Veonco Forex Review – Is Veonco Forex a Scam?


Veonco forex is a scam.

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that Veonco is a scam. The website looks slick and offers a professional layout, but the truth is that the site isn’t as legitimate as it seems. Although Veonco claims to use a custom-made platform, this platform lacks security and features and is not tested by professionals. It also suffers from slow execution speeds and is not compatible with specific devices.

The company isn’t a legitimate broker if it contacts potential traders on social networks or through cold calling. A legitimate broker will only contact you after you’ve registered. In addition, a scammer will usually ask you to leave comments or write down account numbers after you’ve paid. These fake deposits don’t even count as actual money. They are only a fake version of a demo account. The money you deposit will go straight to the scammer.

It offers traders to leverage up to 1:200

Veonco forex offers traders to leverage up to one hundred and twenty percent, which means you can deposit $100 and receive up to ten thousand dollars to invest. This high leverage is beneficial for traders since it helps you to earn more profits while keeping your risk capital to a minimum.

This high leverage benefits traders who wish to try high-risk trading, but it is essential to remember that you’re also risking your capital. Higher leverage limits can lead to higher losses, so trade conservatively. However, if you’re confident in your trading skills, leverage can help you earn more money faster.

It is an offshore broker.

Veonco forex is an offshore broker that offers a web-based trading platform. The platform does not support the MT4 trading platform, but it has excellent charting capabilities and the ability to use Expert Advisors for automated trading. Veonco also offers various CFDs, including currency pairs and stocks. You can also trade cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, with this broker.

Traders should always perform due diligence before investing in any forex broker. Fortunately, the NFA and other regulatory bodies have implemented new laws and procedures to keep the forex market safe for traders. These changes have helped drive out a few crooks and made the system more legitimate for good firms. However, it is still essential to look for new forex scams. The possibility of huge profits will always attract sophisticated scammers.

It is not licensed or registered.

Veonco forex is an offshore broker that offers clients an internet-based trading platform. It does not offer the popular MT4 trading platform but has many advantages. Its leverage is generous, up to 1:200, and the minimum deposit is much lower than industry standards. The spread is a low three pips.

However, the company has not been licensed or registered and does not disclose ownership information. There is also no information on its website about the company’s ownership. This leaves more questions than answers. Beware of trading with unlicensed and unregistered companies. You could lose your money and get scammed.