Trillium Trading – A Look at the Key Hedge Fund Action


Trillium Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: TRIL) has seen notable hedge fund action. Here’s a snapshot of this crucial event in Trillium Therapeutics’s history: the key hedge fund actions associated with its shares being held by critical hedge funds.

Trillium Brokerage Services of New York was found engaging in non-bona fide market-moving orders designed to generate selling or buying interest for specific stocks, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority reported. Due to these activities, FINRA fined and suspended its traders as principals for six to two years.

Market Conditions

Trillium trading is an online form of investment in which you trade foreign currencies and stocks. Markets can be highly unpredictable, offering opportunities to make or lose significant money. So before starting any form of Trillium trading, you must understand all risks involved and conduct extensive research before beginning trading activities. Various methods are available to learn about a market, including reading charts or consulting a broker.

Investor sentiment analysis can provide an effective means of understanding market activity. Investor sentiment measures investor understanding of a company and can dramatically affect share prices. Various tools to gauge investor sentiment include contrarian indexes, short interest history, and implied volatility extrapolated from options trading.

Investors should also remain mindful of the potential for delisted stocks to experience decreased liquidity and higher volatility, particularly small-cap stocks that struggle to attract institutional investors or are subject to regulatory oversight. Delisted stocks may still be purchased through over-the-counter markets such as Pink Sheets or OTC Bulletin Board.

Regulation status should also be essential when selecting a broker, as its effect ensures transparency and compliance with industry standards. Traders should do homework and investigate which broker best matches their requirements and needs.

Trillium Financial Broker’s website is user friendly and features a selection of trading instruments. With the MT5 forex and exchange market trading system, traders have convenient trading systems to take advantage of. Furthermore, this community of traders allows traders to share experiences while seeking assistance when needed.

This company provides various account types tailored to individual trading preferences and risk tolerance levels. For instance, their Classic account offers leverage of up to 1:500. In contrast, their Pro account boasts lower average spreads with minimum trade sizes of 0.01 lots – both feature lower intermediate spaces as well as access to advanced features like margin call levels of 70% and enhanced stop-out levels of 40% for more effective trading experiences.

Trading Methods

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Trillium Trading LLC is an electronic equity trading firm with offices in New York City, Chicago, and Miami. Boasting over 100 experienced traders – one of the most active firms in its field – Trillium offers market analysis as well as brokerage services.

The firm is best known for its Surveyor trade surveillance tool, which assists traders in detecting any instances of market manipulation. Its software can monitor trading activity on various markets such as NASDAQ, Cboe, and Eurex – thus broadening its use among buy-side and sell-side clients.

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) issued a landmark ruling when they fined Trillium Brokerage of New York for “quote stuffing.” Their traders were accused of employing an illegal strategy called “order stuffing,” in which a large number of orders are placed quickly but immediately canceled after being submitted; such activity is considered illegal by FINRA, and this type of trading practice must pay $1 Million in penalties and disgorgement payments to comply.

In addition to fines, FINRA also issued 11 censures against traders at the firm. Bradley L. Jaffe and Tal B. Plotkin each received a $20,000 fine, while Michael S. Raffaele received a 12-month suspension.

Trading Platform

Trillium Financial Broker provides traders access to various trading instruments, such as forex, precious metals, and global equity markets. Furthermore, traders can utilize risk management tools such as market depth indicators, limit orders and stop losses to manage their risks effectively. Moreover, this brokerage provides educational resources so traders can further hone their skills.

Brokerage firms like FXCM offer multiple account types to accommodate traders of varying trading preferences and risk tolerance levels. Each account type offers various leverage options, spreads, trading conditions, and leverage options; Classic accounts feature competitive minimum spreads of 1.8 pips, while VIP and Pro accounts offer tighter spaces at 1.6 and 1.4, respectively. Furthermore, FXCM also provides features like order types and advanced charting software to keep trading efficient and enjoyable for its traders.

Trillium Financial Services, a diversified financial services firm operating both Trillium Trading – an intraday equities trading group – and Trillium Labs – an innovation lab focused on trading technology – is home to its flagship product Surveyor, used by brokers, trading firms, and regulators alike for market surveillance and post-trade analytics tools that detect possible trading manipulation. Recently Benzinga interviewed Trillium’s General Counsel/Chief Compliance Officer about how Surveyor can be implemented effectively within companies and institutions using Trillium Labs products like Surveyor to uncover potential trading manipulation. Benzinga interviewed Trillium’s General Counsel/Chief Compliance Officer about how this tool applies specifically within their operations.

During an interview, an attorney represented the company. He stressed its dedication to integrity and compliance with industry regulations; they are also looking for new markets for its products, further highlighting the progress toward meeting goals by 2023.

Trillium’s electronic equity trading firm employs over 100 experienced traders at their New York City, Chicago, and Miami offices. Trillium strives to offer its clients the latest innovative solutions available in the marketplace.

Though successful, this firm does have some restrictions that limit its offering. These include its lack of specific information regarding regulatory status – making it hard for traders to assess its reliability and compliance – and not offering transparency on commissions or trading fees, so traders may want to choose another broker for their trading needs.


One of the primary duties of any new trader is learning about market conditions. Since markets can change quickly, reading and interpreting trends accurately is crucial. One effective method of doing this is training; several options exist for online trading courses which can assist new traders in building skills and strategies that will lead to profits.

As a novice trader, finding the ideal trading company will be essential. Some have rigorous training processes which may prevent you from working for them unless specific requirements have been fulfilled; others provide more flexible programs which enable traders to select from various positions within their organization. It is wise to research any company before making your final choice.

In a recent FINRA action, nine Trillium traders were fined for engaging in an unlawful high-frequency trading strategy. These traders used non-bona fide orders placed with them by Trillium’s traders to create the illusion of significant buying or selling pressure in specific stocks. They put these orders over 46,000 times relative to their legitimate pending order volume, providing Trillium traders with competitive pricing not available elsewhere on markets.

Trillium Management, LLC develops software for capital markets. Their products include Surveyor – an anti-market manipulation detection tool. Established in 2003 and headquartered in New York City with offices in Chicago, Miami, and Princeton.