The Real Brit Fit


Brittney, commonly known by her Instagram and TikTok handles, TheRealBrittFit, has amassed millions of followers across both platforms. She also shares photos and videos documenting her fitness journey on these accounts.

Therealbrittfit was born under the Taurus zodiac sign and never opened up about her personal life during interviews. Instead, her impeccable physique, endearing smile, unique style, and engaging personality have won her legions of loyal supporters.

Brittney aka TheRealBrittFit

Therealbrittfit is a well-known fitness model, Tiktok star, and social media influencer who is best known for posting beautiful fitness content and photos to Instagram, Tiktok dancing videos as well as lip sync dancer videos on Tiktok with millions of followers across all platforms – she even featured in several video clips! Therealbrittfit has captured millions of hearts through her captivating photos and videos posted to Instagram! She is truly a beauty queen who has managed to enchant many hearts worldwide with her beautiful images and videos uploaded onto Instagram!

Brittney (TheRealBrittFit) was born in 1997 and is currently 25 years old. She specializes in fitness and is living with her partner, PJ Braun; her bold personality allows her to express herself easily when communicating with fans.

Brittney is a beauty queen who serves as an inspiring role model to young women. With a positive outlook and inspiring her followers to reach for greater heights in life, she also likes sharing her travel adventures. Additionally, she’s an avid user of sex toys, enjoying picking herself out for them!


Brittney, aka TheRealBrittFit, has been active as a social media influencer for more than a decade, becoming known for her fitness-based lifestyle and spreading health messages via social media. Adopting the last name “Fit” was to align herself with her message of living a healthier lifestyle while inspiring others. Furthermore, Brittney is well known for her philanthropy efforts and commitment to aiding those in need.

She boasts an enviable figure, measuring 34-26-34 inches (Bust-34, Waist-26, and Hips-34) in inches. Additionally, she offers advice to her followers regarding nutrition and exercise.

Genuine Brit Fit only provides an all-encompassing fitness solution, from custom workout routines to nutritional guidance. Their community has grown substantially in recent years, and this audience has provided them with an impressive income source.

The Real Brit Fit, known by her online alias of “Real Brit Fit,” is an American TikTok star, model, and Instagram influencer who has made numerous video appearances. With stunning looks, impeccable physique, charming smile, and distinct style – The Real Brit Fit has attracted an army of loyal followers and admirers worldwide.


Brittney, better known by her online handle “Therealbrittfit,” is an influential figure on American TikTok and Instagram. She has made appearances in videos with stunning looks, an impeccable physique, a charming smile, a unique fashion sense, an engaging personality, and a captivating presence, all earning her many fans and devotees – especially among comedians! She is best known for comedy video clips, dancing videos, and Instagram photographs featuring her.

Her dedication to fitness is apparent from her name; she regularly works out in order to maintain her perfect figure. At 5 feet 3 inches and 57 kg, she boasts ideal measurements of 34-26-34 (Bust, Waist, and Hips).

Therealbrittfit does not speak much about her personal life, though it is known that she is engaged to bodybuilder and fitness expert PJ Braun.


Brittney, popularly known by her user handle TheRealBrittFit on TikTok and social media as TheRealBrittFit, hailing from The United States, is well-renowned as an influencer and TikTok star ordering from The US. She is widely celebrated for her funny videos and mesmerizing dancing routines that have won over an immense audience. Additionally, her stunning looks, stunning physique, captivating smile, and distinct style have gained her an enormous fan base that spans YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms – much to her delight.

Her Instagram presence is further strengthened by an engaging YouTube account featuring travel vlogs and dance clips. Furthermore, she offers exclusive content to fans by creating an account called Only Fans.

Although popular, she rarely discloses details of her private life during interviews or videos; details regarding her parents, relatives, and friends remain hidden from public view. However, she is engaged to bodybuilder/fitness celebrity PJ Braun; they have been dating for some time despite never revealing his name through videos or photos, leaving many fans frustrated and impatient as they wait to know his last name for more than four years now!