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Samsung phones utilize the TelephonyUi application to manage the user interface when calls arrive on your device, including the Caller ID display and accepting or rejecting them. Additionally, this provides you with options to accept or decline calls as desired.

Android operating system updates may sometimes cause errors within this app, which are usually resolved by updating.


IncallUI is software that appears on your phone screen while on a call, showing who is calling and providing options to mute, record, or terminate it. While its primary use may be for legitimate calls, some have also used IncallUI for illicit means.

It can also display your recent calls, missed calls, and voicemails and provide customizable notifications in your settings menu. However, please be aware that this app uses significant data, potentially slowing down your device. For this reason, it is recommended that your cache and memory be cleared regularly to avoid this scenario.

Com Samsung Android Incallui is an essential component of Android OS that manages incoming callers, helping to shape your interactions and streamline your calling experience.

Contrary to other mobile apps, IncallUI runs invisibly in the background without appearing on your home screen or Apps menu; you’ll find it under “System UI.” However, unlike other applications that can be removed easily from your phone, this essential software cannot be uninstalled without significantly impacting its functionality.

Although you need the IncallUI app on your phone to function, it could pose a security risk if it isn’t regularly updated. This is because it contains sensitive information about you, such as location, contacts, and details relating to other apps it collects data from, potentially leading to identity theft, fraud, and even blackmail attempts by third parties.

If this risk concerns you, installing a custom ROM could be an excellent way to increase its speed and improve its performance while adding features not found within its default operating system.

IncallUI is a service app that stores essential call screen user interface (UI) information on your Samsung smartphone. While not harmful, this application may reduce phone performance due to excessive usage or low memory availability. Thankfully, however, this issue can easily be solved by stopping and clearing its cache before restarting this service app.


TelephonyUI is a system app that serves as the user interface for phone calls on Samsung devices. This app enables you to manage incoming and outgoing calls and advanced features like call blocking and waiting. Furthermore, this application features a call history feature to assist in keeping track of calls.

This application is part of the Samsung Galaxy mobile operating system and serves various phone functions, such as making and receiving calls, recording them, and managing caller ID information. Unfortunately, it’s not accessible through the Android App Store; you must obtain it through Samsung updates on your device. If you experience issues with this application, try restarting your device first, as sometimes an OS update may fix minor bugs or issues more efficiently than rebooting can.

You could try performing a factory reset to clear away all data and settings on your device; if that does not help, contact your service provider or visit a Samsung repair center for further help. Updating software will also help prevent many problems that could compromise phone performance.

While it is possible to uninstall this application using Android Debug Bridge (ADB), doing so isn’t advised as it’s integral for receiving calls and performing various functions like displaying caller names on-screen and accepting or rejecting them.

Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6 handsets include an InCallUI telephony app with a call log, voice recorder, and an easy-to-use call manager. This application primarily benefits business users as they can record meetings and conversations with customers or clients for future reference.

Even though numerous third-party apps provide similar functionality, the Samsung Telephony UI remains one of the best options for most users. It offers an intuitive user experience, working well with other apps. Plus, you can even tailor its look according to your tastes!


Samsung phones include several telephony applications to assist with managing calls and phone-related tasks, including InCallUI, which provides the call screen displayed during calls, showing caller names and allowing you to mute or end them and giving a notepad during them. You can download this free application, although if it becomes unnecessary, you may uninstall it easily from your device.

When your phone acts up when trying to make calls, it could indicate that IncallUI is not working correctly. The IncallUI file resides in your phone’s storage and is a critical system app that controls UI (User Interface) while on calls. Depending on the model of phone you own and updates released by software providers, its name could change accordingly.

Keep your phone’s operating system updated to address potential issues such as an unstable IncallUI application. You can edit its OS by tapping Settings then “About Phone,” where an option should appear indicating whether there’s an update available for your device or if any problems exist with your phone.

Sometimes, the InCallUI or TelephonyUI apps on an Android device may stop working even though you use them regularly. This could be due to variations between devices’ systems apps, custom ROM installation/rooting/disabling of these applications on your phone, removal or disabling thereof, and restarting of the phone – if this doesn’t help, use third-party dialer apps instead – though you should keep in mind they may not provide as many functionalities as its original inCallUI/TelephonyUI apps – for more details also refer your user manual/device for more info!


Samsung’s Telephony App is an essential component of the Android operating system and plays a critical role in phone call-making and receiving. It displays caller details, allows users to accept or decline incoming calls, and enables text messaging between calls. By keeping it updated regularly, your phone should continue operating smoothly.

Even though some might view it as unnecessary bloatware, it’s essential to remember that it’s part of the core system app and cannot be disabled. Furthermore, it’s safe to use; no sharing your data or spying on you! However, clearing its cache could improve performance significantly if it bothers you too much.

Though you cannot directly update the Samsung Android Telephony App, you can upgrade to the most current version through Phone application updates. This can help address various issues, including errors that arise while making phone calls. You can check for updates through the Galaxy Store to determine whether your phone has installed it.

Android Debug Bridge software can also help you temporarily stop Samsung Android telephony, though this will only stop functioning for a short period before returning when your phone rings – not the same as actually disabling an app, but an effective way of preventing unneeded ringtones from occurring on your phone.

The Samsung Android Telephonyui app is integral to most phone apps and allows users to make and receive

phone calls quickly and effortlessly. Easy to set up completely free, it offers video and audio calls too – perfect for keeping in touch with friends and family when traveling abroad; applicable during business meetings; you can even record calls with it – this makes it the ideal choice for anyone wanting to maximize the potential of the phone app!