The Best Coffee Shops Near Me in NYC


If your apartment’s Wi-Fi signal is weak and your roommates spend their days watching old episodes of The X-Files, you need somewhere quiet to work. Here are 16 great coffee shops for quick working sessions.

Sey, an airy warehouse in Bushwick with a modern minimalist vibe and delicious coffee brews, takes its craft seriously and provides its customers with indoor and outdoor seating.

Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle Coffee Shop is one of the premier spots in NYC, known for its clean and minimalist design and delicious coffee offerings. They also offer sandwiches and sweets. Their Midtown location makes an excellent workplace spot, offering friendly staff members who assist as needed while the cafe provides multiple seating options, including booths and tables.

The coffee shop also provides delicious treats such as granola and yogurt parfaits and delicious sandwiches made with ricotta, berries, honey, and almond brittle; their banana bread should not be missed either! Furthermore, a location in Brooklyn offers their coffee; their cafe may be more costly, but it is well worth your while!

As well as coffee, they also offer sandwiches and acai bowls in East Village’s beautiful space, often filled with locals working away on laptops. All food is made with premium ingredients, while their coffee is freshly roasted daily!

With multiple locations throughout the city, this famous coffee shop aims to create a cozy and relaxed environment. Their interior features dark wood and floor-to-ceiling windows. Additionally, this cafe serves as an excellent spot for working remotely and meeting friends; unfortunately, they don’t provide WiFi at all locations.

Seven Grams Caffe was established by its founders, who sought to combine two passions: premium coffee and artisan baked goods. They noticed that many quality coffee shops outsourced their pastry offerings while excellent bakeries often only provided subpar coffee. Seven Grams Caffe combines both elements. Its flagship location inside Ace Hotel is a hugely successful combination workspace where locals and tourists come to type away on their computers.

Cafe Jax

Finding a quality coffee shop can be invaluable when your internet goes down, and you need something to pass the time. New York is full of fantastic ones; finding one with quiet seating space may prove more difficult. Cafe Jax on the Upper East Side serves Stumptown coffee and has ample seating; always guaranteed a table, and great customer service staff make this an excellent option!

At the heart of UES is this cozy coffee shop. Its coffee is ideal for meeting with friends or working on projects, and it is conveniently close to many major subway lines for added convenience.

While the Upper East Side may not be known for its many great coffee shops, a few stand out. Cafe Jax stands out as an inviting little spot that’s always busy, making it the ideal place for meeting up with a friend over coffee! Their menu may be simple, but their product quality stands the test of time.

Kaffe Landskap, serving exceptional Stumptown coffee, provides plenty of seating. The Scandinavian decor gives this coffee shop a welcoming ambiance; all tables are generous, so laptops can easily fit under them for use during working sessions, and the service is always friendly.

Sugarburg in Williamsburg offers an ideal coffee shop experience with plenty of seating, an extensive menu, boasting WiFi, and an outdoor patio – perfect for group hangouts with friends or colleagues!


Those familiar with coffee shop culture will likely recognize Gregory’s Coffee as it has multiple locations throughout many neighborhoods. Though not the trendiest choice, Gregory’s is an affordable way to grab quick drinks and pastries when needed.

Starting in 2006 in Manhattan, this local chain roasts its beans at its facility in Long Island City and operates over two dozen cafes around the city. Their menu offers pour-overs, smoothies, and cold brews; additionally, they provide seasonal specials.

Logan Circle’s original location boasts an inviting patio and wall-to-wall windows, making it the ideal spot for reading and people-watching. Their staff is amiable and helpful, and the coffee is delicious – Plus, they serve sandwiches, cakes, and other baked goods – including gluten-free options and desserts from their tasty selection – not forgetting nondairy milk, of course! Additionally, I love that they are a family-owned business!

Other locations of Lost Sock Roasters’ places in Washington D.C. include an inviting chain on Lexington, an intimate spot in an old house in Forest Hills, and a light-and-airy cafe amidst new condo developments in neighboring Washington County. Other local favorites include Cameo, which serves Brooklyn-grown Parlor Coffee beans in Southeast food halls, and Los Sock Roasters, with its plant-filled cafe in Takoma – popular among many!

Washington was struck by the pandemic, with many bars and restaurants closing their doors due to this illness; however, independent coffee shops in the region proved highly resilient by continuing to offer fruity pour-overs, fruit-forward lattes, and nitro cold brews. Numerous new caffeinated contenders have recently emerged, such as Qualia, which serves coffee from Ethiopia and other African nations at their Eckington storefront, and Eritrea-owned Roasted Boon, which opened at a busy Shaw intersection earlier this year.

Toby’s Estate

At the center of the Flatiron District lies this locally-owned coffee shop: an oasis of sophistication. Equipped with a custom white La Marzocco Strada EP espresso machine and welcoming pressed tin ceilings, its interior provides ample light. Offering small breakfast and lunch plates, public cuppings, and brewing classes, this cafe is the ideal spot to work or meet friends.

Established by Australian owners in 2012, Toby’s Estate quickly became one of the leading cafes in New York City since opening. Now boasting five additional locations – two located in Williamsburg for brunch and coffee with seating often packed with laptop users; another in Tribeca offers less cramped seating along with lunch items such as Kossar’s bagels and avocado toast – it stands out as an unparalleled cafe experience for visitors to NYC.

Coffee enthusiasts who need an environment without too much noise may appreciate this option for getting work done in an atmosphere with plenty of natural light and several tables. The staff is friendly and helpful; the baristas know their stuff; best of all, the coffee here is incredible!

This well-loved local chain offers locations all across the city. It is well known for its excellent service and exceptional coffee, providing everything from frappuccinos and iced coffees to sandwiches and baked goods. Additionally, coffee shops are located within airports – they will soon be opening more locations; more details can be found by visiting their website.

Citizens of Chelsea

Hudson Yards shopping mall hosts this high-end coffee shop serving some of the finest espresso in NYC. Their menu offers specialty beverages as well as pastries from local bakeries. Their coffee is roasted on-site to enhance flavor, and their staff is very welcoming and helpful.

The space is airy and light-filled with plenty of natural light, creating an ideal setting to meet with friends or work on your laptop. In addition, this coffee shop provides a spacious patio perfect for enjoying the sunshine! Additionally, they serve breakfast, lunch, and sweet treats!

This boutique roastery is one of the city’s most beloved. Their delicious beans come directly from small farms in the region – helping local farmers support themselves and their communities while at the same time supporting sustainability through being certified B-corporations.

This upscale cafe offers some of the best coffee in NYC, an inviting outdoor seating area, and an impressive variety of baked goods. Their plush couches make this the ideal spot to unwind and sip a cup. A must-visit for anyone in search of that caffeine boost!

Brooklyn Roasting Company is well-known for its sugary-sweet New Orleans-style iced coffee, excellent pour-over options, and impressive latte art. Their Ridgewood location also doubles up as a bookstore thanks to their partnership with Molasses Books nearby – making this cafe the ideal spot for reading with a cup of coffee!