Apollo Dining Menu


If you are craving a real kampung taste, you can try the Apollo dining menu. You can find a wide variety of local cuisines, such as rice dishes, and the menus here are very affordable. Apollo’s dining menu has been a favorite of Kampung Kelantan locals for a long time.

History of the Apollo

From 1961 to 1975, NASA astronauts improved their food options by making dehydrated food that could be rehydrated with water. For instance, they started preparing food in cube form. These cubes were color-coded to identify which food was served on which day. Some astronauts also had a backup food source in their helmets.

During the Apollo era, astronauts only had about 2,500 calories a day to eat. So they were provided with plastic packs of freeze-dried food. This process involved cooking and then quickly freezing the food. Once it froze, the astronauts re-heated the food in a small machine that removed ice crystals. Other food items were packaged, and astronauts could bring a few packages of their favorite foods for the flight.

The restaurant has a rich history and is now a popular destination for locals. The interior is rustic yet elegant. The restaurant features a leathery-leafed kelt Manasi tree and features a Cuban-born chef. The Greek god Apollo symbolized light, health, and music. The restaurant is known for its Angus Beef and delicious Greek food.

The menu for astronauts on board the Apollo missions varied in style and taste. A typical dinner for Apollo 17 astronauts included a chicken and rice dinner with a side of butterscotch pudding. The astronauts also consumed lemonade and tea. As they gained experience, they added nutrient-detailed food sticks to their bags and put them in front of their helmets. In addition to the food sticks, astronauts consumed water and fruit-flavored drinks.

The first astronaut to eat in space was Yuri Gagarin. He ate pureed meat and chocolate sauce. Another astronaut who ate food in space was John Glenn. While Gagarin ate in a space suit for a few minutes, the astronauts were out for extended periods. As the food supply grew, the astronauts began to stay out more often.

On July 20, the fiftieth anniversary of the first moon landing, some restaurants have gotten in on the celebration. Various restaurants around the state are celebrating the moon and celebrating the astronauts. In the past, Icarus Brewing in Lakewood has featured astronomically themed menus. For instance, the names of its menu refer to an 1859 solar storm. Contact Light, meanwhile, refers to Buzz Aldrin on the moon mission.

The history of the Apollo Restaurant can be traced back to the days of Chinese migration to the Philippines. Many Chinese migrated to the Philippines and settled in the island nation. One of them used his cooking skills to open a restaurant. Since then, this restaurant has served Bacolod residents excellent Chinese cuisine and service.