The Best Strip Clubs in Denver


No matter your taste in entertainment, Denver strip clubs have something for you. By using our search features, you can quickly narrow down which clubs offer what you are searching for.

Strip clubs have long been associated with exploitative and sexist activities, yet dancers dispute that movies such as “Magic Mike” accurately depict their jobs.

PT’s Centerfold Gentlemen’s Club

PT’s Centerfold is one of Denver, Colorado’s premier gentlemen’s clubs. Situated on Evans Avenue and offering both topless and nude rooms with bar access; open to all ages but requiring a minimum dance payment of $20; boasting professional teases who perform various fetish acts; featuring friendly yet professional staff as well as full amenities including massage services – this club provides all for an incredible experience!

This club has had a troubled past and has been subjected to multiple investigations. Additionally, in March, it was the scene of the double shooting, with no arrests ever being made. On August 6th, 2018, they received an order to show cause from authorities inquiring why their license should remain valid.

In 2021, RCI Hospitality Holdings Inc. from Houston acquired PT’s Centerfold Club as part of their broad portfolio of strip clubs across the US, including La Boheme Gentlemen’s Cabaret in Denver, Mile High Men’s Club, and Diamond Cabaret.

PT’s new owners have taken steps to enhance club safety, security, and compliance. Along with installing more cameras, they have hired a compliance officer to oversee all business operations and are working on complaints about sexual assault or other violations. In addition to hiring more dancers, retraining as performers for compliance work (and banning jewelry and piercings for dancers), and changing how dancers are promoted online.

Shotgun Willie’s

Shotgun Willie’s is one of Denver’s premier show clubs, boasting 10,000 ft and 200 bombshell entertainers to entertain blue-collar men over 21. Additionally, bottle service, cigars, and an expansive food menu are provided at this establishment, which has also become a favorite hangout spot for celebrities and professional athletes.

Bill Laviolette arrived in Nashville from Houston to open his barbecue restaurant. He planned to serve Texas-style brisket and Tennessee-style barbecue, hence the name Shotgun Willie’s, in homage to Willie Nelson’s song that shared that name – as he felt its sound reflected what would be typical Texas barbecue fare.

On May 2, 2019, Kroger executive Randall Wright got into an altercation with another person and was tackled by Hendricks while working at the club. Wright died shortly after that, and his family filed suit against Hendricks and the club, alleging a chokehold by Hendricks; they denied such claims while attributing Wright’s demise to poor heart health.

Due to an attorney’s recent death, Judge Peter Michaelson of Arapahoe County District Court granted attorneys for the club’s request to postpone next month’s trial for wrongful-death claims against their facility. At a four-hour hearing Friday afternoon, Michaelson granted this delay request from lawyers representing it.

Death was undoubtedly an influence, but that alone wasn’t enough to prompt this decision. Lawyers also pointed out that the court couldn’t afford to continue paying for defense; their filing estimated it would cost six figures to defend the club against Wright alone.

La Boheme

La Boheme Gentlemen’s Club can be found in an otherwise rough Denver neighborhood that experienced rapid gentrification due to Coors Field being built. Once used as a warehouse, this opulent gentleman’s club now features exotic dancers, six stages, and a large bar and hosts various events such as bachelor parties and contests; its website even provides a calendar of upcoming events!

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If you want to experience La Boheme for yourself, most major cities have opera companies that perform it. New Yorkers can see it performed at the Metropolitan Opera; other opera houses worldwide also include it in their repertoires.

This filmed opera adapts the original setting by glorifying rooftops and mattresses while depicting the gritty reality of being in your twenties in New York City. Additionally, the opera notes the prejudice experienced by Asian American BIPOC youth as it adds another level of depth. Furthermore, its diverse cast of American singers from various ethnicities allows audiences to experience it from different viewpoints; whether opera novices or veterans alike will find this adaptation to your taste!

Diamond Cabaret

The Diamond Cabaret in Denver is an upscale topless strip club known for its seductive atmosphere and exotic dancer selection. This club also serves as a steakhouse, making for an unconventional combination but becoming popular with businesspeople and professionals who frequent its affordable cuisine on weekends.

The club welcomes men and women over 18; however, children under 18 should not attend due to aggressive strippers. When entering, guests are greeted by a host who takes them directly into a VIP room, where they can meet dancers and request one-on-one experiences. The cover charge for locals is $30, while $50 covers visitors. Guests should bring cash for lap dances and drinks; cover charges differ between locals and visitors (Cover Charge: $30 locals/ $50 visitors). When entering, guests are taken by the host to the VIP room where they meet dancers while also asking dancers directly for one-on-one experiences or personal interactions from dancers – both offers include welcome packages where you meet dancers for private performances in the VIP room to meet dancers for intimate dance performances that make for unforgettable VIP experiences!

As well as offering lap dances, the club boasts an extensive menu and an array of other services. In addition to hosting extravagant feature acts and offering specials for bachelor parties and other events, such as LA LaMann and Lisa Lipps.

Troy Lowrie, CEO of VCG Holding, owns 20 “gentlemen’s clubs” and hopes to improve the industry’s seedy image on Wall Street. While his stock price has plummeted 80 percent over 18 months, he remains optimistic about its future success.

Diamond Cabaret provides an array of services and boasts an unrivaled hookah lounge. Their beautiful girls are not only beautiful but well-trained and committed to working hard in their careers – while friendly bartenders enhance the overall patron experience.

Ladies En Confidente

Ladies En Confidente is a gentlemen’s club located off North Broadway just two blocks from the I-25 exit in Denver, offering discreet fantasy rooms for its VIP Personal Strip Tease experience and accurate models who provide body rubs, body fetishes, cross-dressing shows, two girl shows, couples show and body rubs – plus body rubs! You can book an appointment by ringing the buzzer – online prices include hourly or time block rates and call-ahead availability checks to have your dream experience! Our friendly staff will assist in choosing an experience tailored precisely to ensure you have a fun time at Ladies En Confidente!