy of discussion.

The production concept holds that consumers prefer readily available goods and services. The societal concept uses social networks to bring customers together. The product and the sale are the more tangible concepts.

The process of marketing is a jumble of simple ideas. It starts with understanding what the consumer wants. Then it involves organizing resources to meet those needs. A lot of research is involved in this endeavor.


Traditionally, the marketing mix is composed of four pillars, namely, the product, the place, the price, and the promotion. But with the emergence of the internet, the digital age, and the rise of online marketing, the 4Ps model no longer covers the full marketing mix. Instead, companies have adopted the 7Ps of marketing.

The 7Ps of marketing was developed in 1981 by Bernard H. Booms and Mary Jo Bitner. They took the original model and expanded it to include processes and people.

Today, the 7Ps of marketing is still widely used and taught in business schools. However, some marketers argue that the model is outdated.


Having a sound knowledge of the 7 Ps of marketing will allow you to make better sales. These are seven elements that have been proven to work and can be used by all kinds of companies. These include product, place, price, process, people, and physical evidence.

The concept of the 7 Ps of marketing was developed by Mary Jo Bitner and Bernard H. Booms in the early 1980s. They added the process to the original model and called it the Extended Marketing Mix.

The extended marketing mix takes a more holistic approach and focuses on people. These people are often the ones that make the process seamless and a good experience for consumers. A seamless process includes everything from a business’s website, to its checkout processes. This streamlines operations and cuts down on time wasted on manual tasks.


Traditionally, a marketing mix is made up of four pillars: product, price, place, and promotion. It is used to position a company’s products and services in the market. It is a strategic technique that allows companies to attract, retain, and serve their target audiences. Today, the marketing mix is also used to track the performance of a business in real time.

Today, the seven Ps of marketing are still a widely taught and used strategy. They are an effective way to help businesses understand the needs of their target audiences and make more successful sales.

The seven Ps were originally conceived in the 1960s as four areas of focus: Place, People, Process, and Price. Then, Mary Jo Bitner and Bernard H. Booms added Physical evidence to the model and extended the concept to include Participants, Processes, and Services.

Place and people

Basically, marketing is the process of putting a product or service in front of a target audience. This is done through a variety of techniques. For example, the most obvious method involves sales staff handling initial face-to-face interactions with customers.

Another is to attract them via advertising campaigns. This can be done in many different ways, such as through social media or a website.

The best and most effective method is a multi-faceted approach. This will enable the company to meet the needs of its target audience. It will also help them to adapt to changes in the market. It is a simple framework that incorporates seven key elements into an ideal marketing mix.

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