Hieha Car Stereo With GPS


An effective car stereo is essential for anyone who enjoys listening to music while driving, with features like backup cameras and Bluetooth making life more convenient than ever.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are integrated into this stereo to give you control of the smart apps on your phone, providing access to contacts, messages, emails, notifications, and map navigations with ease.


When purchasing a car stereo with GPS, make sure it is compatible with the latest apps and easy to use. Make sure it supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and includes a backup camera and voice control functionality – this way, you can keep your hands on the wheel and focus on driving safely! You may also consider screen mirroring; this lets your smartphone’s image appear directly on the stereo display, making navigation simpler through maps or apps.

An LCD with high resolution is critical to providing clarity and brightness on a GPS navigation receiver and should preferably measure 7 inches or larger to facilitate music selection as well as other innovative features of the stereo system.

Hieha in-dash GPS navigation GPS units offer affordable prices and have premium features to enhance your driving experience. They support both iOS and Android systems and are built for durability, featuring large touch screens which offer intuitive user experiences as well as numerous functions.

Your car stereo comes equipped with Bluetooth technology for a hands-free calling experience and supports multiple formats like MP3 and WAV for audio streaming from a USB port. Plus, its FM radio provides easy access to favorite songs or podcasts without distracting you while driving.

Hieha’s double din car stereo features a rearview camera and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for hands-free calling and music streaming, with its large, clear touchscreen, making managing phone functions easy while keeping an eye on the road. Furthermore, when shifting into reverse, it displays images from its backup camera to make parking safer and more straightforward.

Rear View Camera

Hieha car stereos boast various safety features that are invaluable, such as their rearview camera. Equipped with wide angle vision and the night vision to help park safely, waterproof protection, easy connection via wire harness to the existing dashboard, and an in-depth user manual – the camera makes driving safer!

The Sjoybring car stereo with backup camera is a dual DIN unit featuring an LCD and Android 9.0 installed, which enables you to sync up content from your smartphone directly onto its display so that you can control smart apps and other functions while driving without using your phone now.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility make this unit even more desirable, enabling easy access to phone contacts, emails, music playlists, and maps while driving. Furthermore, voice search / assistant functionality lets drivers stay focused on the road instead.

The Sjoybring car stereo features a 7-inch full HD touch screen with high sensitivity and wide viewing angle that delivers an outstanding screen-viewing experience, even in bright environments. Bluetooth 5.2 technology ensures fast pairing and streaming efficiency, while FM/AM radio provides up-to-date news and information while traveling.

Wired Mirror Link

Your smartphone may have become your primary source for music, phone calls, and navigation; upgrading to a double-din car stereo equipped with Apple Car Play, Android Auto, or wireless Bluetooth handsfree audio can make these features even more user-friendly and safer when driving.

Hieha’s large HD screen car radio supports all IOS/Android smartphones and is equipped with wired mirror link functionality to display any image/content from a phone on its screen for effortless connectivity while driving. Perfect for keeping kids entertained in the back seat while providing maps, phone calls, and apps access with voice control functionality – perfect for your children to watch videos while traveling!

It has a high-quality night view waterproof backup camera to assist with safe and effortless parking. The backup cam displays an image clearly on its screen when in reverse mode, making parking more straightforward while helping avoid hitting anything behind you.

Connect this stereo by plugging your smartphone directly into its USB port or aux input jack. It comes complete with an AUX cable for hands-free calling; furthermore, an external microphone may also be attached for hands-free calling capabilities. In addition, this stereo plays both CDs and MP3s; its FM antenna can even be rotated to change the viewing angle.

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Wireless AirPlay Function

If you want to go cord-free in your car, this device could be ideal. Its compact form and minimalist design, this adaptor will fit seamlessly into any console without creating visual clutter. Plus, its 5GHz advanced wireless chip provides fast connectivity.

Additionally, this device supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and you can use your voice to control apps and music, access your phone contacts, email notifications, maps, and access maps with just your voice! Furthermore, this backup camera makes night driving safer than ever!

This Bluetooth car stereo features an impressive full-touch screen that can display images and content from your smartphone, including Androids and iPhones, with easy pairing capabilities. In addition, its wired mirror link function is convenient for children in the back seat to watch videos; additionally, its HD backup camera boasts a 170deg viewing angle and a waterproof design for added safety.

Its slim disc-like design creates a discreet device that won’t take up much room in your console. Furthermore, this USB Type-C port makes it compatible with most cars and is covered by a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Carlinkit 5.0 (2air), another top-rated product in this category, is an adapter that connects your smartphone wirelessly with the infotainment system of almost all vehicles without cables. It has a proprietary technology that strengthens WiFi signals to ensure a stable connection; installation is straightforward; compatibility includes Apple CarPlay applications as well as GPS navigation services built into phones themselves.


Whether it’s music or GPS navigation you want, Bluetooth connection allows this car stereo to seamlessly sync up with your smartphone wirelessly – keeping both hands on the wheel while keeping your eyes focused on driving safely.

To pair your smartphone with this car stereo, turn Bluetooth on both devices – first your phone and then the stereo. Once this step has been taken, both will recognize each other and automatically connect over time. To confirm if your Bluetooth device has connected successfully, check the “Available devices” list on your phone to ensure your success in connecting to stereo.

This double-din car stereo features Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility, making it easy to connect and access content from your phone on its HD LCD capacitive touch screen. Plus, its latest voice control technology enables access to apps such as navigation, maps, phone contacts, email notifications, music, etc., while driving safely.

Rear-view cameras can assist with parking safely, even in low-light environments. Our waterproof back camera has an expansive field of vision so that you can see everything around you clearly and in vivid detail.

Similarly, the BT button can change interface language, power on/off status, and screen mode settings. Furthermore, it can disconnect a Bluetooth mobile phone when it becomes detached from the machine; when active, it will change color from grey to blue, as indicated by its icon.