Video Fitness Forum – How to Monetize Your Videos on Demand


Workout Check-Ins

Your check-in questions can be tailored specifically to each client’s goals – macros, calories burned, and time at the gym might all be relevant factors. Check-ins can also be scheduled at any frequency that works for them: daily, weekly, or every other week.

Check-ins help establish accountability between the trainer and the client. They enable clients to express any issues they’re experiencing, providing you with an opportunity to provide support and guidance as you guide their journey. Check-ins can also keep clients on track and motivated; Geekbot even factors in time zones so their check-ins arrive on time!

Instructor Reviews

The Instructor Review Activity allows instructors and assistants to conduct reviews based on feedback rubrics for learners. It can be connected with a Submission activity or used independently; additionally, instructors can set completion and visibility rules with tags or subsets for this activity.

By default, this activity is hidden from learners, so they do not interact with it and thus do not see comments or scores associated with their review. This helps prevent bias during the reviewing process, and instructors can anonymize learner names both in the list of learners to review as well as in their review interface.

Reviews of Streaming Sites

Are you searching for streaming workouts to satisfy your fitness needs? Please take a look at our reviews of various services. Use filters such as type (Yoga, step, cycling, and ab) or equipment used to find something suitable.

DaCast is an OTT platform offering live streams and VOD content. Monetization options available through DaCast include pay-per-view and subscription models, while fitness professionals can take advantage of its content management system, video marketing tools, and analytical dashboards for fitness classes or independent trainers at small to mid-sized facilities or independent trainers. DaCast can be found on iOS, Android, and smart TV devices – perfect!

Streaming Workouts

Post-pandemic, streaming workouts offer the ideal way to stay in touch with members digitally and remain relevant. Influencers or instructors who monetize videos on demand may expand their audience while simultaneously opening up additional revenue streams.

There is an incredible range of workout videos online to choose from, spanning yoga to cycling to HIIT and more. Many top fitness pros provide their workout videos, while YouTube offers an abundance of classes designed to track steps or focus on particular body parts or health goals – these exercises may make a great alternative to visiting a traditional gym and working out among strangers.