Best Supermarkets in Oakland


With a wealth inequality problem and several food deserts in Oakland, many residents struggle to find affordable and accessible grocery stores.

That’s where worker-owned Mandela Grocery comes in. It offers a complete line of grocery items, groceries from a local kosher bakery, and an array of prepared foods.

1. Corti’s International Market

Corti’s International Market is a classic specialty grocer in east Sacramento, located on Folsom Blvd. It’s run by local people and has a large customer base.

While not a huge chain, the store carries an impressive selection of imported foods and beverages, including artisan wine, spirits, and cigars. Its staff is knowledgeable about the products they sell and offers friendly service.

The best part of Corti’s is that it has been in business since 1947 and is still family-owned. The store has a loyal following, and its Yelp ratings are very high. The store also offers an extensive assortment of specialty foods, including Italian specialties and a full-service bakery. Its products and services are unrivaled in the area.

2. Whole Foods

Whole Food is a popular supermarket with healthy foods and a great atmosphere. They are also known for their strict animal welfare standards.

They have also developed an “Eco-Scale” that evaluates products based on environmental impact, safety, source, and animal testing.

This means they won’t sell meat from animals that have been mistreated, raised in unhealthy conditions, or pumped with steroids.

Their cleaning products are eco-friendly as well. They banned plastic bags years ago and have an “Eco-Scale” that rates products on their sustainability, environmental impact, safety, and animal testing.

This Whole Foods Market is in a busy shopping center near Lake Merritt and Uptown Oakland. It has a total of 57,218 square feet of retail space. It is open daily from 8 AM-10 PM.

3. Whole Foods Market East Bay

Located at 1185 Market Street, this is the latest addition to the Bay Area’s Whole Foods Market family. It’s a 64,737-square-foot location just a block from the Civic Center BART station.

The store is designed to be a technologically smart hub for local shoppers. It features extensive screens and technology to help you shop, including a members-only rewards program to save you money.

It is also the first of the company’s 365 stores to open in the Bay Area. The 365 concept is more value-driven than traditional Whole Foods markets, featuring a curated assortment of mostly 365 products. It’s also home to the country’s most giant 365-branded lighted sign. The 365 logo is the most visible sign at the store, and a starfish inspired it.

4. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s on Lakeshore Avenue is convenient for those who want to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables and organic and other healthy items. The store also has an extensive selection of wines, beer, and various products.

Trader Joe’s has several locations throughout the Bay Area. It offers groceries, organic and other non-traditional foods, and inexpensive wine and beer.

Trader Joe’s has been criticized for its reluctance to unionize and the way it has resisted workers’ efforts to address various issues, such as pay disparities, sexual harassment, health care benefits, and other workplace grievances. The chain’s leadership has been accused of multiple unlawful anti-union actions.

5. Safeway

Safeway is a major supermarket chain with locations throughout the United States. It also has branches in the United Kingdom and Australia.

The company operates six branches in Oakland. This includes the Rockridge Center and College Avenue locations.

In addition, it has stores in The Orchards shopping center in Walnut Creek and The Ridge center in Oakland.

The grocer plans to rebuild both stores, increasing their size by nearly two-thirds. They’ll include an expanded deli, bakery, and floral departments; service counters for meat and seafood; pharmacies; cafes, sushi bars; and Starbucks kiosks.