The Best Android Apps of 2022


The best Android apps of 2022 are apps from third-party platforms. In this article, we’ll look at five of the best. These apps include TickTick, Simple Gallery Pro, CamScanner, and Mint. Let’s dive into each one in more detail. Which of these applications is the best? You can tell by the reviews and screenshots below. Once you’ve downloaded them, you’ll be glad you did.


TickTick is a to-do list app that is particularly useful for students and teachers. The app features reminders that can be set to be one day or 60 weeks before they’re due. It also allows you to add external resources, such as images, files, or voice memos. The app also allows you to organize external resources by attaching them. In addition, it supports Google Calendar, iCal, and Evernote, which is particularly useful for people on the go.

TickTick is a cross-platform to-do list app with features supporting GTD and the Pomodoro Technique. It includes an inbox so you can create notes and custom task views. Unfortunately, the free version has a lot of limitations, which may prevent you from using the app to its full potential. To overcome these drawbacks, TickTick is one of the best android apps 2022.

TickTick is a to-do list and task management app for Android. It is easy to use and has a slick interface. With TickTick, you can add tasks, assign them to specific dates, set reminders, and collaborate with others. It is also customizable, and you can change the interface’s appearance. The default theme is blue; you can lock it with a code.

TickTick is a collaborative to-do list app that uses the Getting Things Done method. Its user interface is similar to other productivity apps. It has three panels, which allow you to add due dates, assignees, and tags. You can even assign tasks to other users. This app is great for small groups. If you use it for a small business or have several employees, TickTick is a great option.


The Mint app offers a wealth of features. It links your financial accounts, including bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and investments. You can set monthly, weekly, or daily budgets and track your spending. You can also set up alerts to alert you when your monthly budget goes over. It also helps you stay on top of your credit score and track bills. In addition, it lets you set up multi-factor authentication, which requires you to enter a four-digit code or touch ID to unlock your account.

Mint is an easy-to-use app that allows you to track and manage your investments. You can see your income and expenses and set goals to save more money and reach financial goals. The app also helps you know your net worth and credit score. It also offers plenty of support, including a comprehensive FAQ. However, if you’re the kind of person who wants to be more hands-on with budgeting and planning, Mint may not be for you.

With an average 4.8 rating on Google Play and 4.4 on the App Store, Mint is a highly rated personal finance app. Mint’s account overview is a feature that many users praise. It greets you with a nice infographic that helps you understand your net worth and spending. It also offers a simple budget planner and reminders to pay your bills. As with most budgeting apps, Mint is designed to keep users accountable and on track.

Another app that is a must-have is Personal Capital. It’s an investment management app that lets you manage your finances without the hassle of a spreadsheet. It also has tools for tracking your credit scores and investments. A few downsides of Mint include its advertising revenue model and its tendency to have issues connecting to financial institutions, which is problematic. As a result, Mint is not the best choice for everyone. However, if you’re looking for a personal finance app, Mint should be on your shortlist.

Simple Gallery Pro

The Simple Gallery Pro is a highly customizable, offline photo and video gallery application that supports many file formats. It also supports various languages, fingerprint unlock, and image editing. It is an ad-free application with a lot of options. Its pro version offers a private photo folder that can be locked and features like image editing and privacy editing. The app is only $1.

This photo and video organizer app organize media and videos by type, size, and time. You can even restore deleted photos and videos and encrypt your gallery. It also has a desktop shortcut feature that allows you to copy and paste files into your computer. It also retains the position of photos and videos you created, making it convenient for you to display a specific location in a picture or video quickly.

This app has a neat interface and supports fingerprint, pattern, and PIN locking to secure private content. It also has an impressive photo editor. In addition, it can edit and create collages, and it can even read device folders. It also has a stripped-down version for lower-end devices. Another feature that makes it an excellent choice for 2022 is its integrated QR code scanner.

Simple Gallery Pro is a lightweight application that replaces the default gallery on Android devices. It lets you view all types of media files. You can also sort them by date or location. The app also includes a trash folder for old photos. In addition, it supports backup and cloud storage. These are just some features that make Simple Gallery Pro a must-have for your android phone or tablet.


If you’re in the market for a scanner app for your Android device, you’ve probably come across CamScanner. This free app is great for scanning documents but has a few drawbacks. For example, it’s watermarked, contains ads, and has a limited number of annotations. There’s also a time limit. To eliminate these problems, you can upgrade to a premium service. This feature allows you to scan unlimited documents and offers up to 10 GB of cloud storage.

While CamScanner is a great tool for scanning printed photos, some users have complained about its ads. This is understandable, considering the app’s popularity, but it’s also important to note that the free version has some limitations. Some features require a paid subscription, but the free version is sufficient for most users. While this is unfortunate, it’s a small price to pay for an excellent scanning application.

CamScanner was a popular application that captured scanned documents using the device’s camera. It’s also great for document storage as it can save scanned documents as PDFs. While CamScanner’s interface takes a while to get used to, it’s a free app that’s worth trying. This app is one of the best Android apps for 2022, and we hope it stays that way! You can download it from Google Play or the App Store.

For those looking for a better alternative to CamScanner, we recommend OCR Text Scanner. This app can automatically translate scanned text into 92 languages. It’s also an excellent alternative to CamScanner. This app does a great job of scanning printed documents and images, and it’s been downloaded over 10 million times by users. So if you need an OCR scanning app, download OCR Text Scanner today.


The music recognition app Shazam has been available for Android for over 13 years. It is free and has no ads. Its functionality is what sets it apart. While Google and other phone manufacturers have similar music discovery apps, none of them are quite as sophisticated as Shazam. The free app will continue to be a top choice for users, and we look forward to seeing what it has in store for 2022.

The app has an easy-to-use interface and is fast at identifying songs. Although the free version of the app contains annoying ads, the paid version has many features that make it one of the best Android apps for 2022. For example, the Android version of Shazam provides different options when identifying songs, allowing users to choose their preferred song. In addition, if they are offline, Shazam will automatically identify the song when the user is online.

Another great feature is the Floating Lyrics feature. This feature allows you to view the lyrics of almost any song. When the app identifies a song, the lyrics are bolded, allowing you to find the exact lyrics and enjoy them quickly. The app even offers the option to translate the song lyrics into another language. The app also features lyrics from past songs. So if the song you’re listening to is in English, Shazam can help you find the lyrics.

SoundHound is another popular music tagging app. Like Shazam, SoundHound offers a few differences from its main competitor. The app has a larger icon on the homepage, and it supports voice controls. Say “Hey SoundHound” to start searching for the song and lyrics. SoundHound also has a standalone voice assistant app called Hound. So while Shazam is the most popular music tagging app for Android, SoundHound may be a more powerful app.