The Best Chicken Wings Near Me in NYC


No matter their flavor — sweet and sticky or fiery and spicy — wings make an irresistible snack in NYC.

Gabriel’s Gate delivers on its promise of delicious Buffalo-style wings in Manhattan, with its sauce offering equal parts heat, acidity, and creaminess. You could add this delightful combination of ingredients to practically anything else you eat!

1. International Wings Factory

There are plenty of delicious wings around New York City, but this no-frills Upper East Side spot stands out as exceptional. Offering not only traditional Buffalo and BBQ sauces but also more unique ones like black pepper teriyaki and Soul Purifier sauces, their plump golden-brown beauties come with thick but not overly chunky sauces, plus crispy without being too crunchy.

Amy Ruth of Harlem knows her soul food well; her fried chicken is no exception. Jumbo wings come out crispy yet meaty with just enough sauce to tingle lips without overpowering them – an ideal pairing with waffle fries on a Sunday afternoon!

Dan and John, natives of Buffalo, recently made waves in NYC’s wing scene as relative newcomers with authentic, deep-fried wings made with care. Their delicious sauces will leave your tastebuds screaming with delight while providing just enough crunch with every bite.

Madame Vo is famous for its pho, but their Vietnamese caramelized garlic fish sauce also makes a fantastic dipping sauce for their lightly crunchy and perfectly cooked wings. Their wings come served alongside cubed daikon radish for an additional spicy, crunchy crunch that may leave you wanting to lick your plate!

2. Bar Coastal

Bar Coastal on the UES offers some of the city’s best wings in an unexpected style: super crispy and covered in an irresistibly hot-and-tangy blend of sauces; they’re even better when dunked into their delicious homemade bleu cheese dressing!

Once outside of Buffalo, finding excellent chicken wings that have been appropriately sauced and cooked can be nearly impossible in NYC – yet this East Village basement pub’s wings have earned themselves the reputation of being among the best.

At this restaurant, the wings are expertly fried without becoming overly crisp, while their sauces perfectly complement the meaty yet not-too-fatty pieces of chicken. Plus, happy hour offers them for half price!

Two Buffalo natives brought their childhood recipe from Buffalo to NYC when they opened this Smorgasburg favorite in 2013. Customers found the wings so tasty that the pair has now expanded beyond its initial Manhattan location into other bars across NYC and one seasonal stand at Citi Field.

Their wings come in an assortment of flavors. Still, perhaps the most iconic is “Kerry’s Way,” an irresistibly delicious combination of spicy and tangy sauces that makes for a truly delightful dining experience. Pair your order with an icy cold beer and some mouthwatering fries from their menu, and you won’t be sorry!

3. Amy Ruth’s

New York City offers many options to satisfy your chicken wing cravings, from Korean, Vietnamese, and traditional Buffalo wings – there’s sure to be something here that satisfies every palate!

Jun Park of this Brooklyn neighborhood spot makes delicious spicy-sweet wings that are sure to please, using potato starch to batter his chicken before twice frying it, before using his signature gochujang and soy garlic sauce, which is irresistible.

Smorgasburg’s favorite B-Wings started as an indulgent treat for college students but has quickly become one of NYC’s must-try delicacies. Their innovative heat levels (essential mild smoking, mild, hot, smoking, Scorchin’ and Ouch!!), boasting authentic Buffalo wings flavor without the wait (plain, mild, mild, hot, smoking, Scorchin’ Ouch!!) have won over wing purists everywhere.

Harlem soul food restaurant named for their family matriarch offers delicious American classics like beef brisket and collard greens, as well as one of Harlem’s best wings – classic Buffalo or unique creations like sweet and spicy Alabama white sauce wings with crisp skin that complements its flavorful sauce perfectly; worth making the journey out here to Harlem’s most delicious chicken wings! This unassuming hole-in-the-wall spot won’t disappoint.

4. Lolo’s Seafood Shack

This neighborhood-style eatery serves some of the best chicken wings in NYC. They’re expertly fried and lightly coated with just the right amount of sauce to balance their crispiness, and they’re super juicy for those who like their skin on. Plus, other classic bar snacks like nachos or tater tots pair nicely with them, and an impressive array of draft beers – making this place truly irresistible!

At this East Village landmark, the wings are as authentic as possible. Dan and John, two friends from Buffalo, saw a gap in the NYC wing scene and brought their original recipe with them from there to New York. Meaty wings with plenty of meaty textures that hold up well under various sauces while giving your mouth raw Frank’s experience!

Clara’s of Brooklyn is another fantastic option when it comes to wings – this semi-divey sports bar is well-known for serving up Hennessy cocktails and oxtail dinners, but they also do a tremendous job with wings – offering six to an-order with flavors such as mango barbecue or jerk sauces for easy feeding of any crowd.

Amy Ruth’s is a staple in Harlem, offering comforting fares such as delectable mac ‘n’ cheese and juicy fried chicken, while their signature wings feature a unique combination of spicy gochujang, soy sauce and garlic for an irresistibly delectable experience.

5. BonChon Chicken

Before fried chicken became trendy, Bonchon was an extremely popular chain in South Korea where it is known as “chi-maek.” Bonchon’s twice-fried cooking method produces a paper-thin crust that remains tender and juicy on the inside, along with chicken cutlets and drumsticks coated in your choice of sauce (I recommend soy garlic and spicy; spicy contains Korean gochugaru pepper, which adds a subtle smokiness). You can also order Asian appetizers and beer from both locations; the Financial District should start selling alcohol soon, while Midtown will begin selling alcohol sales soon).

Bonchon offers more than fried chicken; its menu also features katsu sandwiches and buldak, a Korean rice cake stew. Their East Village location is well known for their pho, but their wings make an excellent quick meal before going out.

Though they’re not as crunchy as those at other Bonchon locations, the wings at this neighborhood sports bar still make for a delicious game-day meal. Chef Jun Park uses potato starch to batter his chicken before deep frying it at lower temperatures and returning it to higher temps to crisp the skin, creating a satisfying crunch that’s almost addictive – make sure you pair your wings with one from their selection of local and national beers on tap!

6. Pelicana Chicken

Pelicana offers something different than BonChon or Debasaki: its signature batter makes the chicken super crispy while their sauces stick tenaciously to it. Wings are delicious here; other fried chicken options, such as garlic wings and lava chicken offer an excellent experience at this restaurant that may seem pricey at first but worth experiencing.

Pelicana, one of Korea’s oldest fried chicken franchises, first introduced Yangnyeom fried chicken in the early 1980s. At this point, Tongdak (fried chicken) had only ever been battered and seasoned with salt and black pepper; Pelicana revolutionized this practice by applying their signature Yangnyeom sauce – made up of soy sauce, garlic cloves, sugar, gochujang peppers, and chili pastes – that quickly became a national sensation that remains part of Korean culinary culture today.

Pelicana’s Original Yangnyeom Sauce is now available for sale, enabling you to recreate the deliciousness of their restaurant right at home! Simply pour a few spoonfuls into a wok or frying pan, mix in your fried chicken pieces, and toss until coated evenly in sauce – enjoy!

Pelicana opens daily at 11 a.m. and offers an assortment of chicken items – such as their best sellers lava chicken and garlic wings – alongside Korean side dishes that you must try. There’s easy meter parking nearby, and they’re open late on weekends, making Pelicana an excellent place for social gatherings or quick bites with friends.