Best Supermarkets in Minneapolis


The best grocery stores go above and beyond regarding service, product quality, and the little extras that keep customers returning. We’ve rounded up the best places in Minneapolis to stock up on all your food needs.

Cub, whose parent company Supervalu was sold to United Natural Foods in 2018, ranked highest in our ratings. Walmart and Fresh Thyme were also among the area’s cheapest options, according to our survey of 75,065 CR members.


Kowalski’s is a chain of neighborhood grocery stores with 11 locations throughout the Twin Cities. Founded by Jim and Mary Anne Kowalski, the company is locally owned and operated.

The Kowalskis’ commitment to serving customers and their communities is evident in its efforts to promote healthy eating habits. Their approach has helped them build strong relationships with customers and employees.

They have made it a point to attend neighborhood meetings with consumers to learn what they need. Those meetings have helped the company improve its offerings.

As a result, Kowalski’s is now the go-to store for healthful options in the Minneapolis area. Their selection includes a large variety of cut fruit, fresh juices, and green salads at checkout.

They also offer a wide range of meats, seafood, and produce. Their deli department offers signature dishes like Gerber’s rotisserie chicken (slow-cooked Amish Farm chicken), Skuna Bay kalbi salmon marinated with a Kowalski’s kalbi sauce and naturally raised Iowa pork chops, and pork loin roast.

Longfellow Market

The grocery store features a full selection of groceries and services that are affordable and accessible. It also offers a variety of fresh produce, including a large selection of organic foods.

The store also has a deli section with daily lunch/dinner takeout specials. The meat department is also good, especially if you want organic beef or fish.

It’s located right on Lake Street in Minneapolis. Its small size makes it ideal for residents to shop for their needs.

Longfellow Market Supermarket has a great location and friendly staff. Its deli and produce departments are excellent, as well as the bulk food area with rice, candy, oatmeal, and sesame sticks for those on a budget.

The neighborhood is a family-friendly, laid-back place to live, with the Blue Line light rail station on Hiawatha Avenue providing easy access to downtown Minneapolis. The community also has many outdoor activities and parks that appeal to active people.

Mississippi Market

Founded in 1979, Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op is a full-service grocery store and deli that offers high-quality, locally sourced products and natural health and wellness items. As a cooperative enterprise, it is democratically controlled by member-owners and operates according to the core values of democracy, equality, self-responsibility, self-help, solidarity, and equity.

In a market that is often crowded with gimmicky offerings, Mississippi Market can stand out by offering the right goods at a fair price. It offers biweekly sales, coupons, and budget-friendly bulk foods and accepts WIC and SNAP payments.

The co-op also has a state-of-the-art community room. This surprisingly large facility is perfect for hosting meetings, events, and parties. It can seat up to 40 people and has a projection screen, projector, and whiteboard. Groups can rent it up to two months in advance and receive a 10% discount on catering. The co-op also hosts cooking and healthy lifestyle classes for the general public.


A Super Target is a larger version of a regular Target store. They typically have an entire grocery store, bakery, deli, and restaurant. They also offer services such as a pharmacy, Starbucks coffee, photo studios, and health clinics.

Super Targets began in 1995 as a response to growing customer demand for a more extensive selection of products and services. The first Super Target opened in Omaha, Nebraska, and was designed to be about 50% larger than the original Target Greatland stores.

While it’s common to find the same types of foods in both, Super Targets often have a more comprehensive selection of meat and produce than their regular counterparts. They may also have more amenities, such as banks and photo studios.

The Twin Cities has several Super Targets, including one in the Midway neighborhood of Minneapolis. The Lake Street location was remodeled in late 2020, featuring an open grocery section shrouded in natural light.